The Wounded Deer: Gawain’s Encounters and the Fateful Green Girdle in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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Part 3 starts early in the morning, the host and his guests get out of bed and prepare to ride forth from the castle. They eat a small breakfast, and they leave with their hunting dogs. They ride through the woods, chasing after a deer. They hit A deer with an arrow, and they let off their hounds to hunt down after the wounded

Deer, and the hunter kills the animal off with a knife. At the castle, Gawain still in bed, while still asleep, he hears the door open slightly and quietly. He opens his eyes slightly and sees it was the hosts wife. Gawain lies back down pretending that he is still asleep. The women climbs on his bed and sits by Gawain. He pretends that he just woke up, and the women starts teasing him that he didnt notice her walk in the room while he was still asleep. She jokes around that she captured him, and threatens to tie him in bed, they laugh along, saying jokes to each other. Gawain asks her to leave the room so he can put his clothes on. She refuses to leave her room, and tells him that she wants to spend more time with him. She offers to be her servant and tells her to use her body if he wants to.

They continue their conversation, the lady tells Gawain if she had the decision over him and her husband, she would sure to pick Gawain over her husband. When the lady gets up to leave she tells Gawain that hes not the real Gawain, but the real Gawain always makes sure she gives a lady a kiss before they leave. Gawain gives her a kiss and she leaves. He dresses and then goes by the hosts wife and the old women. Meanwhile the lord has been hunting deer with his men throughout the whole day. As the evening comes they start to gut the

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Animals taking the wanted meat from the carcass. After they finish they return back. Home with their meat. The host greets Gawain and gives him the meat he got during the day, Gawain thanks him return and giving him a kiss. They feast and go to bed. The next day the lord goes and hunts for wild boar. While risking his life he wrestles against the boar and stabs it with his sword. Meanwhile at the castle Gawain and the lady having. Another conversation, the women convinced Gawain to give her two kisses. That night when the lord comes back he gives Gawain the boars head on a stick and they exchange that with two kisses.

On the third day the lord goes to hunt a fox. Gawain gets awakened by the hosts wife from having bad nightmares of the Green Knight, they start to have another conversation and manages to get three kisses. The lady offered Gawain to give him a love token, but he refuses, then offers him a ring which he refuses to that. She then offers him her green girdle, she claims that the girdle is magical and would keep him away from danger. He accepts the girdle. That night he gives three kisses to the host, but doesnt tell him about the ladys gift. They have a good bye party for Gawain. Then goes to sleep, preparing to go to the green chapel the next day. Looks like the green girdle is going to play a major part when he faces with the Green Knight that next day. I think the last part of the book is going to open up. A moral toward the end of the book.

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