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Vandalism in Malaysia

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$25,000 bail set in wild ride case Man charged in girlfriend’s assault By Dave Greenslit TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF CLINTON — A man who allegedly beat, choked and raped his girlfriend before hitting her with her car in Bolton was ordered held on $25,000 bail yesterday. John D. Martineau, 31, of Tewksbury was arraigned in Clinton District Court on charges stemming from what the 21-year-old victim told police was a frightening ride from Lowell to Bolton early Monday morning. Police charged Mr.

Martineau with aggravated rape, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, three counts of assault with intent to murder, three counts of destroying property, larceny of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, three counts of leaving the scene of a property damage accident and reckless driving. Judge Martha A. Brennan set bail and continued the case to Feb. 16. The victim was able to escape from Mr. Martineau near the intersection of Routes 117 and 85 in Bolton after jumping out of her car, which he had driven into the parking lot of the Country Cupboard variety store.

She told police Mr. Martineau had dragged her with the vehicle before she broke free and ran to a home for help. According to a report from Bolton Police Officer Yvette D. Washington, the victim gave the following account of events that culminated in Bolton just after 3 a. m. Monday: She had gotten out of her car in Lowell during an argument with Mr. Martineau, but got back in after he threatened to harm her family and friends. Her 2006 Ford Taurus then ran out of gas, and the woman called her father to bring some. While waiting, she tried running away from Mr.

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Martineau, who caught her, threw her to the ground, and choked her. When her father showed up with the gas, Mr. Martineau convinced him his daughter was all right. Mr. Martineau then drove onto Interstate 495 South, at one point allegedly slamming his girlfriend’s head against the car window and breaking the rear-view mirror off the windshield, threatening to “cut her eyes out” with it. Mr. Martineau allegedly forced the woman to perform a sex act, then cut his wrists with the broken mirror because “he wanted her to watch him die. ” The victim persuaded Mr.

Martineau to get off the highway in Bolton by telling him she loved him and didn’t want him to die. In the parking lot of the store, she got part of the way out of the still-moving car, but Mr. Martineau allegedly grabbed her by the hair and jacket and dragged her with the car. She broke free and ran behind a Postal Service mailbox, which Mr. Martineau allegedly hit with the car before hitting her with the vehicle and knocking her to the ground. She ran to a home on Main Street, where Mr. Martineau allegedly plowed the car into the steps before backing into a split-rail fence and driving away.

The woman, who lives in Lowell, was taken to UMass Memorial Medical Center — University Campus in Worcester, where she was treated and released. Mr. Martineau was later arrested at Lowell Memorial Hospital, where he went for treatment. In arguing for the $25,000 bail, Assistant District Attorney Erin Donnelly said Mr. Martineau had a long record, four cases pending in other courts, and a history of default. Lawyer Eugene Lumelsky, who represented Mr. Martineau for the arraignment, sought an unspecified lower bail, saying the suspect was a college graduate, worked in sales and had extended family in the area.

Vandalism in Malaysia essay

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