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Dispensation of Study Abroad

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I have been informed by the University of the need or requirement to allow myself the greatest opportunity of studying abroad and completing the said course requirements by writing a dissertation. The requirement of studying abroad was dispensed to one of the great universities in Japan. I realized that the experience would be a great opportunity for me to grow and develop my knowledge, skills, and competencies academically, as it will help me deal with the challenges and difficulties that my chosen career would present in the future.

Although the prospect of studying abroad is as appealing to me as it is for other students, I would have to express my refusal and inability to complete such requirement for various reasons that I am in no control of. First, I have lived in Malaysia for more than eighteen years. Although I have struggled to learn the English language in order to cope with the challenges of multiculturalism and globalization, the application of this particular experience for the Japanese language has not been the same.

My knowledge and skills of the Japanese language, as well as in writing and reading Japanese scripts, is limited consequently restraining how I would go about studying in the University and living in the country. Second, aside from my limited knowledge and skills in speaking, writing, and reading in the Japanese language, I would have to admit that I do also do not have prior knowledge of the Japanese culture.

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Dispensation of Study Abroad

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Since I intend to work in Japan while I am studying, I do not think that I would be able to handle studying and working in a foreign country of which I do not know anything about. I am expecting that my limited knowledge would offer implications to how I conduct myself considering the differences on how Japanese people regard conduct and manners. I perceive that adjusting to the culture of the country would be quite difficult to overcome.

Third, I am looking into developing my communication skills first due to the opportunity of doing so in the Open Class system at Waseda University. I am planning to take a courses or lessons with other students belonging to other departments with which I will be able to practice and develop my communication knowledge, skills, and competencies. I believe this is one of the most important steps to take prior to engaging myself in culturally difficult situations in a foreign country.

Fourth, and the last reason why I am expressing my refusal and inability to complete such requirement, my financial status as of the moment hinders my aspirations to study abroad. Judging from the financial resources made available to me and my family, I believe that my parents will not be able to fund all the fees and expenses that would support my studying abroad. For the aforementioned reasons, I am unwillingly expressing my repudiation of this particular requirement proposed for my benefit. I thank your kind office for providing time to read my letter. Good day!

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