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The 'ethics of regard ' in both movies was coming from different positions. Monsoon Wedding, the regard was an insider and East is East the regard was an foreigner. The professor in the talk spoke about how Monsoon Wedding was about a Punjabi household and the scene was in New Delhi, India, which is a familiar district for Mira Nair, the manager of the movie. This may besides be one of the grounds why Monsoon Wedding has an insider 's position to the Indian Punjabi civilization. An illustration of the insider 's position is when the nuptials planner/decorator Mr. Dubey fell in love with the artlessness of the amah and the simpleness of her character. This was a small hard for me as a spectator to understand because the construct explored much traditional Indian civilization which a western audience may non be familiar with. This movie shows the positions of secondary characters and the viewing audiences as the others. An illustration of this is, when Aditi 's cousin who has come from a Western state to go to the nuptials, he is shown as 'out of topographic point ' in footings of civilization and ethnicity, which this movie captures attractively through music, linguistic communication, nutrient, idiosyncrasy, and apparels. The film showed many struggles through the emotions of the characters. An illustration of this is when Aditi was acquiring engaged, it was a happy juncture but her facial looks gave away her emotions of unhappiness. This directs the spectator 's understandings towards the characters and forces us to mime the emotions by acquiring the audience 's empathy.

Many of the emotions of the characters are expressed through lighting and camera work. An first-class illustration of this is the scene where Aditi 's male parent and female parent go into her room where she is kiping and look at their girl, how grown up she has gotten. This scene was shot at dark, but the lighting and camera captures the male parent and the female parent 's facial look in such a elusive manner that the viewing audiences might non detect, but they are emotionally sympathizing with the male parent.

East is East on the other manus was filmed through an foreigner 's position. I surely felt that when watching the film because foremost the scene of this film was in England in the seventiess. Second, the secret plan showed the Muslim Pakistani civilization in a satirical manner which I believe may do the position of the film as the foreigner. The professor mentioned in the talk that the construct of 'the other ' is shown as alien and beautiful in East is East. The regard in this movie is of the other and hence all characters are shown as being invariably measured by the viewing audiences. This movie touches upon many sensitive issues such as ethnicity, faith and marginalisation of civilizations. As an immigrant myself in Canada, this film aroused my emotions for all the characters including the male parent. At first when watching the movie, it seemed that the male parent was shown as a negative character, but subsequently on in the film I sympathized with the male parent. That is, he is shown to be torn between two civilizations and keeping on really tightly to each. Issues of individuality are profoundly explored in this movie and are shown a small through each character. The character of the female parent is shown to be really loving and lovingness, this I believe is the lone character which is shown to be impersonal and non in struggle in footings of civilization. An illustration of this is throughout the film, the female parent 's character did non confront any personal cultural struggle. Her kids were called 'half strains ' but she was ne'er faced with any direct cultural struggle since she had assimilated in the Pakistani civilization 's unhappiness. This in bend directs the spectator 's understandings with her and makes her a character that the audience hand clapping for.

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The camera work, music, costumes and sound effects emphasized the secret plan and helped the audience to the full understand the characters emotions. I peculiarly liked the costumes and music in the scene, when the girl is dancing with the broom. She is have oning the saree but in a manner that is western and listening to an Indian vocal and dance. The audience can non assist but smile because the facial looks of the girl are extracted towards the audience. The camera work and make-up are done attractively for the amusing scene when a household had come to run into the two boies for their girl 's matrimony. The girls near ups were nicely shot ; that full scene had good camera work capturing everyone 's uncomfortable emotions unusually.

To reason, both movies Monsoon Wedding and East is East have showed different positions. The regard in both movies directs the viewing audiences ' attending to characters and their emotions. The camera work and proficient facets of the movie helped both Monsoon Wedding and East is East gaining control the narrative and emotions of each character.

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