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Pakistani Girl Got Shot

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Pakistani girl got shot In the last century,women empowerment movements swept across Europe clamoring for gender equality. The successful struggle granted girls and women the right to education in many countries. Nevertheless,until today,the blessing hasnt reached Pakistan. Falling into the shadow of Taliban,universal education is nothing more than a pipe dream to many girls there. Malala,a 15-year-old activist who promoted women's right to education in Pakistan was shot in the head by Taliban militants on her way home on October 19th.

Despite being swiftly sent to a hospital in Britain,the life of the young heroine was at stake. The heinous attack sent shock waves through the nation and fanned up the indignation of the international community. ' believe while international community should fght against the Taliban militants ,the Pakistan government and people are responsible for the tragedy Mingled with rage and appal,' found the case of Malala was Just the tip of the iceberg in Pakistan. ' condemn the unforgivable acts of the Taliban militants and believe the

International community shall counteract these subversive beasts at all costs. Education is a universal right and nobody should be denied access to it. lt is never confine to a gender or race. Therefore,for the sake of Justice and peace,The international community should follow the Taliban millitants to the end of the Earth while giving profuse support to the victims. The Pakistani government,though menaced by the Taliban militants,should not watch the battle with folded arms. Apart from lives and properties,a responsible overnment should safeguard the rights and freedom of its people.

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Pakistani Girl Got Shot

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Education,without doubts,is among the basic rights. Sadly to say,the education system in Pakistan is still a crawling toddler. People languish at the bottom of the world literacy list due to the fact that the government drains away immense resources on military defense. Without the government's sincere support of education for its people,no wonder terrorist suppression on girls' education remains unchecked for ages. In addition,the deprivation of education of many girls has much to do with the vicious ocial practice in Pakistan.

Girls drop out of school early to Join parents at work while some are married off as teenagers. consequently,girls could not climb up the social ladder when they grow up and poverty haunts them for good. The lack of support from parents is also a decisive factor favoring the Taliban's crackdown on education. To save countries like Pakistan from miseries,' hope the international peacekeeping values. Last but not least,may Malala and other victims speedy recovery,may education become universal and may the world a long-lasting peace.

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