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David walks into the Men's Warehouse store. He is getting married. No big fan fare here; no entourage to assist him as his fiance had experienced. David explains his purpose for shopping to Joe, the store sales rep. Joe begin to ask questions as he pull a few looks together that he believes David would like. Joe and David talk and laugh as they find the perfect look David wanted for his big day; Joe was proud - another customer satisfied. David walked out about an hour later knowing he would kook good for his wedding.

He felt good George Simmer is known for his classic line, Your goanna like the way you look, I guarantee it". This is the Men's Warehouse creed. Their emphasis on quality clothes and customer service in their stores has provided them a steady stream of success. However, they don't measure their success by earning growth, geographic expansion or consistent return for investors, although they could have. They measure their success in levels of excellence In customer service, employee enthusiasm and customer loyalty In Dalton to the other uncial measures that are required by successful businesses (Denominator, 2006).

The backbone of the Men's Warehouse organizational and financial success falls on their desire to uphold a culture that is based on customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. The purpose of this paper is to identify and discuss the cultural metaphor that the Men's Warehouse has embraced. An organization's culture Like any other culture can be defined by the pattern of development reflected in an organizations system of knowledge, Ideology, values. Laws and day-to-day rituals (Morgan, 2006). However it is more than Just a list of rules required as well. It's a symbolic significance commonality that is shared amongst a group.

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Culture is not something that can be measured but it is a formed of lived experience created by all within it. Creating a positive organization culture takes work from the top down as Men's Warehouse has successfully demonstrated. Organizations such as the Men's Warehouse benefit from operating from a Cultural Metaphor for many reasons. The cultural metaphor directs attention to the symbolic significance of almost every aspect of organizational life (Morgan, 2006). The activities have more meaning for the employees. For example, suiting someone for their wedding is not a normal shopping trip.

It is exciting and stressful. Customers will want to get advice from a tuxedo expert who can help them look their absolute best. Also, if fashion is your passion as an employee you are excited to assist In such a wonderful occasion and Knowingly accept ten responsibility Tort ten customers experience as well. It also holds individuals accountable because it makes them own their impact on the way things are and shows that it is their responsibility to change when appropriate (Morgan, 2006). This is demonstrated at the Men's Warehouse from their top down approach to satisfying customers.

Simmer stated in his company overview that "we are not content to merely satisfy them. We win them over completely. This is not so much the results of rigorous training as it is the result of the unique Mess Warehouse culture that runs from the top down through all our operation". (Denominator, 2006). Having the authority to do what is necessary to make sure a customer leaves happy allows employees to feel empowered. It is not mistake that in 2006, Men's Warehouse was ranked in Fortune's Magazine list as one of the "100 Best Companies to Work For" (Denominator, 2006).

This was based on the policies and culture of the company and satisfaction and opinions of the employees. The Men's Warehouse prides itself on its culture of collegiality, and repeatable consistent customer service, and knows that one will create the other; both require employees to be authentic and pleasant. Men's Warehouse believes that when a workforce is treated with respect and encouragement, there's no limit to where it can take the company (Denominator, 2006). Happy employees' are more authentic and allows for customer to have an experience that they can feel.

Customers who experience the Men's Warehouse culture of excellent customer service, empowered happy employees that creates an environment that is service oriented and authentic which fosters repeatable business. Are always going to come back.. In turn, great service almost always fosters repeatable business. This type of interaction creates a cultural enactment that allows for a positive shared reality for both, employees and customers. The Men's Warehouse embracement of the cultural metaphor is a great example of how culture can create loyalty within organizations. The backbone of the Men's

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