Taking action that risks destroying a friendship

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Some people think letting a friend make a mistake is better than taking action that risks destroying a friendship. However, I prefer to let my friend know his or her mistake when I know it . This is because I can direct my friend to proper way and lead both of us to keep a stable relationship. First of all, I want my friend to know proper behavior because I truly care about my friend. If I see my friend make a mistake, I will make my friend know about his or her attitude.

For my personal example, I had an experience about my friend who really likes to borrow others’ stuffs for her own benefit. I knew our friendship will be broken if I tell her not to do it. However, I told her about my opinion and showed my frankness for my friend’s future. While I kept talking about her bad habit, she eventually understood to the extent that she was selfish. After this, she highly cares other people first over herself. Therefore, I strongly believe that it is better to get involved in case people seetheir friends are about to make a mistake.

Second, it helps me feel better to tell my thoughts of my friend’s behavior because telling the truth is more beneficial for our steady relationship. Even though telling downside of my friend is unpleasant for the time being, our friendship will be stronger and more stable in the future. Using my personal experience as an example, I have the best friend in Korea whom I keep in touch with even though I am in United States now. We met each other in freshman year. He is outgoing and sociable, so he really enjoys meeting a new girl for fun.

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Since I really worried about my friend’s unserious relationships with several girls, I advised him about his dating. At first, he was so angry with me at first, but we become best friend now after he realized my truth. Therefore, I believe that telling a friend to correct bad behaviors helps me to make the friendship stronger. To sum up, taking action that risks destroying a friendship is better for all in the long run. For these reasons, I strongly agree that it is better to get involved to prevent my friends from making mistakes rather than letting them make a mistake.

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