The Impact of Socio-Marketing In Environmental Issues

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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The piece is a proposal for a study to carry out a critical review of one particular organisation, looking at the role played by socio-marketing in environmental issues. Globalisation has increased the interest in, and urgency surrounding, ‘green’ issues and possible ways of addressing them. In particular, there is a new interest in ‘green’ marketing and other ways of doing business, and ways of trying to encourage consumers to be less reliant on environmentally harmful products.

The proposed study will examine the issues through the particular case of the University of Hertfordshire, a relatively new university in the South-East of England which has been active in developing policy in line with wider national and international guidelines for environmental matters. The University has a number of specific policies designed to promote ‘green’ awareness and behaviour. The overall aim of the study is to examine the different ways in which the University markets its ‘green’ policies to its students and staff. This will be done through a case-study analysis which combines literature review, examination of the University, its environmental policies and the way it markets these, and a primary study amongst students at the university. The proposal includes an introduction to the study, a literature review, and a methodology.

The literature view looks at the growth of environmental awareness in society in general and amongst consumers in particular, documenting the phenomenon of ‘green’ marketing. The associated concept of social marketing is also considered. A number of theoretical models of human behaviour, including the mechanisms whereby behavioural change can be brought about, are considered, in order to through light on how marketing is able to effect change in behaviour.

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The case study examines a number of relevant areas concerning the University. The policies and strategies it has adopted are considered, and the different ways in which information is disseminated to staff and students is analysed, with particular attention given to social media.

The primary research proposed will combine quantitative and qualitative data in order to provide depth and texture as well as statistical reliability and validity. Research is to be done by questionnaires, distributed primarily face-to-face, with a limited number disseminated online. 200 students and staff from the University took part. Data collected is to be subject to textual and statistical analysis. Limitations, ethical issues and validity, reliability and generalisability are discussed.

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