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Multistream Leadership at Work in Hawaii

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Lei Lei is a small but popular bar and grill in the north shore of Oahu Hawaii. Neubert and Buscher are the owners and managers which are examples of Multistream leaders. In this paper, I will study troubles that Lei Lei’s may face and ways in which they may be able apply leadership skills to perfect the issues that have arisen. For instance Neubert and Buscher have been offered several opportunities to expand their management responsibilities to other restaurants on the north shore of Oahu. Another idea discussed is can the management practices at Lei Lei’s be easily transferred to other existing restaurants or business.

Expansion Opportunities Servant leadership is an active approach to leadership that promotes the interests of others. Neubert and Buscher help their employee to “grow” as persons. Their focus is let the employee learn by their own experience of the orientation the many ways to involve and do more complex tasks. Also Neubert and Buscher maintain a servant leadership approach by working extra hours as cooks or waiters to minimize the burnout of stuff that may have personal issues to manage or particularly heavy workload on any one day.

In my opinion this expansion might influence their ability to be servant leaders. This expansion will take a lot of their time in the Lei Lei bar. It will need Neubert and Buscher’s attention and will demand their time. In that case opening anther bar will take their focus from being a role model and helping their employee to grow. More over I think the positive effect on the stakeholders will be less. Now Neubert and Buscher have personal concern to improve the situation for the members of the bar, and when their attention will be to get expansion opportunities it won’t be totally for the members.

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What make this bar so special and success is the owners approached based on their values and the afforded they put on creating a sense of belonging to each new hires. This can be reached only by the management personal daily involve. For example at my work I can see a lot of difference in my approach to situation when my “good” manager ask me to do some task ,compare to when my “bad” manager asks me the same thing. My “good” manager make me want to do the task by positive influence on me like- more responsibly , while the “bad” manager make me doing this task by negative influence like – threaten.

For conclusion this issue, if the business will expand, Neubert and Buscher must find/hire new managers for the bar which will be able to replace them while they at other locations. Those managers need to keep the spirit of the Multistream leadership. It will be the best if the new managers will grow from inside which they know the best how to keep Neubert and Buscher approach. Management Practice Transfer The idea of the management practices at Lei Lei’s can be easily transferred to other existing restaurants or business is not that bad.

It is possible to implant the basic approach (Multistream) which Neubert and Buscher use and improve other business. The first thing Neubert and Buscher doing is “Enabling” which is sharing or explaining information related to a job and its context. They do it by giving all the new hires the same task at the beginning – to do everything that is needed for the business. This is how the new employee will learn the best about the new job. And also it shows there is no shortcut to nobody.

The second thing Neubert and Buscher do is evolving them in the business by creating responsibility such including more complex and important tasks that will fit their specific talents and strengths. This is “Equipping” which involves creating an environment for continuous learning on the job. Neubert and Buscher keep employees happy and in good care, by treating them with proper respect, pay those wages and offer enough hours, so they not require taking second jobs. This is “Engaging” which is the process of encouraging affiliation and enhancing the intrinsic meaningfulness of work.

At the end all this bring the members to feel belonging and commitment to the bar, make the customers feel welcome and in good environment which lead to success and long term benefits to the business. My conclusion in this matter, that in order to transfer to other existing restaurant it is necessary to use all the mentioned above and if so it will be possible to make a change. The managers must be using the Multistream leadership approach to build the employees trust and appreciation. Lei Lei’s is a business that has great potential for growth and influences other business.

The only thing that should be changed is to help the owners to have more time to expand. Any company that focuses their view of the human relations and the wellbeing of their employees will automatically build a good reputation. This will have a positive effect on the success and profits because the employees will work with more enthusiasm and apply themselves more to the job. References Bruno Dyck and Mitchell Neubert ,(2010) Houghton Mifflan/Cengage, Management: Current Practices and New Directions

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