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As the people of Sri Lanka soon we are go throughing the period with winning feeling and savoring the sugariness of autonomy and harmoniousness because of the peace. As a state every bit good as a state, all human being of this beautiful island suffered from difficult clip period. It is non merely war with the LTTE, but besides with some other Rebels get downing from 1971. All the people of state tasted the resentment of war for few decennaries. If person tries to unfasten and analyze the ground behind that, why state faced such an unfortunate clip period. There may be 1000s of grounds. Some of are really outstanding. But one chief ground is shadowing all of these outstanding header. That, they could non able to recognize their outlooks. Why they could non recognize their outlooks? The simplest reply is `` Money '' . Why I try to indicate it out. Each and every 1 has an aspiration when they start their life. It is comfy life. At present planetary scenario the make up one's minding factor is money. Money decides degrees of people, aspirations which can be made realistic. When the group of people missed their outlooks and aspirations those group is isolated from the community. Because they do n't hold any order over the community. They do non hold individuality. Then they try to re-establish their image by hook or criminal. The war shapers used their unrest to carry through their organisational ends. What is the most threaten and apt to expose to this class. School drop-outs are the chief group. Because they are equipped with the writhing immature bloods.

2. As a state we should halt it today non even tomorrow. If we unable to make it once more our state will lose 1000s of lives 1000000s of rupees and uncountable worth of freedom? What is the reply we can do as a authorities and authorising power. The authorities should clearly place the group of people which is exposing the unrestrained state of affairs. They should steer to the manner what they can recognize their aspirations.

3. The vocational preparation is the effectual and sustainable reply for it. Country should hold strategic degree program to heighten the vocational preparation. Still state is non enriched with the wealth of skill labour force. Not merely Sri Lanka but all over the universe accomplishment labor has good market value. As a state if we are able to turn to that, authorities will be able earn batch of foreign grosss other than directing as unskilled labors.

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Statement OF PROBLUM

4. The statement of job can split to two major parts:

a. Sociable

Due to the big figure of school bead outs may do serious societal job. They are express high tendencies to fall in with underworld packs and other sort of armed pack such as Rebels and robbers and certain sick legal activities.

B. Economic

The immature age is equipped with more bravery and morale. As a state if non utilised younger coevals in right manner, it will lose most energetic valuable labor force. As a developing state it is really hard to bear up big sum of dependents.

Chapter 2


1. General Objective. Analyze the best class of action and do suggestion to better career preparation sector.

2. Specific Objective. The specific aims of the paper are as follows.

a. present status of vocational preparation and what are the countries have to better?

b. why school dropouts are specially targeted?

c. what is employment scarceness and vocational preparation.


3. Bettering the vocational preparation in Sri Lanka will promote school drop-out to anticipate assorted occupation chances.


4. The information aggregation has planned through the ministry of young person intimacies and accomplishments development and The Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka and based on the documental beginnings including publications, shoping the Internet and non authorities organisation.


5. The clip available to carry on this research will be merely less than 2 1/2 months. The length of the paper will be limited to about 5000 words, and it will non be possible to roll up informations from all the dependable beginnings.

Chapter 3


1. This survey will be based on documental beginnings such as authorities organisation, publications, Newspapers and Internet. It is intended to garner primary and secondary informations information as follows

Primary Source The information aggregation will based on authorities organisations.

Secondary Source The information aggregation will be based on publications, Newspaper articles and shoping the Internet.

Chapter 4


1. Employment scarceness is defined as inaccessibility of employment chances. It is calculated as rate of unemployment. What are the grounds for the occupation scarceness? If it examine in closer position figure of grounds are behind it. But it can place few of outstanding grounds. The first 1 is economical ground. As a underdeveloped state, authorities can non offer occupation chance for each and every life been at the state. Even it can non offer for the developed state. Another factor is cultural and societal attitude of the people. The society is acknowledge some occupations are belongs to take down degree and some are higher degree. As an illustration most of people do non wish work as a husbandmans. Everybody attempt to acquire higher place. The people do non like to fall in as labors because they believe it is non suited to their household degrees. Some of occupations are labelled to the relevant dramatis personaes. It is traveling to household to household. New coevals does non wish to go on it as it is. Some of occupations are labelled with the names such as `` Malu Karaya '' so people refuse to make occupation like that. Some of educated people such as alumnuss are looking occupation chance from the authorities. They do n't wish to fall in to private sector. To get the better of those state of affairss are non an easy. Because it is practised from the coevalss ago. But as a authorities it has to happen redresss for this. Otherwise society will lose the sustainability. The conceptual thought can non alter overnight. It will take more and more clip. But authorities can busy people to another chance. Through the vocational preparation it can assist to keep societal sustainability. The definition of vocational preparation is

[ 1 ]

`` Train group or persons for the specific calling or trade, excepting professions. Vocational preparation may concentrate on practical applications of accomplishments and non much related with the academic accomplishments '' . The job which is arise in Sri Lanka whether vocational preparation plans meet the needed criterion and is it included ethical and philosophical preparation which helps to keep societal sustainability. When Sri Lanka considered, the unemployment rate as last one-fourth

[ 2 ]

of twelvemonth 2010 is 4.9 % it is excluded North and East state. Even excluded both states 353163 people are remain as unemployed strength

[ 3 ]

. The statistic section presume including North and East state it will easy go through the 600,000. Government of Sri Lanka have to hold a strategic degree program to take a part of younger coevals to the economic system. The vocational preparation is the best watercourse for it. Because still Sri Lanka has colonial educational system. When the British regulating the state they introduced educational system to provide their demands and it was limited to authorities service. Even after 1948 none of authorities attempts to alter the educational system. But clip to clip some amendments were made. But none of were address the root cause. After debut of free instruction system rate of school attendant was increased quickly. More and more people send their kids to school. But at that clip the merchandise was sufficient to the island demands and it fulfilled the demand of authorities service. The major job was raised after presenting of free trade system to Sri Lanka. Most of affluent people started their ain concern and companies. But still job is bing none of them were address the job.

The predominating instruction system is filter pupils at the two major phases. It is Ordinary degree and Advance degree. Though authorities spend 1000000s of money due to miss of productiveness of predominating educational system the ultimate merchandise is really less. Merely few pupils are acquiring chance to come in the University for higher instruction. If less figure of pupils get the opportunity for higher surveies what would go on for the remainder sum. That is the root cause authorities should turn to. As sustainable remedy authorities can present vocational preparation. It should distribute to broader country. It should concentrate every sort of school dropouts. As an illustration it should get down from Non-schooling phase to pupils who are completed beforehand degree without choosing to the university. If authorities success on this facet.

As a authorities it can use its labour force 100 % . It will convey benefits for the whole community from assorted facets, particularly socially and economic. In economic aspect authorities have less figure of dependants and more skilled labor force. In societal facet less sum of debatable state of affairss such as robberies.

Chapter 5


1. During this chapter will discourse the group aimed for the vocational preparation are.

a. Primary-Early dropouts

B. Secondary - Mid bead outs

c. Tertiary-Late dropouts

2. Two major factors are playing the buttocks why they are targeted. First one is energetic value of they have. Other one is their rebellion thought form. Who are the school dropouts? There are common error that all over the community make when they describe the `` school dropouts '' . School dropouts are non merely people who are non completed their primary instruction. Non-school civil deaths, secondary instruction completed pupils and third instruction completed pupils besides count as a school dropouts. The make up one's minding factor is clip period when are they go forthing the instruction.

3. As a underdeveloped state Sri Lanka has a good record about literacy. The school registration of Sri Lanka is higher much as 97.5 per centum. It is in numerically more than 400.000 per twelvemonth. Even though state has that much higher figure of school registration, yearly 18 % pupils are raising school before finishing the ordinary degree instruction. It is in numerically around 72.000. Another side of this is more than 70 % of captives who are at the prisons are belongs to this group of school dropouts. In the twelvemonth 2009, 272,640 pupils were sat for the GCE O/L scrutiny. Out of that merely 143,000 got making for their higher instruction. However 129,640 campaigners, as a per centum 47 % campaigners were fail to measure up for the A/L.

3. Why this group is indispensable? First this is the group, most efficient and energetic labor force of the state. As briefly mentioned in debut portion, younger age is holding a natural tendency to happen new spheres. Naturally younger 's are really funny and rebellion minds. Always they think they must hold a respectable topographic point at the community.

Child labor is another face of the school bead outs at the society. The kid labors can split for the few bomber types. Those are:

a. Child domestic labor.

B. Children working in risky industries.

c. Children working in export industries.

d. Child trafficking.

e. Child bonded labour in agribusiness and certain parts of the industrial and informal sectors.

f. Child harlotry.

4. United nations children's fund and the ILO was carried out a research on Sri Lanka with the aid of Department of Census & A ; Statisticss and found a really sad narrative about kid labors who were left the school before finishing their instruction. They revealed 0.926Million kids are working as a kid labor and they are between ages of 05 to 14. They found about 40,000 child cocottes in the state while 5,000 to 30,000 Sri Lankan male childs are used by Western paedophile sex tourers. About 10,000 to 12,000 kids from rural countries are trafficked and prostituted by organized offense groups, harmonizing to the statistics. These are merely reported and calculated informations and existent state of affairs may be worst than this.

Training is non merely larning something. It is a sort of speculation. Through the preparation people can derive adulthood other than larning.

Chapter 6


1. When examine the present state of affairs of vocational preparation in Sri Lanka two major parties are playing at the vocational preparation sector. The two major parties are

a. Government engagement

[ 4 ]


b. Non- governmental organisations.

2. Since old ages back batch of stairss has been taken to up raise the criterion of vocational preparation by the authorities every bit good as non-government sector. But major function is playing by the authorities. Followings are the institutes established by the authorities to get by up the assign undertaking. The authorities can non drive away occupation scarceness by turn toing along the occupation market at Sri Lanka. It has to anticipate the foreign market besides. With the globalisation the word is really nearer to each other. Lot of states has formulated some processs and force some criterions for the making. In Sri Lanka besides some criterions has been gazetted by the authorities. It is known as National Vocational Qualifications of Sri Lanka ( NVQSL ) . By implementing NVQSL the regulating authorization is anticipating decide the mismatch between labour market and classs carry oning at vocational preparation Centres. Further they expect easy control for the authorities and it is differentiate from the classs. Vocational preparation has divided to 7 degrees of making. The degree starts from degree 01 to level 07. Degree 01 to level 03 awarded by a national degree certification. Level 04 and 05 awarded by a full national workmanship. Level 06 and 07 is national sheepskin and it is recognize as a direction degree. The highs degree is flat 07 it is equal to bachelor grade.

3. The Ministry of Vocational and Technical Training ( MVTT ) . This is the national government organic structure for the vocational preparation within the island. MVTT is the responsible authorization for development and execution of national policies which are related to the accomplishment development, proficient and vocational instruction and preparation ( TVET ) all over the state. The chief aims of the MVTT are to ease for the vocational preparation Centres to merchandise high quality and market oriented vocational and proficient instruction and skill development preparation. MVTT is the regulative organic structure for all facets of execution of Technical and Vocational Education and Training ( TVET ) in Sri Lanka. MVTT has outlined the cardinal policies and operational characteristics of the National Vocational Qualifications Systems in Sri Lanka ( NVQSL ) .

The NVQSL provides the chance for sustainable, strategic solutions for national preparation demands and it will easy be able to accomplish international acknowledgment for makings, accomplishments and cognition of Sri Lankan workers in an increasing competitory planetary environment.

To carry through this several bureaus are working under MVTT. To carry through their aims, 06 separate vocational preparation Centres are working island broad.

Those are The Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission ( TVEC ) , The National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority ( NAITA ) , The National

Institute of Technical Education - Sri Lanka ( NITE_SL ) it is soon alteration to University of Technology ( UNIVOTEC ) , The Department of Technical Education and Training ( DETE ) The Vocational Training Authority ( VTA ) and The National Youth Service Council ( NYSC ) .

a. The Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission ( TVEC ) . The TVES was established on 1991. When it was established, it was dedicated to the undermentioned undertakings. The primary duty was preparation of policies, planning, and quality confidence of registered vocational preparation Centres. Further it is responsible for coordination and development of third and vocational instruction

Centres all over the state. The Tertiary and Vocational instruction Commission is the authorised organic structure of behavior appraisals and enrollment of vocational preparation Centres. Further every type of classs has to accreditation and certified by the TVEC. It is supervising quality of classs and criterions of registered and commissioned vocational preparation Centres.

B. The National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority ( NAITA ) . The NAITA is responsible for apprenticeship preparation island broad. Further it is responsible for followings activities to implement of NVQSL

1 ) National Competency Standards

2 ) Competence Based Assessment Resources

3 ) Validation of Curriculum

4 ) Execution of Competency Based Training ( CBT )

5 ) Conducting competence based appraisals ( including RPL )

6 ) Industry arrangement of trainees

c. The National Institute for Technical Education - Sri Lanka ( NITE-SL ) This institute was converted to the University of Technology ( UNIVOTEC ) in March 1999 by the authorities of Sri Lanka. This institute is easing flat 07 degree plans and developing teachers who are learning at vocational preparation Centres. farther it is responsible for the undermentioned activities in order to execution of NVQSL.

1 ) Development of CBT Curricula

2 ) Staff Development

3 ) Development of Learning Resources

4 ) Implementing and Coordinating Learning Resource Development Centre ( LRDC )

d. The Department Of Technical Education and Training ( DTET ) . This is one of outstanding proficient instruction and preparation Centre in Sri Lanka. This is responsible to pull off 09 proficient instruction Centres which are offer NVQ degree 5 and 06 sheepskin. Further it is responsible for the undermentioned activities in order to execution of NVQSL.

1 ) Execution of Competency Based Training ( CBT )

2 ) Conducting Competency Based Assessment

3 ) Execution of calling counsel and guidance activities

4 ) Execution of Self Employment Promotion Enterprises

5 ) Execution of entrepreneurship plans

e. The Vocational Training Authority ( VTA ) . This is responsible to pull off vocational preparation institutes which are offer flat NVQ degree 01 to 05. To implement that, VTA is command following developing institutes. National Vocational Training Institutes, District Vocational Training Centres, Special Vocational Training Centres, and Rural Vocational Training Centres. Further it is responsible for the undermentioned activities in order to execution of NVQSL.

1 ) Execution of Competency Based Training ( CBT )

2 ) Conducting Competency Based Assessment

3 ) Execution of calling counsel and guidance activities

4 ) Execution of Self Employment Promotion Enterprises

5 ) Execution of entrepreneurship plans

f. The National Youth Service Council ( NYSC ) . This is founded to form and develop of young person and it is responsible for the undermentioned activities in order to execution of NVQSL.

1 ) Execution of Competency Based Training ( CBT )

2 ) Conducting Competency Based AssessmentA

3 ) Execution on of calling counsel and guidance activitiesA

4 ) Execution of Self Employment Promotion InitiativesA

A 5 ) Execution of entrepreneurship plans


Chapter 7


1. Key issues and other issues

As per the primary beginnings of informations, it is revealed the status of people who already working. Some of those are

Chapter 8


Chapter 9


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