Compare and Contrast of Florida and Hawaii

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During the summer and winter, many families like to go on vacations to tropical locations in order to take in the beautiful and amazing sights that they might not be able to experience at home. Two popular places to visit are Florida and Hawaii. While many believe that one beach community is as good as any other, there are many differences between Hawaii and Florida that make them suited for different people, depending on what kind of vacation they want to experience. In particular there are differences in the cultures, weather, and attractions of these two beach communities.

Although both Florida and Hawaii are tropical locations, their cultures are far from similar. Florida has a very “typical” American feel to it. It is rich in busy streets, screaming kids, rude and unfriendly people, and fat-filled restaurants with a cheeseburger always on the menu somewhere. Besides everyone being in a bikini everywhere on a hot, summer day, the people in Florida are really no different than you and I. It may seem like everyone goes to Florida for a vacation to get away from their everyday lives, but they really are going to the same problems in a different location.

In Hawaii, however, you become a part of a brand new experience that you have probably never experienced before. Beaches there are not lined from end to end with restaurants and rental shops; instead, they are lined with palm trees and all of their untouched, natural wonders that have been there since the islands formed. In Hawaii, you get away from the “real” world and get a chance to experience the rich island culture that you might never have known about. The hustle and bustle of the inner city life and the monotonous nine to five job of the suburban life are not seen in Hawaii.

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It is very relaxed, and every day seems like it is a new adventure waiting for you to discover it. The food in Hawaii is also a departure from something that you could get any other day. There are numerous island foods that you would never find anywhere else, like poi, a bread that is made out of purple potatoes, or Hawaiian shave ice, where they combine beans with a variety of flavors of ice cream. Also, pineapple is a very popular addition to just about anything you could imagine, and the food is usually made to be “volcano” hot.

As far as an escape goes, Hawaii is the perfect place to go to experience an amazing new culture. Even if you cannot tell the difference between the cultures of Hawaii and Florida, the weather easily sets the two apart. As far as tropical locations go, many people expect the weather to be warm and sunny, looking for a perfect day to go to the beach and relax next to the ocean. In Florida, though the heat and humidity is almost unbearable. It makes you want to immediately jump into the ocean to try a cool off under the hot sun.

Unfortunately, with the sun beating down on the ocean and the humidity in the air trapping all of the heat, the ocean also heats up very quickly and it becomes more like a hot tub, which is not the most relaxing of choice in the middle of a warm, summer day. With all of the humidity in Florida, it is also very common for a sudden downpour to erupt and leave you soaking wet like you have been in the ocean all day. Despite these flaws in the perfect, tropical weather you expect, when you do get a nice day in Florida, it makes you wish the day would never end and that you would never have to leave.

Hawaii’s weather makes the best days in Florida seem like a hot, humid day in Missouri in the middle of August. It barely rains in Hawaii, always leaving you with a nice day to go to the beach or go on a nature hike. Even though it may reach up to 90 degrees, there is very little humidity, so even the hottest of days feels like a comfortable, cool, breezy afternoon. Also, when you want to jump into the ocean and cool off, it is nice and refreshing. Hawaii truly displays the typical weather you would expect out of a tropical island and leads to a relaxing getaway for anyone who wishes to enjoy it.

One of the biggest differences between Florida and Hawaii are the attractions they have to offer and what you can do with your time in either place. As you may expect, the major attraction of both Florida and Hawaii are the numerous beaches that populate the two states. Beyond the beaches, however, both Florida and Hawaii offer unique attractions that will amuse people of all ages. In Florida, one of the major attractions is Disney World, a resort designed to let your inner child loose and experience the world of cartoons that you watched as a kid.

While many people see Disney World as an amusement park for kids, the park can be enjoyed by people of all ages. There are many other amusement parks in Florida that are “hot spots” for vacations, such as Sea World, Universal Studios, and Busch Gardens. Another big travel spot in Florida is the Florida Everglades and Everglades National Park. The Everglades is a massive wetland ecosystem in the southern portion of Florida that offers many people a chance to explore a place they couldn’t find anywhere else in the world.

While Florida may have amusement parks and some natural exhibits to visit, though, it cannot compare with the beauty of Hawaii. Hawaii may not have amusement parks, but it makes up for it with all of its amazing, natural attractions. The beaches are beautiful, with crystal clear water that allows you to watch a lot of undersea life without ever putting on a scuba suit. Some of the nature walks that you can go on in Hawaii are simply breathtaking because of all the beautiful scenery that you pass along the way.

You can ride horses on the beach, take a submarine ride through the ocean, and, if you are brave enough, even go to the top of a volcano and experience all of the beautiful landscape that actually grows around it. Furthermore, major attraction in Hawaii is the Pearl Harbor naval base and memorial. People from all over the world, even from Japan come to the memorial to see what is left behind from a great American tragedy. You can still see the oil left in the ocean in some spots, and you can walk over a glass bridge that allows you to look down and see a sunken battleship.

No matter what you choose to do, you are guaranteed to find something in Hawaii that you could not find anywhere else in the world. Whether it is the food that you eat or the weather you experience, there is a lot that separates Florida and Hawaii. Both places offer a unique experience that you normally would not have in your everyday life. However, you can visit Florida and go to an amusement park with your family and friends; I would recommend seeing Hawaii and experience a culture you may have never seen before.

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