The Value of Friendship

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True friendship is one of the most important assets that human has and true friendship surpass any obstacle and test of times. We are born as social beings and no human can live alone like an island.

Although this is taken literally most of the times, no one understands the value of those around you not until you are left alone one day in a situation you need help. Grieve (2008) assert that in every aspect of our life, we interact with people in different ways. It is through interaction with people that we are socialized to the society. However it is not everyone in our life that we get along with.

There are individuals who we become close confidants to, who we can term as true friends.  Although it is usual to make and lose friends, there are friends who have a great impact in our life and whose memory lives to our old age. These are who we call true friends.  True friends are hard to come by and when we lose them, we do feel that a part of us has been taken away.

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A true friend is one who is ready to sincerely do anything for you in value of your friendship. However most of the times we take our friendship for granted and we may not be committed to like our friends are. According to Donegani et al., (2006) despite this, true friendship will survive all odds and the bond between the two friends survives beyond the reason for the end of their friendship.

True friends are bonded by a strong bond in a way that although they may be separated psychically, their hearts longs for the other and what remains in their friendship is the melancholic memories of the times they shared together.

A wise saying says no one knows the value of water until the well dries and this can be applied to our friends. We never know the value of our friends not until we are separated. As we said, most of the time will be taking our friendship casually not realizing their value in our life.

However when we are separated, we start seeing difference in our life. Lonely moments starts crawling in our life and we spend long days thinking about the good times we had before. Although we may try our foot in making other friends, we never fell satisfied. We still miss the days we spend with our friends. It is true to assert that true friendship surpass any obstacle and test of times

During my high school days, I learnt the value of friendship in the hard way. I was sad and lonely girl in my childhood as I grew at home as the only child. My parents were both full time workers and I spent most of my time in the house alone.

My life brightened when I went to school as I interacted with other children and made friends. Among the friends I made in my junior school, Jane could be considered as a true friend. Our friendship blossomed as we were in the same class and lived in the same neighborhood. We spent our time together, played together, ate together, and bonded the same bus to school; our friendship was the center of our life.

We were close confidant with one another and we shared our innermost feeling. Furthermore we were faced by the same condition at home since Jane was still the only child in the family and her parents were full time worker.

When we were not in school, we spent our time together either in our home or in their home. I cherished each and every moment I spent with Jane. I felt a different person in her company, my eyes brimmed with happiness and my heart was filled with joy like child curdled by her mother. I felt like Jane was my sister and I real took her like my sister.

On our birthday, we showered each other with gifts and up to date, I still have the old doll that she bought me on my eight birthdays. However, fate had it that our friendship would not grow beyond out middle classes. When we went to high school, things changed rapidly which left me a lonely person in life.

I have come to believe that very precious things which you value most in you life are the one which you are most likely to lose and in a more painful way. I did not think that our friendship with Jane be broken by any third party.

However this came to in our first year in high school. Our parents had decided to take us to the same high school since they realized the value of our friendship and they encouraged us to be there for each other.   One day, Jane came running to be in a very upbeat mood.  I could see that she was very excited and she told me that something very wonderful had happened in her life.

I was very happy to see my friend that much excited but little did I know that the unfolding news would change our friendship and affect me in a great way. Jane informed that she had fallen in love with Kelvin, who was a new boy just admitted to the school. She informed me that Kelvin had approached her and she cold not resist since she had strong feeling towards him.

I advised her about the difficulties she may face dealing with her boyfriend and committing her time to education but she assured me that she would manage it. Upon pondering the news, I told her that this was her decision but I cautioned her to be very careful. She promised me that she would be extra careful and would not relent on her educational goal of becoming a doctor. However, I had one concern about our friendship.

I felt that Jane would spend most of her time with her new boyfriend. With a thoughtful expression, I asked Jane: “Is your new friendship going to a break up our close friendship?”  Jane looked at me and replied straight to my face “Don’t by like that, of course you know that I love you more that anything. You are my best friend and nothing can separate us.

Don’t you believe me?” for something thins were as usual but with time I noted that Jane was avoiding my companionship and she was spending more time with her boyfriend.  I started feeling sadder and lonely. My childhood days crawled back in my life.  When I thought about the words Jane had uttered straight to my face, I felt she was a liar and she did not value me at all.  With time, our friendship died away and I felt sadder.

One day, Jane borrowed my book and she lost it. I could not control my anger and I hurled words at there calling her a liar and untrustworthy friend. She reiterated and hit me hard with her lunch box. Our friendship was as dead as a dodo.

Only melancholic memories of our past that remained, hunting me on daily bases. This was just the begging and more lonely days came when were separated after high school.  However, true friendship does not end and although you may be separated physically, you are together at heart.

A Recipe for Friendship

Friendships are not easy to come by. Like developing a new and unique recipe, friendships need time and patience. With the right technique and a little bit of effort, a good friendship can result in a satisfying and life-long relationship. Three key ingredients to a good friendship are loyalty, honesty and respect. Loyalty refers to constant support and allegiance. This can be as simple as one being loyal to one’s favourite sports team or one’s favourite coffee shop. However, loyalty can also play a more significant role.

In order to demonstrate this, a loyal friend needs to be available for the most part, on an emotional level, but also be available on an intellectual and even physical level. Regardless of the situation, dependability is essential. For example, if one loses his job, and then his home, a loyal friend would help by loaning money, by taking him in to his home, or by helping him find a job for as long as it takes. Serious health issues test friendships, but loyalty remains priceless to an ailing individual.

A loyal friend would not desert a dying individual, especially if he has a disease that is feared by many, like AIDS. A loyal friend will always have one’s back. Honesty is the act of being open and truthful. An honest friend can tell you when you have a bad haircut or when you have spinach in your teeth. This honesty might be awkward to take at first, but the nature of it is to save one from further embarrassment. Honesty fosters trust and must be earned. When trust is absent from a friendship, one cannot know when one is being told the truth.

However, the honesty in a friendship must be sincere and fair; otherwise, the blunt truth can be hurtful. Believing and trusting an honest friend allows one to be open to new ideas. For example, friends who confront an alcoholic about his drinking in an intervention are doing so because they are sincerely concerned about his well-being. The truth might be difficult for the alcoholic to accept, but because a group of caring people are all trying to help, he might be more receptive of his situation and be more willing to change.

This honesty can also preserve dignity. Respect for an individual refers to feelings of admiration and understanding, as a result of his or her qualities, abilities and achievements. However, respect, like honesty, also has to be earned and deserved. In most cases, it is not easily given. For example, we respect a fire fighter because of his courage and selflessness when he puts his own life in danger to save the lives of others. A neurosurgeon is respected for his surgical abilities and his years of academic achievements.

Respect is warranted for his commitment towards his skill. Respect can also refer to recognizing one’s individuality and supporting one’s values, talents and interests. Individuality distinguishes one from another and it is important to accept and appreciate these differences. For example, we do not all share the same religion: one can be Catholic and one can be Atheist; we do not all share the same way of life: one can be gay and another straight; we do not all share the same morals: one can be pro-life and another pro-choice.

One may not always agree with another’s beliefs, lifestyle or ethics, but it is important to acknowledge these distinctions to remain friends through mutual respect. Like a delicious home-cooked meal, a great friendship is not difficult to create. Dedication, trust and appreciation are key. With these quality ingredients, a dash of trial and error and the right amount of time, the combination of loyalty, honesty and respect can result in a worthwhile and enjoyable relationship.

Friendship and Love in the Little Prince

Friendship and love are essential topics in anyone?s lifesince through them we can feel complete and alive. In The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery novel, elemental, but not always taken into account, aspects of life are highlighted from a deep point of view differentiating the perception an adult and a child can have from the same subject, being Friendship and love the prominent ones in my consideration. Firstly, Friendship is seen as the pure communion between an experienced man and an innocent child.

The writer emphasizes the importance of a friend from the point of view of a child,this innocence is clearly opposed to the perception of an adult. Seen through the eyes of a child what is important are the perceptions, ideas and emotions that a child posses which makes friendship concrete and worthwhile. The Little prince points out that a friend is not valuable because of the material belongings someone has, but the qualities he or she posses.

What makes a friend is the smile on her or his face, the sound of the voice and the desire to have or do something that makes somebody real. Alive and interesting. On the other hand, love is profoundly connected to friendship. In this case the superficial man becomes one with the imaginative child, being love the point in which they found each other and by means of which they would be one. The pilot finds in the sky a way of meting the Little Prince again, he says “look at the sky.

Ask yourselves: Is it yes or not? Has the sheep eaten the flower? And you will see how everything changes”. In these meaningful lines, love, fraternal love is conveyed; whenever they look at the stars they will be together again. The feelings about friendship are arm to arm with love. In conclusion, the opposition made between adulthood and chilhood, the Pilot and the little Prince emphasize the importance of sentimental values in life. Friendship and love come up over any other subject.

My best friends Essay

Friends are important in everyone's life. These are the closest people who will come to the rescue in a difficult moment that any secret can be trusted. Friends also spend joyful moments with us, they make the holiday even more vibrant and fun. I'm glad there are friends in my life too.

You can't just choose a person for yourself. You are gradually approaching some, because they are near you, for example, at school or in the yard. You meet others where common interests are manifested, for example, in mugs or in sports sections. And every once in a while you realize that this person has become especially close and dear to you, and that he wants to talk to you on different topics or even just be around.

It's great to see your friends every day. But even if this does not happen, the friendship still does not disappear. We don't see each other for months, but we still stay with each other. It is important that there are such dear people in the world who will not forget you and will not betray you, even if you will be leaving or leaving for another city forever.

A person can have only one, the closest friend. And it may be that he has many friends and he never remains alone. It is impossible to say how many friends one person should have, and it allows us to choose and decide.

Friends are the best support in any situation, even if friends are just nearby. But to keep friendship, you need to try very hard. It is impossible to forget about your friends, about important events in their lives. It is impossible to spend only happy days with them, leaving them when they have trouble or grief.

I have some very good friends whom I love very much. I value them because they have the same hobbies and tastes. I like to spend time with them because we love the same music and the same movies. They can always tell something interesting and listen to me if I need it, and I answer them the same. I want to believe that we can keep this friendship for life. And I also hope that in the future I will have new friends with whom I will be just as interesting.

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