Penn Foster – Why I Am the Best Candidate for the Job

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Best candidate for the Job The Computer Help Desk Support Technician position at University of the West Indies correlates well with my skills and experience. The skills related for this job includes, assisting students, faculty, staff and any other customers who come to the front desk, dealing with computer issues, answering the telephone to give support with enquiries, and data entry using Microsoft Word, and Excel.

I have significant knowledge of this field through my previous employment at T. A. Marryshow Community College, where I served as a Secretary within the Information Technology department. I acknowledged this vocation through my ability to troubleshoot problems and deal with customer issues. More specifically, I had a scenario with a visiting professor from a foreign country who came to the office for help with his laptop.

Being new to the campus he was furious with the ups and downs of trying to find his way around and baffled because he had no idea of how to connect his laptop to the internet. I seated the professor and assured him that he was at the right place. After a few minutes I was able to connect his device to the internet and I also handed him a map of the campus to help him get to different places on the campus easily. He was overly pleased with the customer service he received and the efficiency in which I handled his laptop.

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This occurrence has boosted my self-confidence and also motivated me to seek an advanced degree along that path. I enrolled at Penn Foster Career School program, where I recently completed a diploma in Computer Support Technician. This thorough training helped me to comprehensively understand the skills that are readily applicable to the position. With the acquisition of this knowledge I can guarantee you that am most competent for this position and that all concerned will mutually benefit.

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