The Two Best Job Searching Methods

Last Updated: 15 Feb 2021
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There is no doubt that people who want to have a good life dream of a good job. Although it may seem us easy to find a job, people have to struggle so much for having a good job because of great competition about accept top position even average positions. There are various ways to find a job such as internet, direct application, newspapers, using connections or friends, networking. In my opinion internet and networking are the two most of effective ways a finding a job.

Internet is a constitution that is infinitely useful and serviceable when it used effective and correctly. Internet is a wide network what ps the world. It contains a lot of recruitment agencies, cooperation websites, association sites, newsletters and freelance job options and in the present day access to internet very easily. This also provides an opportunity to become an impressive job searching. Based on The Conference Board report , newspapers and online ads are used by 70% of all job seekers for recruitment (2006).

It was established a lot of websites in order to bring together job searchers with employers such as secretcv. com, kariyer. net, yenibiris. com, monster. com. All over the world engagement agencies are accepted by companies and employers. Nowadays, most of company advertise only this websites, and choose their workers by means of who appealed this websites with their CV. Especially large companies are not permit direct application for many positions. Another effective job searching method is networking.

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Communication and relations compose the basis of the network because many jobs are never advertised. Networking also comprises not only business networking websites but also friendships, exhibitions, shows, seminars, training. Firstly, let’s consider business networking websites such as linekedin. com, bni. com. Their aim is create a platform where professionals from all kinds of different industries can meet up, find jobs, new assignments, cooperation partners, experts and generate business ideas.

With more people getting online now, business networking sites are attracting a great deal of attention for their role in bolstering professional relationships and facilitating new connections. Secondly, some companies organize seminars thus they explain about their business and accept graduated or students who suitable in order to their business. In this way more and more people are employed. According to Goodman, networking is the leader of job searching because it is on the success of 50% regarded in generally (2009). I believe that networking is a giant world in its own right.

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