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Why the Hawaii Light Rail Should Be Built.

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Harold Ano Ho Argument Paragraph Second Draft 9/26/12 ENG22 T/Tr 1:30 Why the Light Rail Should Be Built. The light rail project will benefit Oahu in many ways, and should be constructed without delay. The first reason that the rail should be constructed is because it will help the economy. One example of how the rail will benefit the economy is that it will create many lasting jobs for workers due to the fact that the rail is a massive project that will last years.

Additionally, once the rail is completed it will increase tax revenue, and eventually the taxes used to complete the project will be gained back through the project itself. The second reason why the Light rail should be built is that it will benefit the community. For example, traffic is getting worse by the year, and it will continue to do so unless we do something about it. The rail will provide an alternate means of transportation that is safe, quick, and more efficient than our current transportation.

Those who wish to ride the rail will be saving money on gas, and those who wish to drive their cars will be able to do so in less traffic due to the decrease in cars on the road, so everyone wins. The third and final reason why the rail should be built is that it will help protect the environment. The pollution from cars is immense, and there is no way to remove the damage already done, only reduce the amount that we are damaging it by. The rail is electric powered, which is eco friendly.

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The more people who ride the rail, the less cars there will be on the road; the less cars there are on the road, the less pollution there will be. Those who are against the Light rail claim that during the construction it will cause more traffic, instead of decreasing it. While this is true, it is very short sighted and they are only looking at the small picture. The reality of the matter is that there are more cars on the road every passing year, and if we don’t do something now, it will eventually become so bad that the time spent in traffic will become infinitely worse.

Spending a few years with slightly worse traffic is worth it if it will improve traffic matters for many decades to come. Another thing opponents say is that the rail will be disruptive to neighborhoods. They would be correct in this if the rail was at ground level, but since the rail will be elevated above the ground, the sound will be no worse than a freeway. For these reasons and more, the construction of the Light rail should be allowed to be continued, and completed.

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