Embarrasing Moment

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My most embarrassing moment I consider myself to be one who doesn't easily get embarrassed, but one of my most embarrassing moments happened this past summer. It all started when a few friends of mine decided that since it was incredibly hot out that summer day, that we should all go down to Tubbs hill for a swim. I’m not sure if you realize how busy downtown is during mid-summer season, but understand it’s almost always completely jammed full of people trying to fight off the blistering sun.

So my friends and I hiked up the path to get a good spot to start jumping off the rocks and start swimming, but all the great spots were all full. We decided to just find a close spot and just deal with all the people in the area. Our day progressed as normally as you’d expect, and everyone was enjoying the water and how refreshing it was fighting off the heat of the day. Eventually everyone was starting to get bored jumping off the smaller rocks as well as just swimming around, so my friends decided we should start jumping off the higher rocks. Eventually it came to my turn to jump and I went for it.

As I dived into the water I didn’t realize at the time the sheer pressure on my swim shorts, but once I broke the surface of the water for air it struck me. I had lost my swim shorts on the dive, so I was sitting in the water completely nude in front of all my friends and random strangers that were watching. I franticly searched for my swim shorts, but to no avail, they were lost. Eventually a friend brought me a towel so I could get out of the water and return home. I would have to say that this was one of the most extremely embarrassing moments I’ve had so far in my lifetime.

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