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Learning About Creative Writing and Creative Nonfiction in the Writing Class

So far, in this class, I have learned a lot about creative writing, especially with what I consider to be one of my least favorite things ever, poetry. Starting from the very beginning of the semester, we went over the elements of poetry: imagery and …

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The Challenges and Rewards of Academic Writing

It is always a problem that “most people as they start college have wildly strange ideas about what they are doing when they write an essay, or worse—they have no clear idea at all” (Irvin, 2010, p.4). In order to make one’s academic writing more …

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A Map of Personal Writing Success

You’ve done your prep work. You’ve learned how to hone a healthy creative mindset, build a sustainable writing practice, and harness the power of intentional growth. You’ve defined your original identity and what writing success means to you. If your definition of success includes publishing …

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Is a Masterful Writer Who Wrote Detective Stories

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote several detective stories. His first story was ‘A Study in Scarlett’ which he published in 1887. After his first book he wrote many more. The famous detective that is in all his stories is Sherlock Holmes, along with his associate, …

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Writing Expands Creative Abilities

Writing is essential to the academic progress of our students because writing and reading are intertwined. To be able to write we must first understand how to read, and reading helps us learn more about how to write. It is a progress that goes back …

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Naturalism: Favorite Work

Frank Norris was a journalist, novelist, and literary theorist. He was one of the first writers to embrace French Naturalism and to introduce the style of writing to an American audience. He was an influential writer in the period of Naturalism, with multiple books published. …

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Today’s Literature Gives the Reader Insights Into the History and the Different Cultures on Our Planet

Growing up I didn’t have a good idea on what literature was about, but over many years of schooling teachers taught me the value of literature as it relates the work of art contributed to the author’s experiences or imagination from their perspective. At such …

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Forough Farrokhzad Is a Mystical Iranian Poetess

Forough Farrokhzad was a mystical Iranian poetess and filmmaker that influenced many of the young generation of the 20th century. She wrote several poems that were direct and flirtatious. Despite the fact that she grew up in a conservative society, where people never even wanted …

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A Creative Story on Garfield the Creator and His Creatures

There was absolutely nothing. No trees, animals, water, time, sound, or humans occupying any space. The only thing that surrounded the endless cold void was the frightening inky blackness that stretched for billions and billions of light years surrounding every single murky corner of the …

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Being a Writer Is a Lot of Work

I was getting up for a glass of Pepsi when I got an email. Any writer, author, or journalist knows this email moment. The notice pops up in my inbox and my heart takes a wild, insane, rollercoaster ride. First, my heart goes up, way, …

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A Creative Writing on White Women in the Suburban Forests

It is early October 2017 and Donald Trump has been President of the United States for nearly eight months since his inauguration in January. Nothing has changed for most of the people living in Marlton, New Jersey, mostly white, mostly wealthy, mostly the same. Growing …

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A Creative Writer Presentation on the Life and Writings of Charles Simic

For my Creative Writer Presentation, I chose to write about Slavic-American, multi- award-winning writer, Charles Simic. Simic was born May 9th, 1938 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He moved with his mother and brother to Paris when he was 15 before going to the United States, where …

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The Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

I am reading the book The Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare, published on March 19, 2013. This book is the third book in the series and is fantasy mixed with a small amount of mystery. This story has a very unique plot filled with make …

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Death in Venice Is a Novella by German Author Thomas Mann

This novel follows the ending days of Gustave von Aschenbach, a revered and famous writer of his time. One spring day, he finds himself struggling to continue his writing and decides to take a stroll. During his stroll he sees a church and by happenstance, …

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Writing Can Shape Life and Mold It to Propel Their Art to the Forefront

Writing is an art form, one passed from history onto history, ideology to differing ideology. From Ulysses to Bradbury, it flows in the mainstream of time. Even still, writing is universal; it is felt, understood. It can change lives, bring nations closer, preform acts that …

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