A Touchdown on Friendship

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It was my uncle who made me realize that love could be shared to anyone or anything. Love could be shared with friends, it could be expressed through one’s passion, and it could even be shared with a favorite pet.  Through my uncle’s pet, I learned the true meaning of friendship and the true meaning of love.

My uncle asked me to temporarily adopt his dog one summer since he would be moving out of the country due to work related issues.  I had no idea why he chose me to take care of his dog when he knew that I was quite irresponsible at the age of twelve.

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Maybe, it was the exact reason why he gave me the responsibility. The Dog’s name was Touchdown, a black Labrador who was already a year old. The first few days were torture for me.

My room was located near the backyard where I initially placed Touchdown and he would howl his way to sleep. I assumed that he was missing my uncle and ignored his cries. However, three days of sleepless nights forced me to give him a check. The minute I opened the backdoor of the house, he pushed his way in and walked right to my bedroom.

Right then and there, it was declared that my room was also his room. I normally woke up late since there was no school to worry about. My mother would often rap at my door to make sure that I woke up early and help with the chores. When Touchdown became my roommate, he also became my alarm clock. He would bark continuously to wake me so I could let him out to do his thing.

While Touchdown has become a permanent fixture in my bedroom, he still seemed wary around me. There were times that he would still bark at me when I come home or he would ignore the commands I asked him.

I complained this to my uncle during one of his phone calls. He told me that I have to gain Touchdown’s trust and show him my authority so that he would follow my commands.

One dog lover friend told me that I have to spend more time with Touchdown to attain these. My bond with Touchdown grew as the weeks passed by. He became my regular buddy and became a part of my peer group as well. I could consider the bond that we had as a genuine friendship between a child and a dog. I would have to say that Touchdown taught me what unconditional love meant.

No matter how I scolded him and no matter how I neglected him when I was busy with other things he still remained loyal, affectionate, and trusting. Although he never talked to me, he had communicated his unconditional love to me with more than words. His actions told me that he was always there whenever I needed him. His love was unselfish and limitless.

Touchdown changed my life that summer. When the summer ended, my uncle came back and took Touchdown with him. I was sad that Touchdown was leaving but was happy when I saw my uncle’s face and Touchdown’s reaction when they finally reunited. They looked so happy to see each other again. As much as I would have liked Touchdown to stay, I knew that he would be happier with my uncle.

I know my uncle wanted me to learn new things by giving me the responsibility of taking care of his dog. I am not sure, however, if he knew how deep the impact was. I am grateful that my uncle entrusted me his beloved dog one summer.

Through Touchdown, I have learned the true meaning of friendship and love. Loving a friend means giving unconditional love, trust, and support. Learning that from a dog that could not even talk only proves that action speaks louder than words.

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