Essays on Viking

Essays on Viking

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The Bedinning of Vikings Age

Between A.D. 800 and 1100, the people that lived in northern Europe were known as Danes, Northmen, or Norsemen. Later they became known as Vikings, a name derived from a Norse word for pirate. They were famous and feared pirates and raider. The Vikings were …

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Traditional Viking Religion

Traditional Viking Religion The Vikings’ religious beliefs were constantly changing and evolving. They had many different ways of worshiping, and viewing their gods. It was dependent completely on where you lived, in what era, and what your social class was, though the Vikings weren’t very …

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Who are Vikings in history?
Vikings were raiders. Pirates. Traders. Explorers. And colonizers. They often traveled via sea from Scandinavia and seized control of regions of Europe and further afield.
What is the Viking rule?
The Viking Age (793-1066 AD), the Middle Ages period in which Norsemen referred to as Vikings began large-scale colonization, raiding, conquest and trading across Europe. It also saw the arrival of North America. It followed the Migration Age and the Germanic Iron Age.

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