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Words from the text Meanings lifted 1 . Appeared for the first time came on the scene 2. Accepting Clashing with 3. Moving to a new position decimated 4. To blame Apple embracing 5. Loses the opportunity/ -ties is lifting 6. Stole shifting 7. Be expert in reshaping 8. Changing the structure to do so 9. Destroyed misses out on 10. Is raising too higher level excelled at 11. In conflict with 5 Ideas Apple Gleefully Stole From Google, Twitter, and Microsoft By Mark Wilson (12 December 2013) (Modified Version) Mark Wilson is a writer who started Philanthropy. Com.

His work has also appeared at Gizmo, Kodak, Pommel, Oppose, Esquire, American Photo and Lucky Peach. . If sis 7 and SO X Mavericks look a bit familiar, yet , there are at least five good reasons for that. Apple lifted them from other innovators, and then made them slightly better. For those who've been following the minor details of interface design, you will see that many of their ideas, from SO X Maverick to sis 7 are actually old, or at the very least familiar. It is impossible to look at Apple's latest software without seeing the influence of Windows 8, Android, and even Chromosomes.

But as Steve Jobs once famously paraphrased (and the tech press has mentioned this quite often), "Good artists borrow, great artists steal. " Here is some of what Apple stole in their latest software updates and, in many cases, made better: 2. The first thing you notice when looking at sis 7 is the flatness. The home screen's icons lack a plastic sheen (shine). Message's chat bubbles are no longer bubbly. Furthermore, each button has been improved with a 2-D presence. 3. But the second thing you will notice are the liberal printed directly on a pane of glass.

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Meanwhile, your desktop or app blurs away in the background--still there, Just no longer noticeable. 4. It's a trick that we originally saw n Rare, the Windows Vista transparent interface that was complained for requiring powerful graphics cards. Also, there is a big difference in implementation. Whereas Microsoft used transparency to sell us on the grandeur (greatness) of 3-D, Apple is using it to subtly highlight the otherwise hidden depth of its "flat" interface. The effect is humbugging (improved culture), as a photo of a friend or child hides below, tempering the graphic minimalism (simplicity). 5.

When Android came on the scene, it was incredibly ugly, however, it came with one stunning (special) feature known as live wallpapers. They were actually a poor design choice, generally clashing with icons and distracting your eye from the I-Jell. Moreover, they further decimated Android's already horrible battery life. 6. Today, Apple isn't embracing a fully animated background with sis 7, but it is lifting the detailed weather screens that were probably the live wallpaper's greatest hallmark. More importantly, though, Apple is also animating the homepage in a far subtler way: parallax (make it come alive) viewing.

As the angle of the phone changes in your hand, the image shifts so you can actually look around and under icons. No doubt Google wanted your desktop to feel alive. With sis g's responsive, parallax home screen, the phone might Just do that. 7. Apple is shifting APS like rework to a browser-based panel, where every change you make is automatically synced (synchronized) in the cloud. You can even open rework on a PC and, because of this setup, experience the same rework I-Jell as you have on your Mac.

Like a car company reshaping the lines of its iconic (well known) sports car over five to ten years, Apple is coyly (very slowly) easing us into the app as a cloud wrapper, while solving one of Apple's greatest problems today: How to sync a seer's APS across desktops and mobiles. Now, is that the right approach for a design leader? I don't know. But it is the proven way for a big company to make big changes without causing frustrations for the consumers. But In Design, Stealing Is A Good Thing 8. It is easy to read an article like this one and blame Apple.

But to do so misses out on the greater narrative at play. Truth be told, Apple is rarely the first to market with any technological trick. Moreover, it even stole the GUI from Xerox! What Apple has excelled at (outshines) for decades is the ability to lift all the right parts of all the eight designs and place them all in the right places. Apple will sell us on Chromosomes, in their own way, Just like it convinced us that a battery-powered hard drive was the greatest portable music player ever invented. In Apple's hands, discrete (separate) piece of design can become a masterpiece.

Activity 3: [Individual / Pair-work] There are all together eight paragraphs. In the table below, each paragraph has been summarized in two ways. Your task is to identify the best summary of each paragraph and your lecturer will lead a discussion on the correct answers. Paragraph One Sentence Summary . Apple has been modifying other tech giants' ideas and has been successful in most cases. B. Apple has been illegally using other company's ideas in its products. 2 a. The screen does not shine any more. B. Reducing its brightness and appearance of buttons in 2-D enhances the flat screen. A. Transparency is enhanced. B. Enhanced transparency allows the letters to appear clearly on the glass while the background icons weaken. 4 a. Microsoft advertised the wonderful 3-D interface, and Apple refined the concept by making it more appealing to the users. B. Apple made a trick. 5 a. The first Android came with the new concept of live wallpapers. B. Initial Android version was not popular. 6 a. Apple's desktop uses live wallpaper in a more humble and satisfying way. B. Apple just might beat Google in making the desktop more alive with live wallpaper. 7 a.

Apple is modifying rework so that what you do on your computer is also being done in the cloud. B. As Apple progressively modifies its APS, its users are also being gradually trained to use cloud-based app. 8 a. Apple's strength is to modify the existing ideas and create a new product that becomes a work of art. B. Apple is now trying to create its Chromosomes. Activity 4 [Individual or Paperwork][ Your lecturer will give you feedback on this. ] Do this activity on a piece of paper. Write a summary of the article by following these instructions: Your summary should be no more than 70 words.

Combine the one sentence summary of each paragraph. Use linking words to show the relationship between details. Add a topic sentence (a claim) to the beginning of the summary. (Look at the title of the article. How does it link to the one sentence summaries of the paragraphs? ) Add a concluding sentence to the summary. Add in-text referencing. Language in Use Make your sentence more informative with Relative Clauses Activity 1: Lecture on Relative Clause [class discussion][3 minutes] Compare the sentences in the two columns and decide which version appears to be more efficient way of writing.

Why? Version A Version B The dog chased the cat that killed the mouse that ate the cheese that was made from the milk that came from the cow that farmer Simon bought. The dog chased the cat. The cat killed the mouse. The mouse ate the cheese. The cheese was made from the milk. The milk came from the cow. The farmer Simon bought a cow. Why do we use relative clauses? To add important details / information To make the sentence concise and informative To keep your focus clear Relative clause begins with a relative pronoun.

Relative pronouns are: that, who, whom, whose, which, where, when, and why; Most common relative pronouns are who/ whom, whose, that, and which. 'Comma' or 'No Comma'? When the relative clause adds necessary (important) information to the main sentence, NO COMMA is needed. Martin who/m I used to work with is moving to Canada. (There is more than one Martin. So it is important to specify which Martin! ) Martin, whom I worked closely with, is moving to Canada. Relative clause is not important. ) This is true only for relative clauses that appear in the middle of the main sentence.

If the relative clause appears right at the start, you NEED a comma. When Martin first moved to Chucking, he could not speak Malay. If the relative clause appears right at the end, you DON'T NEED a comma. Martin could not speak Malay when he first moved to Chucking. Activity 2: Practice Write the appropriate relative pronoun in each blank below. Also, add the commas where necessary. Whom whose who that which 1 . Apple is releasing I-Phone Xi this week. Apple is a multinational company. 2. The CEO is a Malaysian. The CEO founded Giant supermarket. 3. The Malaysia Prime Minister speaks English fluently. Many people love him. . Steve Jobs died a year ago. Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple. 5. This is the house. Jack had built this house. 6. I don't understand people. These people eat popcorn during the movie. 7. The professor recently received a promotion. I respect him highly. 8. Susan is my cousin. Her car was stolen last week. 9. This is John. I wanted to speak to him. Activity 3: Is stealing always a bad thing? [Group Discussion Blob] [10 minutes] whether the singers of the twenty songs using the same four cords in the Youth lip and Apple's use of Microsoft's live wallpaper technology are ethically acceptable or not.

You also need to support your claim with evidence. Everyone must share your thoughts at least twice during the discussion. Remember to be polite and support your group members. Activity 4: Elaborate Argument [Discussion Board] [1 5 minutes] In the Discussion Board, write your response to the following question: When is stealing an acceptable act? You need to make reference to 'Four Cords Songs' and '5 Ideas Apple Gleefully Stole from Google'. Your paragraph should have at least six sentences. Make sure that the iris sentence clearly shows your position on this issue.

Check for 'Subject - Verb agreement' and 'correct verb tense'. Activity 5: Relative Clause I [lecturer will give you feedback at the end of the activity] Combine the two sentences using an appropriate relative clause. Use commas where necessary. 1. The expiration date is clearly posted on the package. Many consumers do not read the expiration date. 2. The blender is on sale today. The blender has many features. (Blenders usually come with multiple functions. ) 3. The client came from Europe. The client is satisfied with our new product. (We get linens from all over the world. 4. The client came from Europe. The client is asking for a speedy delivery. (All our clients are from Europe. ) 5. The missing meeting minutes has important details for our Director. I have been looking for the meeting minutes. (If it is missing, people should look for it! ) Activity 6: Relative Clause II [lecturer will give you feedback at the end of the activity] Rewrite combining the pair of sentences with a relative clause. Also, decide whether or not to use the commas. 1. Do you know the girl? The girl is talking to John. 2. An airline pilot is a trained pilot.

He/ She works for a commercial airline. 4. My sister lives in KILL. She came to see me last week. (I have only one sister. ) 5. My sister lives in KILL. She came to see me last week. (I have more than one sister. ) 6. Pewter's mother has lost her car key. Pewter's mother is a musician. 7. Tony Fernando came to Sinecure yesterday. He is the owner of Air Asia. Activity 7: Revision [lecturer will give you feedback at the end of the activity] Choose the most appropriate 'linking word' from the list for each blank. Then, write one sentence summary for the paragraph. As we can see, Secondly, Finally, although

Firstly, I believe that 1 behaving ethically is very important, it is difficult to define what ethical behavior is. 2 although there is some common understanding about the concept 'ethics', not everyone understands it in exactly the same way. 3. According to the experts, there are numerous approaches to make an ethical decision. 4. A variety of ethical decisions can be made for one same situation. 5. Since it is difficult to agree on what constitute ethical behavior, there are many instances of unethical behaviors among the government and non- government bodies all over the world. One Sentence Summary:

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