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Warehouse Management Systems essentially forms an essential division of the supply chain for a company. It processes the various warehouse items in an electronic form and keeps a record of the items to assist both the organization and consumers to meet their needs. Advantages to the Businesses: 1. Tracking inventory: The inventory can be well maintained in electronic form and ensure better handling the records. It also increases the asset utilization and reduces deployment time for process changes.

2. Classification of stock: The classification forms a very crucial element of the business which enhances the retrieval of records and better knowledge of the inventory. It further enhances better management of human resource allocation which reduces order cycle time and increase productivity levels (Brien, 2002). 3. Determination of Stock Levels: The stock levels ensure better handling the stock re-orders level which ensures better handling the demands and stock levels at the warehouse. 4.

Facilitates reporting: The preparation of the movement of the stocks and the variables like stock-in-hand needs to be propagated to the organizational strategic leaders to devise their plans accordingly. 5. Effective audit trails: The audit procedures get enhanced with its use for the business which again brings enough transparency in business operations and penetrates trust. Advantages to the consumers: 1. Better confidence and trust: Consumers are often moved by the amount of confidence instilled by the businesses in creating a safer haven to transact with a sound reliability and sense of trust.

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Consumers become confident that their demands would be met in time and quality. 2. Efficient service: The consumer’s perception towards the organization meeting their stock demands would improve with time with the warehouse management system. The customers also fetch products faster and in the order of prescription (Gopikrishnan, 2008). Warehouse management system would keep updated with the stock levels and devise various strategies for managing the stock better with classification of stock in terms of their price, quality and other aspects.


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