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Real Friendship Friendship is really hard to find in our lives today, especially in this world because according to us nowadays it is known as the quality or condition of being friends or just simply having a friendly relationship. A friend isn’t someone you randomly meet and know them just for who they are. My belief of a real friend comes as fate. If it is meant to be then it will happen because a true friendship lasts forever through good times and bad times. A friend is someone who is honest and dependable when is needed in certain consequences. That is why I believe in Cicero’s theories of friendship because a friend is someone who: . Thinks alike. 2. Is honest. 3. And understanding. This essay of real friendship focuses on these three main ideas. Thinks alike. I have a friend who is known to be my best friend since kindergarten. She is humorously been my friend for fourteen years and I hope it continues through out life. But the thing about her is that she is very much like me although our lives are very different according to our families and I am very thankful that she has been able to control her life on her own. Cicero says “A friend is, as it were, a second self” (Cicero, 1971).

I consider Cicero’s theory to be right because according to other friends that I have had in the past have never been even close to what I have with my best friend. The ethical idea or the golden rule, “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Fieser & Pojman, 2009). Applies to my friend and me because we always treat each other with respect and we don’t talk behind each other’s backs. We treat each other like if we were sisters. Is honest. Being honest is the quality of truthfulness. Honesty is something that should be required in a friendship because you are able to express yourself about anything.

I am certain that most people can not accomplish any problems without being honest because if you are not, it just brings more problems into your life. “Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief” (Cicero, 1971). This quote is very important and meaningful to me considering that my best friend is there for me when I need advice and she is honest with me about it. I would not like for her to be dishonest, due to the choices I can make with her advice, and then she would not be a real friend because I will be making bad choices.

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In the Core Morality, rule number three is do not lie or deceive. “Language itself depends on a general and implicit commitment to the principle of truth telling. Accuracy of expression is a primitive form of truthfulness” (Fieser & Pojman, 2009). Honesty exists in my friendship and I really appreciate it now that I know what real true friendship is especially because we are moral to each other. Understanding. To know something or someone you must understand it or them. Just like how I know my best friend, she knows me and therefore we understand each other.

I treasure our friendship for the reason that it has last so long and how we are uncomplicated. We rarely have any problems with each other, but when we do have problems we fix them as soon as possible. We do not like to let problems pass by because we do not like to fight or make bigger consequences. We come to an agreement until we understand each other. I really like how we can always settle our disputes unlike other relationships that I had who were so called my friends. “Friendship is the only thing in this world, the usefulness of which all mankind are in agreement” (Cicero, 1971).

Any action taken into our friendship has always been our words and we always depend on the right act. “A right act that is permissible for you to do. It may be either obligatory or optional” (Fieser & Pojman, 2009). I think we have constantly picked obligatory because it is moral rather than optional. As a result I am happy we are still friends, through thick and thin. In completion, Cicero’s philosophy on friendship is very convincing and true because I never really paid attention to it. It makes you realize a lot about who your real friends are and who are not.

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