Celebrating the achievements of Pakistani women

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Women’s Day Women are not an asset, nor are they mere human beings - they are the pride of society. From raising the children through to educating our youth, they carry the largest burden of helping us in comprehending how important life is and why it should be preserved for the greater good of mankind.

In Pakistan, we do not need to look any further - from our households through to our sociological development, they are the pillars upon whom we depend for our emotional and spiritual support, and even at times our economical, social and political fabric coherence. From the youngest to the oldest, they are equivocal representatives of the brighter side of Pakistan. Kiran Khan, for instance, represented Pakistan in swimming on an international platform - the Commonwealth Games, and the 2008 Summer Olympics to name a few; Dr.

Attiya Inayatullah and Mrs. Safia Ameen, who were prominent members of the Population Council and brought to the fore the importance of epidemiological analysis in Pakistan; Ms. Fatima Jinnah, who deserves an honorary mention in this regard for laying the foundation stone of the All Women Association; Mrs. Bilquis Edhi, wife of Abdul Sattar Edhi, is in her own right a testament to the Edhi Foundation.

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Her concentrated efforts in maintaining the humanitarian relief efforts for the people of Pakistan are at par with her husband and Pakistan is in debt to her patriotic passion for the nationalistic cause that she continues to pursue to this day; the numerous laureates of Pakistan are endless and deserve wreaths of praise for their contributions to Pakistan. That isn't to say that they alone are representatives of our society. On a daily basis we see them strive to bring a shining image of Pakistan that has been earned through fair means and admirable efforts.

Notable mentions include; Mrs. Fauzia Kasuri, who pioneered the concept of 'international level higher education for the masses' to noteworthy effect - with the advent of the Beaconhouse School System that, to this day, is the most diverse private school network that teaches Cambridge assorted GCEs to the masses; with the Educators providing an equal opportunity for the less affording stratum of Pakistan; Ms. Fatima Riaz, an undergraduate student of Ata-ur-Rehman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB) in National University of

Science and Technology (NUST), who has instituted the start of a NUST-level society titled "Bioreach" - the prime objective being to 'reach' out to the general public and provide a 'researcher's contributions' towards understanding diseases in Pakistan better and, furthermore, helping understand how they can be caused and avoided; to the numerous female students of Pakistan whom have represented Pakistan on numerous platforms - school, college, and university level - internationally and nationally; the mothers of children guiding them towards the right path; the elderly women whom have provided their undivided attention in providing advice and counselor support to our veterans in their time of need; they are the numerous 'silent heroes' whom have held our society's fabric together since Pakistan's inception. This article is a testament to the women of Pakistan, without whom Pakistan would have been different. We, the people of Pakistan, salute you for your untiring efforts and tip our hats in praise and support of your relentless pursuit of the national cause. And with this, we would like to conclude this dedication to you.

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