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Washing Dishes Process Essay

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Mrs. Morris English Comp 106 27 March 2013 Washing Dishes A nice meal was just enjoyed by the family. Everyone is sitting around the table with full stomachs not wanting to get up, but it has to be done. All the essential items are already out. Gloves, dish soap, dish strainer, a sponge and table full of dirty dishes. It's time to wash the dishes. Depending on what situation you're faced with determines weather or not you should wear rubber gloves to wash the dishes. If you are wearing a hoody or shirt with long sleeves now is the time to roll them up and put on an apron to minimize the chance of your clothes getting wet.

As you take the dishes off of the table scrape all food items into the garbage can. Any napkins and straws should be thrown away also. This reduces the chance of your sink getting clogged. Set the dishes, cups, and silverware on the counter essay writer promo code. Fill the sink up with warm not scalding hot water. Add the dish soap of your choosing to get a mixture of suds within the water. Place the dishes into the sink gently, so there aren't any splashes. If there is enough time the dishes can soak to make washing them even easier.

Pots and pans may also soak for easier washing. Take the sponge and get it wet. Grab the plates from the sink and begin to scrub off any food particles that may be stuck on. Rinse off the plates with warm water and make sure all the food and suds are off. Place in the dish strainer to dry. The cups need to have a little extra attention paid to them. Liquid can dry on the bottom and become stuck making it difficult to remove. If you can't reach your hand all the way inside of the cup use the handle of a fork to push the sponge in.

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Washing Dishes Process Essay

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Thoroughly rinse the cup inside and out with warm water. Place upside down in the dish strainer so the water will run out. Silverware is probably the most important to make sure it's clean. It goes in our mouths and serves our food. Wash one piece at a time to ensure maximum cleanliness. Grab the handle and scrub opposite end very well. Rinse with hot water. Dish strainers usually have a designated spot for the silverware to stand vertically; place them there. Pots and pans are the dirtiest and hardest to clean.

Food gets baked on from cooking and depending how long they have been sitting; it can get really hard. Keep some warm soapy water inside of the pots and pans. Some force may be required to chisel some of the food particles off. Rinse with warm water and place upside down in the dish strainer. The dishes are done! Rinse out the sponge and squeeze out any excess water. Let all of the water out of the sink and wash down any remaining suds down the drain. The dishes can stay in the dish strainer and air dry or be dried with a towel and put away.

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