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Royal Malaysia Customs Department: Parking Problems

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Parking problem at Royal Malaysia Customs Department and its solutions

Parking at the Royal Malaysia Customs Department has been a difficult proposition. Rising the necessary additional units and support staffs have Increased demand for parking. The building is ill-equipped to accommodate the rise of population growth which only exacerbates the problem. Taking into account of the problem, a number of potential solutions are proposed; these include a park and ride information system facilities, bicycle facllltles and vehicle stacking will be further explain below. The

Headquarters of Royal Malaysia Customs Department Is located in the centre of administration in Putrajaya, in which park and ride services are made available. However, the park and ride lots are a different situation. Location, size, accessibility, cost, and frequency ot transit service can have a significant effect on how popular the service Is. An advanced traveller Information system could be Implemented for the park and ride lots in Centre of Administration in Putrajaya. This would provide real- time details about the availability of parking spaces in each of the park and ride lots through a variety of media.

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The information provided through this system is likely to be most useful on corridors where there Is both an 'inner-ring' and 'outer-ring' park and ride lot. For example. a car coming from precinct 17 is likely to prefer parking at Alamanda Putrajaya since that facility is served by two buses that run more frequently than at the Precinct 8 park and ride lot. If he drives as far as the north to Alamanda Putrajaya, only to find that there are no spaces, he Is left with several choices: drive to the Precinct 8 or Precinct 9 lots. pay for parking on or near offce building, or turn back and park at the precinct 16 lot.

In any case, he pays a penalty in lost time and extra petrol; if he parks in town, he will also be paying an additional fee. If, however, he knew that the Alamanda Putrajaya lot was full before he reached the other lot, he could park there and save himself time, money, and frustration. Second, to be in line with government encouragement to use bicycle, hence the bicycle facility improvements should address two elements in order to embolden the use of this mode. Travel facilities, such as bike lanes, wider shoulders, off-road bike paths, and the like, help make the Journey safer and more pleasant.

Storage facilities in the building should be convenient and secure. This could take the form of bike lockers which provide dry, secure storage. Bike shelters could be added in areas with existing bike parking, which would protect parked bikes from the weather. one interesting fact of people who commuted by bicycle to workplace is the amount of money a person could save a year. This makes sense because the cyclist usually less concern about the hike of petrol rates and parking fees. The main concern of a cyclist is likely about the security and protection ot their bicycles while parked.

Lastly, nother option to decrease the demand for parking at Royal Malaysia Customs Department is by vehicle stacking, a mechanical parking solution that enables multiple vehicles to be parked in the footprint of a single vehicle. This presents a potential method for increasing the number of parking spaces. In the context of the tOf2 Royal Malaysla customs Department DullOlng, tnls type 0T tecnnology Is only sulta for use in parking decks. Future parking structures could be designed to accommodate vehicle stackers; however, this type of technology requires a trained operator and thus is only suitable for valet parking.

These devices are also unsuitable for many types of vehicles, including vans and trucks. Stackers require significant capital outlay per space, plus additional electricity requirements for each stacking mechanism. At the current time, these drawbacks mean that vehicle stacking is unlikely to be a practical solution at Royal Malaysia Customs Department. In conclusion, parking problems at Royal Malaysia Customs Department can be reduced by making efforts to improve the facilities of park and ride information system, provide safer and conducive surrounding to cycle and offer car stacking technology in the building.

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