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Dispension for Study Abroad

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Education and schools play a substantial role to anyone. I always see schooling as a path to opportunity. Schooling in Waseda University as Japan`s top private, co-educational institutions of higher learning reflects the value of equal opportunity. I believe studying business in Waseda University is crucial to my personal success. I want to study Japanese as I lived oversea for 18 years already.

I want to learn Japanese culture as I see it as an important factor in ones` success in business since Japanese are known to have the “business attitude” that made them successful after their downfall in World War II. Moreover, I think that the Japanese society offers great business educational opportunity. In the future, I want to write a research paper about E-business and role of internet in marketing since nowadays the rapid growth of the role of Internet and other Web based marketing strategies present business organizations with both opportunities and challenges.

Under such circumstances, sound and timely E-business strategy plays an increasingly important role for companies to stay competitive in the dynamic electronic marketplace. Also, the Internet is the largest and fastest growing interactive network, “the network of networks”, which is today’s de facto information highway. It presents a challenge to the billion-dollar International Marketing Industry.

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Dispension for Study Abroad

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Every facet of conventional marketing strategy is challenged by this evolving communication potential of the internet. I am interested in this topic since most businesses around the globe have been rushing to the Internet at an incredible pace, in hopes of “striking it rich,” by marketing over the Internet. This is what I want to do, I must develop new, or at least revised methods of international marketing. So, in order to write this research, I should study really very hard in Waseda University.

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