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Customer Service and Data Warehouse

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Liu, An Chi (Allison) #20, Truong, Dominic #31 Tseng, Chun Yao (Gary) #33, Wang, Wei (Chloe) #35 Wang, Zhuoqun (Mask) #36, Zhang, Tao (Kevin) #48 Professor Kim MGT 205 Assignment #5: IT’s About Business 3. 2 1. Why was it necessary for the Isle of Capri Casinos to develop a data warehouse? The Isle of Capri Casinos experienced challenges in the geographical location of their properties as well as their diverse clientele. This made it very difficult for the publicly traded gaming company to segment customers and to establishing an inclusive brand image.

With that, the company caters to a variety of customers in Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Iowa, Colorado, and Florida. They found the past Customer Relationship Management (CRM) model to have generalized their customer view, thus initiating a need for a ‘single view of the business and the customer’. This new database warehouse method would enhance their competitive strategy by encouraging continuous guest relationships and surpassing guests’ needs and expectations in terms of atmosphere. 2. Describe the variety of benefits that the Isle realized from its data warehouse.

There are many benefits for Isle in the development of their new data warehouse. Firstly, the system quickly and conveniently allowed the company to establish segmentation within the market. The system identified segments centered on the number of visits, which ultimately determined the level of offers and values. Eg. Company researchers determined that players who visit four times a month required an alternative incentive package that those who visited once a month. The company was also able to interpret the data generated by the warehouse to develop information for market experiments.

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The series of segmentations allowed for cross tabulation within customers— Who stayed at least two or three times? Who gamed and who didn’t? How much did staying in a hotel affect customer’s gaming activity? The determination of these experiments created business opportunities within demographics of consumers. One study showed that local customers ‘game more’ when they stay in the casino hotel. Through this experiment, a local promotion was established to encourage customers to stay one free night.

In turn, this proved to be profitable in the precision of their targeted offers, consequently motivating customers to visit the company’s casino locations. Lastly, another benefit from the database warehouse was in the strategic determination of slots and game locations. The company could enhance revenue and profit by strategically placing new games and machines based on past behaviors from high-value players. All in all, the data warehouse serves as a valuable resource for market analysis and customer segmentation.

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