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Last Updated: 20 Apr 2022
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Wedding tourism in our country has becoming popular as more foreigners and local tourist are taking interest and start to recognize this tourism field. Nowadays, lots of visitors start to take interest in the grand wedding functions which held in attractive and tourism place as well as at Historical Places and magnificent place of our country.

It’s a well-known fact that our country are based from numerous type of races with its colorful culture and traditions. These tradition and rituals of Malaysian reflect the rich cultural heritage of our nation.

Ones of the tradition that can generate high income and have a bright chance to be develops in the future is Wedding Tourism which is gaining popularity due to the distinctive celebrations and religious ceremonies that are held in the course of a wedding.

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Though there are grand and magnificent weddings conducted in tourism and magnificent places in our country includes at the beaches of Malaysia. All kind of Malaysian various races wedding have recently become a hit among tourist around the world.

Wedding tourism in our country offers lot more than just the wedding rituals which according to its own culture and religions. Along with the wedding ceremonies, tourist and visitors can enjoy and get a firsthand experience of the wedding preparations that are done by both parties. Besides, wedding tourism in Malaysia also helps tourist in this country to explore the hidden facts of Malaysian wedding and enjoy the warmth and hospitality of our peoples that are well known for their warmness and smile.

Realizing this potential in wedding tourism towards the future, our government also take a step ahead in promoting and encourage this industry to enhance its wider around the world. Thus, lots of accommodations such as excellent facilities in hotels, better transportation, mouthwatering cuisine and many more are integrated part of the packages for wedding. The special wedding tour package also helps to get insight into the life style of our peoples and offers an enjoyable moments that can stand to be memories for a lifetimes.

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