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This acknowledgment transcends the reality of formality when I would like to express deep gratitude and respect to all those people behind the screen who guided, inspired and helped me for the completion of my project work. I consider myself lucky enough to get such a good project. This project would add as an asset o my academic profile. I express my sincere gratitude to our respectful for enabling me to make use of laboratory and library facilities liberally, that helped me a long way in carrying out my project work successfully.

I would like to express my thankfulness to my project guide, Mr.. Wallabies Albert for his constant to my parents who have encouraged me with their blessings to do this project successfully. Finally I would like to thank to all my friends, all the teaching and non- teaching staff members of the IT Department, for all the timely help, ideas and encouragement which helped throughout in the completion of project. Hotel management reservation systems have become a common trend in today's business organizations. With the coming of the internet/intranet everything is Just a click away.

As the Hotel began its quest for the development of Hotel management reservation system that would be used to serve the whole of England, it becomes every web developers 'and programmers responsibility to tackle the challenge and this challenge still goes on. As pioneers took on the task, it created a platform for others and it's from those existing system that new development are based. The new Hotel management reservation system should be designed in a way that guarantees the security of the users' data and it should be designed in the most user friendly way possible, putting in consideration all the accessibility requirements.

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A hotel booking system has been developed with enhancements that cover some of the loopholes discovered in the existing hotel management reservation systems. The objective of this project is to create a hotel management reservation system where customers can request for services and accommodation on specified dates. They can et information regarding time, cost, room and other services offered all at the same time and place. The system displays all the available services, and room reservation.

This system would help the hotels to better serve its customers by catering to their needs. The system would use a Database to hold this information as well as the price of the rooms and availability information for the hotel. Hotel reservation system plays a great role and has a potential effect on day to day performance measures, this type of system have highly evolved from decades due to sigh demand for their use, effective and efficiency in any given institutions and Hotel industries.

Due to the rapid change of technology the use of such management system has become a necessity to any given high learning institution for better performance and is used with quite a large number of users at the same time but it can save time, resources and creates awareness of the evolving technology. Therefore a Hotel Management Reservation System will be developed to provide simple and fast online solution for Customers, Workers, Hotel administrators and Managers in managing orders and reservation made by customers.

It will allow interaction of hotel organizations and customers on single platform, allowing customer booking and validation with the simple system. The system will be developed to ease the manual process which involves a lot of paper work and it occupies a lot of space and it's tiresome to employees. The researchers believe that the knowledge gained in the development of the system will be an effective tool in providing the needed IT skills of the students in the hotel industries. It will be beneficial to the Hotels since the use of the system as a working tool will improve the delivery of instruction and prove to be cost-efficient. 2 Background of the Study The project on "Hotel Management Reservation System" is one of the interactive This system can handle almost the entire task required in the Hotel Management being one of the key to raise the organization prestige and status as it saves processing time and help to provide better management system. Using this system one can make their managerial aspect of hotel strong and fast. Mainly the program is divided into three aspects, one for administration, staff and another for customer.

Hotel Management Reservation System is broadcasted throughout in the hotel local outwork during working hours so that all customers receding can know in detail about hotel and can reserve through the computer found in their rooms. This system facilitates the manager to keep details rate of any items and services and also edit them as per requirement. It also enables to calculate all the daily financial transaction which includes reservation and booking, billing, restaurant billing, and other accounting module. Using this system one can keep detail on check in and checkout time of every customer visiting the hotel.

This system also keeps record of joking the hotel services by the customer so that manager can easily handle such task in less time. Hotel Management Reservation System will be designed aiming to keep good interaction between manager and customers, through the graphical presentation so that both parties will be benefited. The system is developed for easy management of the following types of accommodation like Hotels, Guesthouses, Conference rooms, Villas, resorts and any other room booking which is to be managed on a day-to-day basis.

One of the most important skills of Hotel Management Reservation System researcher will have the knowledge of using an on- nine hotel reservation system. Hotel reservation system will be designed to simplify the task of on-line booking and to enable hotel to compete in today's demanding and competitive market. The system will provide the customers and clients with a unique, innovative and easy to use interface that improves the way people use the system today. Online users will have to compare prices and facilities in the hotel.

Throughout this Project Proposal on Hotel Reservation Management System we will be describing about objectives of this project, functions of the program, flowchart, algorithm, budget and schedule for the project. . 2 Problem statement This system is intended to automate the activities of hotel including transactions and service delivery. Most hotels currently use manual and paper work systems to deliver services to their customers. This requires intending customer to physically appear at the Hotel reception desk avail the data required to prepare his or her accommodation in the hotel rooms.

Some of this services provided in hotel are absolutely tedious and indeed involve a lot of writing and recording. Consequently this leads to wastage of resources in terms of papers, ink and time. The paper work has been associated with a lot of errors, redundancy of data, and misapplication of rooms and lose of funds. Also the records are subjected to theft and catastrophes like fire, earthquakes and hence the need for a system to cater for all these problems. As well as hospitality services such as accommodation.

Bearing in mind that the most critical and necessary activity in any service delivering institution is quality of service in which is relative to the time spent in delivering it. Then the system will absolutely quicken and optimize these processes in hotels. Furthermore, from the management perspective, the managers will be in a position to control, monitor and manage the business in the shortest time possible, accurately and in efficient manner. Therefore, there is a need of an automated system which will enable them to administrate and monitor all the services in the hotel. . 4 Objectives The main objectives of the project will be concentrated towards the development of such project that will help in reduce the problems encountered with the customer's record keeping method and reservation facilities for the costumers in hotel. This yester will be focused on both hotel staff and customer who can manages all hotel tasks in reliable way, saving the precious time. The objectives of this system can be divided into two categories, which are being explained as follow: I.

Specific Objectives 0 To develop a Hotel management and Reservation system 0 To provide interaction between both the both hotel staffs and customer. To keep the details record of hotel. 0 To keep the detail record of customers. 0 To provide easy way to view details rate of each room in the hotel's and reservation for customer. To provide reliable and easy way of booking facilities to customer. TOT manage and edit the different rates of services. 0 To keep the proper accountancy record of the hotel. 0 To provide proper billing system for customer. To test and validate the system after it has been developed. TOT evaluate the system and highlight the benefits the system can provide to the hotels and its workers. 1. 3 Aim Considering today's need in the field of Hotel Management System and other Reservation System, I as the student of DID have planned to developed a system named "Hotel Management and Reservation System" which will meet almost all the demands required in the field of hotel. This is the system which is mainly made to be in the management of a Hotel and Reservation of Hotel.

To achieve this goal of preparation of the system it is very necessary to choose appropriate programming language which meets the goal in given time and budget. Taking all this in mind I database of the system. Access is one of the most widely used programming languages used in creating database all time. As it provides low-level access to memory, it required minimal run-time support. Through the use of Microsoft access it's going to divide whole complex program into a number of function which make ark simpler.

My system will provide lots of services to user like viewing info, editing info, reserving, accounting etc. All these things can be divided into sub-routine which has clearly defined purpose. Microsoft Access is also going to provide file handling system which will be main key to develop my system. My system is the comprehensive system which is going to be consisting of an integrated module for various aspects of Hotel Management and reservation System. As entire modules necessary to hotel are integrated tightly at no additional cost, it saves both time and money for the user.

Through this system, the Hotel administration can easily manage their loyalty programs in an effective way. The project Hotel management and Reservation will manage and maintain the records of customers, room in hotels, booking information and other financial transaction of hotel on a database which will be used to store information. The system will provide high security on the data stored on the data base will not be manipulated. The administrator will have the authority to make any change on the data base.

The fore strong password will be used to protect the data. Thebe. Et script language will be used in front-end while Access language will be used use in the back-end. In this system, the researcher is going to create a user friendly interface, so that normal persons can add, delete and edit the entries of customers and handle all the transaction easily. 1. 5 Scope of the project The main aim of the researcher coming up with this project is to create a database management system that will be more efficient and easy to use in the hotel.

The researcher will focus the study at "A-hero Beach Resort", and other related different hotels located within Kampala and Entente town. The system will be implemented by use of different method of research such as questionnaires and survey in order to interact with workers and customers to get the required information about my area of study. The researcher wills also Interviews on workers and the customers to facilitate my research on this project. Also direct observation will be used in this case and also have an access to the store documents and records found in the hotels.

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