Baja Holdings & Investment – Consumer behaviour

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The ass's and ass's saw new manufacturers like ELM Scooters India and Kinetic emerge. This decade got manufacturers the best margins and two wheeler productions went Upton almost 4 and half lack units ; Growth rate has not been what it was in ass, then early ass shift over period of scooters to motorcycles; adds Baja] But the ass's proved to be the transformational decade.

A slew of global alliances were struck. Hero tied up with Honda, TV'S with Suzuki and Escorts with Yamaha. It was hero Honda that moved the Indian market from scooters to bikes with the promise of fuel economy, better technology and a stylish product. Market leader Baja] was caught off guard but managed to fight back. The ones who failed to make the transition continue to struggle. Post liberalizing the focus was on technology, pollution control, emission norms, increased competition and segmentation.

Two wheelers production grew to almost 38 lack units. This period incidentally saw global alliances like Kinetic Honda, TV'S Suzuki, and Yamaha Escorts come apart with the foreign partners going it alone. The last 7 years have seen an increase in exports, capacity expansion, more investments and almost a dozen vehicle manufacturers. But global big boys like BMW, Harley Davidson, Triumph, Ducats continue to give India the cold shoulder. While high-end bikes may not make strategic sense yet is it the need of the road for the 100 c bike?

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And with small cars with a sub 1000 c engine market and a price tag of a lack hitting the Indian market, the two-wheeler makers may find the going tough. Increased disposable income- more families graduating to threshold level of income, increasing need for mobility, demand from semi-urban ND rural areas, wider choice, lower prices and greater financing opportunities are contributing to two wheelers growth. From almost a single player to a dozen players today in India, with penetration levels of 30-4011000 people owns a motorcycle, there is a huge potential in the two-wheeler market.

On October 28, 2013, at 12:08 hrs Baja] Holdings ; Investment was quoting at RSI 819. 50, up RSI 3. 00, or 0. 37 percent.

The 52- week high of the share was RSI 1058. 00 and the 52-week low was RSI 743. 75. The company's trailing 12-month (TM) PEPS was at RSI 64. 74 per share as per the quarter need September 2013.

The stock's price-to-earnings (PIE) ratio was 12. 66. The latest book value of the company is RSI 466. 04 per share. At current value, the price-to-book value of the company was 1. 76.

The era tot post independence trot the ass's to ass's saw the emergence tot the two- adds Baja] New Upcoming Bikes in Indicates in India, New Bike Prices India, Upcoming Bikes in Indicates in India have a fascinating history. It is in 1955 the first set of tortoises started showing in Indian roads. Indian army needed sturdy, fast and reliable motorcycles for its avariciousness needs to operate on rugged terrains at border areas.

The police forces also needed subscribe for internal security. The 350 c Bullet from Royal Enfield was the first choice micrometeorite lovers in those days. Even today, the Bullet motorcycle commends unique respect. The Royal Enfield Bullet comes with strong engine and sturdy features. When the administered, the company started assembling bikes in Achaean using imported parts from UK. Today, the scenario is completely different. The entry of Japanese bike majors such as Honda Suzuki has completely changed the Indian motorbike market.

They introduced lightheartedly bikes with fuel efficient engines and various advanced features. The two stroke engineering way to more advanced four stroke engines. These engines pass standard emission moorlands help keeping the environment clean and green. Some of the major motor bike manufactures like Hero Honda, Baja] Motors, Suzuki, TV'S noonday bikes in India. These companies have introduced a variety of models starting from interleave 100 c to powerful 1200 c supervises. India is fast becoming a manufacturing hub formats especially cars and bikes.

Indian bike manufactures export a large volume of bikes though East Asia, Africa and South America. Two wheelers account for three fourth of telephoto of the country. Lillian two wheeler markets consists of various segments such as entry level bikes, medium levelness, super bikes, scooters and electric bikes. The entry level bikes come with 100 c or 125 caginess. These bikes form 70 to 80 percent of market and majority buyers are daily countermand field sales personnel. These bikes cost anywhere between RSI. 5,000 to RSI. 42,000. Horehound Splendor, Baja] Discover, Honda)Medium level bikes in India come with 150 c or more powerful engines with adventuresses like disc brakes, digital dashboard, alloy wheels and body graphics. These types tot bikes more patronized by students and bike enthusiasts. Baa Pulsar, Honda CB Dazzler Horehound Karma, Yamaha Faze and TV'S Apache ART belong to this category. These bikes repaired between RSI. 55,000 to RSI. 80,000/-. supervises are new to Indian market. As the demand grows many bike manufacturers interconnected global super bikes in India.

These bikes belong to luxury segment and come with powerfulness and advanced features. Supervises are very expensive and cost anywhere between RSI. Tit 10 lass. Electric bikes are new entrants in the Indian market to fight the pollution and Americanization. ;2. The author is providing here the details about the new bikes in India and all of the unbecoming bikes models by all of the motor bikes companies in India including the price list of the new Yamaha Bikes in India Two Wheeler Industry Overview India is the second largest producer and manufacturer of two-wheelers in the world.

Indian two-wheeler industry has got spectacular growth in the last few years. Indian two-wheeler industry had a small beginning in the early ass's. The Automobile Products of India (API) started manufacturing scooters in the country. Bikes are a major segment of Indian two wheeler industry, the other two being scooters and mopeds. Indian companies are among the largest two-wheeler manufacturers in the world. Hero Honda and Baja]

Auto are two of the Indian companies that top the list of world companies manufacturing two-wheelers. The two-wheeler market was opened to foreign companies in the mid sass.

The openness of Indian market to foreign companies lead to the arrival of new models of two-wheelers into India. Easy availability of loans from the banks, relatively low rate of interest and the discount of prices offered by the dealers and manufacturers lead to the increasing demand for two-wheeler vehicles in India. This lead to the strong growth of Indian automobile industry. Kinetic Honda was introduced in the Indian market during the mid ass. The main feature of Kinetic Honda is its ease of use. This helped the youngsters and the women to buy scooters. Key players in the Two-wheeler Industry

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