The Personal Benefits of Studying Abroad

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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As an economics student and enthusiast, the idea, of studying abroad is certainly a welcomed move in both my educational. I consider studying abroad as a life-changing experience and an optimal way to enhance my lingual skills as I traverse another country and interact with the natives. My decision to study abroad was influenced by the fact that I find the learning experience more exciting whenever I am in an unfamiliar territory.

I have considered studying abroad to be worth my time due to several excellent reasons. I am quite certain that pursuing my economics career abroad will help me develop the skills and experiences a classroom setting may not provide. Being immersed in a completely new cultural setting may be scary at first, but to me, it is exciting. It is my chance to discover new strengths and abilities, conquer new problems and solve new issues. While abroad, I hope to meet citizens to the faculty of economics as well as other international students who are away from home as me. I am motivated by the fact that studying abroad may enhance my employment opportunities into another level. This is anticipation because I will have the experience of acquiring another language, which is an added advantage to job seekers.

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At the Economics University, Prague, is the Faculty of Economics, which offers a bachelor degree program. The study program is done in English. It is a full-time program and the standard length for the course is three years. My primary objective, for selecting this particular program is to meet the standard of qualified professional economists worldwide. I aim at jumping into the public and private sectors nationally and internationally. Moreover, I believe to have a strong base in economics, legal sciences and all other social disciplines with a unique prominence on international economics and politics. Most important of all, the study program facilitates students to gain a practical knowledge of English through constant, applicable use. Alumnae from the course are also competent to the ever changing and increasingly demanding requirements of business practices and labor markets, bodi locally and internationally. Fortunately, the study length is very convenient and I for this reason, therefore, look forward to continuing with the masters program, and other disciplines that are taught in English at the University of Economics.

Honestly, many students study in Prague because the beer is the world famous and food and transportation is cheap, which is very true. But I choose to study in Prague for a slightly different reason. I would really want to see for myself the political, cultural and geographical conditions that authors from Czech refer to. Studying in Czech may also allow me to be exposed to living in a smaller country and not a super power. Studying in Czech may be a bit comfortable since many people speak English in the streets. It may be absolutely not necessary to learn any Czech. Most importantly, Czech has a long tradition of quality education which I am yearning to possess. Quality pledge of a variety of activities of higher learning institutions belong to the top priorities of the bureau of Learning Youth and Games of Czech Republic.

Studying abroad has the potential to provide me with a fresh outlook and the unique perspective on the economics career I have been thinking about after graduation. For this reason, I take the plunge to study abroad so as to find a new perspective on my academic work, and strengthen skills that will benefit me immediately Ш start my job search. Given the widely accepted effect of globalization in relation to the fresh skills that are demanded by businesses, non- profit organizations and government, it will be of my advantage to consider the career implications, of what may be in a lifetime educational experience. Hopefully, studying abroad will offer me a singular opportunity to set myself apart from other job seekers and to build valuable new intellectual skills and competencies.

Additionally, I am delighted to understand that the Faculty of Economics at the University of Economics, Prague offers distinctive components to the program, beyond coursework. The institution has a local office of the International Economics Research in which at least three top-quality international economists’ conducts research at any given time. The Institution also has a connection with top world universities mainly in the United States, thereby facilitation exchange of ideas among students during research activities. University offers a large choice of scholarships, essay competition and internships to its students. Occasionally, economics students conduct quantitative surveys to describe their perception of the environmental topics and diverse components of the course. The curriculum and excursions at the university fluctuates depending on the season. Museum exhibits, theatre offerings and local trips lead students into artistic and cultural achievements that bring to life the history of these civilizations.

Coming up with the decision to study abroad was not as easy as I imagined. I significantly experienced many challenges than I had anticipated. I could not just imagine being far from my support network. Feeling my own when the heavens seem to conspire against me while abroad, was my major worry. The reality that relatives and associates will be thousands of miles away remains a major issue, even though there is always coping with the situation at hand. Being a non-traditional student, I anticipate cultural misunderstandings that may lead to mistakes during my study abroad.

In conclusion, I have chosen to hunt for this scholarship in order to alleviate my tuition fees and get a part-time job that won’t impede my regular university routine. In applying for this scholarship, I have a vision of defining my academic and career goals. My objective is to be prepared to be highly qualified economists in the position of private and public spheres, both domestically and abroad. I am an eloquent user of English as a global language. Currently am researching my international travel destination; Czech Republic, Prague, so as to know what to expect before departure.

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