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Thinking of the natural disasters happening around the world In 2013, for example, Tornado In Oklahoma, the Unite States, Flash Flood In Gingham, China, Tornado In Salaams, Japan, It Is generally known that the extreme fluctuation of weather and natural disasters are caused by the global warming. Scientists tried to figure out why the global warming exists and concluded that the primary contribution to climate change is from the quantities of heat-trapping gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO) that emit into the atmosphere (Palmer, Charles, and Stefan).

There are many factor causes Global warming, such as CO emissions from fossil fuel burning power plants, CO emissions from burning gasoline for transportation, deforestation, increase in usage of chemical fertilizers on farmland, or etc. However, deforestation is the most important causes of global warming, because the deforestation not only releases large amounts of carbon, but also reduce the amount of carbon capture on the planet and amount of oxygen, clean and fresh alarm for humans and animals.

Humans are believed to be the contributor with the rise In level of CO. A huge amount of paper products usage Is the one of satellites and contributes to the mass deforestation of our world. With every passing day, It Is discovered that global warming now is worse than before; people turn to purchase green product with hope to have better world. It seems that "green" and "sustainability are everywhere and businesses are all looking for some sort of connection with anything "green" and "sustainability.

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A numerous companies, which gain a large number of profits from society, startup plan to preserve the world environment and promise to help the world live better. However, some companies use greenmailing, misleading green- based advertising campaigns and marketing to increase their sales. In other words, they want only to take this advantage of "green" to raise their profits. Walter, the world's largest retailer, accelerates their environmental concerns by leading In paper consumption reduction.

Walter uses a smart packaging on their product to cuts down on their paper packaging usage ("Global Responsibility). Can Walter's smarter packaging on the products lessen the global warming? American people and some organization and institute doubt in Walter's activities. This act of worry about lobar warming can misinform consumers Walter less cost and high profit. Global Warming and Cutting Trees We all know that high level of CO in atmosphere causes climate change, resulting in natural calamities and yield crop agriculture. Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, wide spread melting if snow and Ice, and rising global average sea level" (Frank 2). Global warming will be good for some area, where Is too cold for agriculture. The global average temperature Is quiet rising, but many areas are become drier, drought, and flood. Some areas will be winners, while other will be losers, because the temperature zones where most people live are becoming production and water resources.

The global warming is severe issue that everybody should to turn in and help to solve it. Trees play an important role to protect world from heat and trap Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Tree also "produce oxygen, shade sidewalks, homes and storefronts, cool cities, provide habitat for wildlife, clean the air of pollutants, protect people from harmful ultraviolet rays, absorb storm water, prevent soil erosion, shelter homes from winter winds, beautify ties, and sequester carbon dioxide, a critical role to play in combating global warming" (Oliver 123). Forests help to protect world from heat and improve air quality. Trees help by removing (sequestering) CO from the atmosphere during photosynthesis to form carbohydrates that are used in plant structure/function and return oxygen back into the atmosphere as a byproduct" (Bianca). Therefore, trees act as carbon sinks, alleviating the global warming. "On average, one acre of new forest can sequester about 2. 5 tons of carbon annually. Young trees absorb CO at a rate of 13 pounds per tree each year. Trees reach their most productive stage of carbon storage at about 10 years at which point they are estimated to absorb 48 pounds of CO per year" (Bianca).

At that rate, trees release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere for life on earth. Planting trees could reduce carbon and consequently save consumers on utility bills, because trees also reduce the greenhouse effect by shading houses and office buildings. Moreover, when the world cools down, reducing the need for air conditioning, which in turn reduces the amount of fossil fuels burned to produce electricity. To sum up, human being uses paper such as buying nee cereal box, meaning that he or she cut tree, reduced carbon capture, destroyed world air filter and consumed fossil fuels.

Greenmailing After some research has revealed that cutting trees has several adverse effects on the climate. Many businesses are sincerely committed to making the world a better, but for some businesses, environmental issues are little more than a convenient advertisement. Some businesses persuade people to buy their products; by claiming that buying their products end environmental issues. In 1999, the Oxford English dictionary defines the word 'greenmailing in their dictionary as "disinformation assassinated by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image".

When a firm tried to make advertising that they are environmentally friendly and they are concerning about climate changing, clean air, clear water, or no chemical than on actually putting into place practices that are environmentally friendly. For example, bottled water companies are trying to go green, but actually greenmailing, by coming up with catchphrases - partially made out of some sort of plant material. They are trying to convince their customers that drinking their bottled eater reduce plastic waste and they conceal what kind of plants are being used to make this stuff.

In 2005 Walter also has announced plan in public to be more environmentally friendly. It launched its sustainability campaign. It set goals to have 100 percent renewable energy, to create zero waste, and to make more environmentally friendly products Jasmine). "Wall-Mart's environmental goals center around reducing waste, environmentally friendly packaging, offering environmentally more energy efficient" Jasmine). "On February 1, 2007, Walter unveiled 'Sustainability 360', its company-wide emphasis on environmental sustainability' (Annie).

In 2008-2009, Walter has taken a zero-waste stance and have started implementing various programs. One of its interesting programs is rethinking packaging reduced paper consumption by redesigning their packaging. However, according to research by the nonprofit Institute for Local Self-Reliance claimed that "Walter's heavily-promoted sustainability initiatives have done more to improve the company's image than to help the environment" (CTD. In "Walter Accused of Greenmailing"). This is because of increase in sales after launching sustainability campaign in 2005.

Walter's revenue increased from $312 billion in 2005 to $419 lion in 2010 (Stacy 4). This report slightly inspires writers and Journalists to take a closer look at what Walter really care about environmental or short-term profit. Wall-Mart rethinking packaging Walter, the large discount department store in the United States, now has the total area of all U. S. Stores, 698 million square feet, larger than those of the island of Manhattan, 641 million square feet. Furthermore, Walter increases its international store almost tripled, from about 1 ,600 to 4,600 stores.

After Walter launched its sustainability campaign in 2005, the number of Americans who had an unfavorable IEEE of Walter decreased from 38 percent to 20 percent in 2010 (Stacy 4); moreover, it sells 35 percent more stuff. Because of the fact that Walter is the largest retail store in the United States and their sales are significant, Americans expect from Walter with environmental issues. Walter is introducing itself the leader of preserve natural resources such as trees, water and fuel. It is trying to find new ways to protect the planet.

Working with its suppliers to rethink its processes and product presentation, Walter plans to cut back on their paper products to reduce cutting trees that capture CO and generate fresh air. From toys and footwear to cooking products, Walter has reduced its packaging across the board" (Ron). This large firm improved and redesigned the footwear replenishment boxes by using smarter packaging on its footwear box (see Figure 1). "Sustainable packaging for shoes has also been revamped" (Ron). "The new box uses Just a single source of paper, fits multiple pairs of shoes" ("Global Responsibility').

Figure : Old and Redesigned Shoes Box In the result, in 2011, during the first 10 months, Walter used about 14. 4 million footwear replenishment boxes, reducing paper consumption by 692 tons (1 mounds), the environmental equivalent of more than 2,500 trees. Redesigned the footwear box uses 43 percent less paper and reduces costs by 28 percent ("Global Responsibility'). Conversely, "each person in the United States uses 749 pounds (keg) of paper every year" (Sam). In other words, now current U. S. Population is 316. 80 million, so the total paper consumption per year is 118,641,600 tons (237,283,200,000 pounds).

If comparing the reduced number paper consumption of Walter to paper consumption of all people in the United States per year, it is very Is Walter Going Green? Wall-Mart's steps to saving world's resources are admirable; however, the company has a long way to go proving their commitment about the environment issues to people. Some writers and Journalists consequently may think that Walter is environmentally destructive and greedy. However, "some businesses are indeed as destructive as many suspect, others are among the world's strongest positive forces for environmental sustainability' Oared 273).

Therefore, what Walter have done to keep the planet healthy, lessen global warming, it is a good start for saving the world. The magnitude and cause of global climate change are huge. Only Walter cannot hanged the world. To resolve the climate change, individual has essential powerless to change the world or to make sustainable future. "None of us can change the world single-handedly' (Alex 270) and if people wants "to work at this work alone[, it] is to fail" (CTD. In "On Earth Day'). Since this truth is well known, why Walter is still working with smart packaging project.

The reasons that Walter's chief executives raise their global warming concerns are saving their money, avoiding environmental disasters and reducing criticism from employees, consumers and government Oared 273). In this case, it may be called win-win situation. Not only Walter can save their costs, but also world can lose lesser natural resources. Moreover, "[w]e have to balance the environmental against the economy Oared 274). Even Walter get high sales, but the number of profits that it get lesser than the amount of money that it will be used to try to fix the environmental problem.

According to John Holders, the top White House science advisor, stated that "solving problems of climate change would cost the United States 2 percent of our gross domestic product by the year 2050, but that not solving those problems would damage the economy by 20 percent o 30 percent of G. D. P" (CTD. In "Will Big Business Save the Earth"). However, if Walter really want to reduce paper consumption permanently, a key challenge to long-term sustainability is less consumption. These days, people do not buy only what they want, they buy too much products.

Companies offer promotion to attract customers to buy more. Conclusion Carbon dioxide emitted to atmosphere and makes the world hotter. Deforestation causes carbon emission, which can trap heat and raise global average temperature by 2-3 Celsius within next 50 years, without resolving this environmental issue. The rise in temperature impacts such as poor agriculture, food production and water resources, which cause people living. Tree plays an important role to capture CO. Using more paper, tree is more being cut. Several large firms are trying to help this environmental issue, global warming.

People turn in to buy green product with believe that buying green products can lessen the global warming or climate change. However, Some business are trying to take this advantage, by producing fake green product or slogan with Just attractive customers to buy, but not alleviate global warming issue. Walter, in this case, has several programs to help, but important one is smart packaging, which reduce paper consumption. The amount of paper usage is not low significant but this is a good start for one company to lessen global promotion to attractive customers buy more than they need.

Since the root of the problems of climate change is over purchasing and needing more convenient life. Therefore, if Walter really wants to make the better world and away from people's criticism, it should sell their product less. Work Cited Bordello, Bianca. "Trees Improve Our Air Quality. " Web log post. Trees Improve Our Air Quality. The Dillydally Family Foundation and the Mississippi Forestry Commission, n. D. Web. 01 Deck. 2013. Club, Oliver E. "Climate Help from the Plant World. " Global Warming Solutions: A Concerned Citizen's Guide to Climate Protection. United States: O.

This website provides information about how Wall-Mart responsible for environment. It claims that Wall-Mart has reduced "paper consumption by 692 tons, the environmental equivalent of more than 2,500 trees" by improving footwear packaging. We can use this data and calculate at 'paper calculator' from Environmental Paper Network website to see how this amount of paper usage will impact to wood use and greenhouse gas. Jarred, Diamond. Will Big Business Save the Earth?. Envision in Depth: Reading, Writing, and Researching Arguments. Second deed. Boston: Pearson/Longing, 2011. 272-75. Print.

This article discusses about environment concerns by big corporate such as Wall-Mart. The company maintains sustainable resource levels. This is an elemental to my research because I would like to prove that paper consumption cause climate change. Realization about concern by corporation is a basis of decline in paper consumption. This article provides an example about how Wall-Mart is trying to save cost and save environment. The author states that "Wall-Mart stores eventual AOL is to end up with no packaging waste", showing that Wall-Mart and its client are trying to reduce paper consumption with their packaging. 013.. This publication is very fundamental to my research. It provides the truth about Walter from 2005-2010. The author does not believe that what Walter is trying to do to help the world or make the better world, cannot really help. That is just Walter want to increase its profit. This article is for general people or blob reader, who are also doubt in Walter mislead customer their making profit. Palmer, Charles, and Stefan Engel. Avoided Deforestation: Prospects for Mitigating Climate Change. New York: Rutledge, 2009. Print.

This academic is very useful for my research because it provides that deforestation and forest degradation have been defined as environmental key problems. It claims that deforestation causes carbon emission, which trap heat and raise global average temperature by 2-3 Celsius within next 50 years. The rise in temperature impacts such as poor agriculture, food production and water resources, which cause people living. Participant, Frank T. "Introduction. " Global Climate Change: The Technology Challenge. Volt. 38. Torched: Springer, 2011. 2. Print. This academic is very helpful. It gives several examples of Climate change.

This chapter aims to provide a succinct integration of the projected warming the earth is likely to experience in the decades ahead. It also provides the sustainability challenge for resolve climate change. This academic is for higher education students who really want to study about solution for climate change. Easiness, Ron. "Perfect Score: Walter's Packaging Scorecard. " Web log post. Packaging Gateway. Cable, 12 Novo. 2012. Web. 01 Deck. 2013. This article is written by senior consumption by improving footwear packaging. Walter redesign from toys and footwear to cooking products.

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