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The Strong Culture Perspective

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In the strong culture perspective, the scholars believed that those companies with strong culture have a better organizational performance as compared with other organizations. It is said that strong culture is a talent attractor and a talent retainer with a consensus on the values which drive the organization with an intensity which is easily seen even to the external individuals . In an article by Lewin, he has mentioned that the 1990s were marked by superiority of CEOs and leaders and by organization with strong culture.

Accordingly, organizations with strong culture are companies with members that share common behavioral norms, values, expectations and beliefs. In lieu with the companies of this research it can be said that both Gap Inc and PacSun Inc has a strong organizational culture. For instance, Gap Inc and PacSun Inc have a culture with a loyal employees and gives emphasis on providing quality customer services. It can be said hat both retail stores has been able to share common goals with their members.

In Gap Inc. the goal is to provide products that would fit the personal styles of their target market by having employees that would enable them to be creative and innovative . It can be said that the leaders of the Gap has been able to initiate strong culture by letting the employees have a common goal and share common values which enable them to become a company that have a better performance specifically in retail industry. On the side of the PacSun, they have employees who have the ability to provide the needs and demands of the customers or target market specifically in the skateboarding and other water sports. You can also read about relationship between power and leadership

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In addition, past and present leaders of PacSun have the ability to motivate their employees to be more productive and to provide quality products and services among their employees . Analysis shows that both companies have been able to have strong culture, by having a common goal and sharing common behavior and values, within the entire company. Each of the of Gap and PacSun have been able to strategically adhere to the needs of initiating strong culture as part of the business operations and functions.

The Strong Culture Perspective essay

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What is a strong culture?

A strong culture is an organizational culture that has a significant influence on the behavior of employees. This can be contrasted with a weak culture , whereby people behave as individuals without shared norms.

What is the importance of cultural perspective?

Cultural perspective pervades every aspect of human life, from the mundane to the exotic or foreign. It affects how people relate to one another and their ability to communicate. Individuals with dramatically different cultural perspectives may find that they have an especially hard time understanding why

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The cultural perspective of the Europeans who settled North and South America from the 15th-19th centuries literally destroyed those of the native people groups, for example. Cultural perspectives rooted in religion, politics, and economics wiped out those indigenous cultures for all practical purposes.

What makes a good culture in an organization?

The atmosphere of an organization such as a small firm where everyone embraces change or a large firm with a strong culture of risk management. A spirit of friendship and community. Stories, beliefs, pastimes, conventions and celebrations that give an organization an interesting character.

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