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An Earth heat exchange system, consisted by 27 pipes drilled 100m into the land and accompanied by suited pumps, for the circulation of the H2O of steady temperature ( 14oC ) , in order to take advantage of the geothermic energy ( Assembly Wales, 2011 ) .

The wood fire boiler, which unlike the belowground heat exchange system is merely used during the warming season, has the advantage of `` being efficaciously carbon impersonal '' ( UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs-Defra, 2011 ) , since wood is less fouling after burning than common coal ( Defra UK, 2011 ) , Furthermore, temperature detectors improve the efficiency of these systems, modulating automatically their operation ( Assembly Wales, 2011 ) .

It could be considered, that since the wood fire boiler in this instance, is non the sole warming system working - in specific it is auxiliary to the belowground heat exchange system ( News Wales, 2006 ) - and furthermore since it is non necessary to run to the full at an one-year footing -apart from its operation to heat the H2O in the lavatories ( Sustainability at work, 2011 ) , the C footmark of this contraption is merely a per centum of the entire footmark of the edifice. Nevertheless, the ground of implementing such a characteristic is to better the edifice 's public presentation, in footings of sustainable design and energy efficiency and therefore, a proper scrutiny and if necessary an optimisation of it, could take to even better consequences.

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2. Wood Fire Boilers and energy usage

The edifice was designed as an model sustainable application, in an attempt to show good pattern and set up a higher criterion for new buildings ( Defra UK, 2011 ) . Therefore it showcases among other things, the passage in usage from fossil fuels to low C options and the important energy nest eggs ensuing by the operation of a wood fire boiler. Wood is a sustainable fuel that can be easy accessed, collected, or managed and adult sustainably ( Green Systems UK, 2011 ) . In footings of fuel features and C emanations, wood is about a nothing C stuff, since the CO2 that is released after burning, is the same sum as it would hold been released by the terminal of life phase and decomposition of a tree ( Green Systems UK, 2011 ) . Therefore, burning of wood is non harmful to the environment, since it is a process that follows the natural C rhythm of this stuff ( Green Systems UK, 2011 ) .

Wood fire boilers can be divided in farther classs depending on the fuel used ( e.g. wood bit boilers, wood pellet boilers, log boilers, etc. ) . However, the one installed in Senedd presents the advantage of utilizing both wood french friess and wood pellets ( Wood Energy Ltd, 2011 ) , maximising this manner the handiness of the fuel to be provided in either instance.

Below there are two images, declarative mood of this type of wood fuel.

Wood pellets Wood french friess

( Cotton R. , 2010 ) ( Cotton R. , 2010 )

In footings of waste production after the fuel burning ( i.e. residuary ash ) , what is left `` is about pure potassium hydroxide, which is sold to local nurserymans for fertiliser '' ( Sustainability at work, 2011 ) , incorporating one more sustainable characteristic this manner ( i.e. reusability ) , which makes it a more efficient alternate than common dodo fuel boilers.

Furthermore, wood fire boilers can be the chief beginning of heat for a edifice or they can be used in concurrence with other heating systems, offering the chance to be used partially whenever this is considered necessary ( i.e. to be accompanied by a dorsum up gas boiler or the other manner around ) ( Cotton, R. , 2011 ) .

An extra advantage, is the low care characteristics that are implemented in many of this sort of boilers ( and in the 1 installed in Senedd ) , such as automatic heat money changer, tubing cleansing system and automatic de-ashing ( Cotton R. , 2010 ) . Low care characteristics like these, do non merely lend in a lower cost over clip, but they result besides in an easier overall operation. Possible fix actions can be minimized and to boot, more systematic care actions can be besides reduced significantly.

Since energy devouring issues, apart from the consequence they have on clime alteration and the environment in general, they can be rather onerous besides, in footings of cost in many ways. Government grants for implementing low C engineerings and other type of actions, such as possible hereafter C revenue enhancements can work as inducement for increasing penchant in such alternate edifice energy systems ( Green Systems UK, 2011 ) .

Harmonizing to Cotton, R. , 2010: `` The cardinal difference between biomass and dodo fuel is the design of the wood fuel storage and bringing mechanism '' .

3. Senedd wood fire boiler specifications.

Below there are two images of the Biomass boiler installed in Senedd.

( Cotton R. , Wood Energy Ltd. 2010 ) ( Cotton R. , Wood Energy Ltd. 2010 )

Despite the fact that this boiler is auxiliary to the belowground heat exchange system ( News Wales, 2006 ) , it is capable to match to the full at peak demand, accompanied by a gas back up option of 400kW ( Cotton, R. , 2010 ) .

The tabular array below provides some basic information on the wood fire boiler operating in Senedd and it is based on information published online the company commissioned to supply and put in the wood fire boiler.

Wood fire Boiler Specifications

Boiler Type

Binder RRK/RRF 400-600

Maximum rated end product


Wood fuel specification

Wood bit and pellet

Maximal wet content

35 %

Maximal atom size


Wood fuel storage volume

40 M3

( Wood Energy Ltd, 2011 ) .

Some extra characteristics, harmonizing to the aforementioned beginning, are:

`` Underfed fireplace burning system ''

`` Automatic cleansing of heat money changer tubings ''

`` Exhaust gas recirculation ''

`` Gas ignition burner ''

`` Subterranean fuel shop to let easy tipping of either wood pellets or wood french friess and is fitted with a modular walking floor system to transport the fuel to the boiler system '' ( Wood Energy Ltd. , 2011 ) .

4. Occupant 's position

The wood fire boiler provides `` hot H2O for hand-washing in the lavatories and for heating convectors '' ( Sustainability at work, 2011 ) . As it can be concluded, it is merely in usage during the warming season. Due to the temperature detectors, the boiler operates merely when temperature falls under a specified degree and when there is a demand to supplement the public presentation of the belowground exchange warming system. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 400kW gas standby option, so heat inside the edifice is provided during all times when it is required. A zero user intercession can be considered, due to the automated ignition and capacity control mentioned in the boiler specification above.

The Building Energy Management System ( BEMS ) , along with the attach toing sub-meters allow an energy ingestion rating including the wood fire boiler and an overall direction throughout the edifice 's life ( Assembly Wales, 2011 ) .

5. Alternative energy systems

Sing alternate options for a edifice that has been certified as `` first-class '' under the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method ( BREEAM ) ( National Assembly for Wales, 2011 ) , is non an easy undertaking. Nevertheless, a treatment and re-examination of current patterns is ever good, since there may be issues of adjustability for future demands originating, particularly for instances of long design life.

Following the current tendency in sustainable edifice building ( i.e. C emanations decrease ) , an alternate warming system that could replace a wood fire boiler could be solar thermic energy contraptions, such as evacuated tubings. These tubes nowadays the advantage of roll uping sunshine from a wider angle, and to boot ensue in greater solar additions in winter compared to solar panels ( Sustainable Heating Solutions, 2011 ) .

Below there are two images, declarative mood of this type of solar aggregators.

( GreenTerraFirma, 2011 ) ( Sustainable Heating Solutions, 2011 )

The big country of the undulating roof of Senedd, makes the installing of evacuated tubings an suited solution, since solar panels would non be satisfactory as options for this type of roof geometry. Furthermore, since evacuated tubings would non be seeable ( except from above ) , the human position on the edifice would stay unchanged, keeping this manner the initial aesthetics of the edifice.

Additionally, since solar thermic contraptions can be auxiliary to bing energy systems in a edifice, they could supply the staying per centum of heat required, when the resistance heat exchange system would non be able to run into peak demand.

In footings of C footmark rating, facets such as fuel transit or intervention are non necessary in the instance of solar energy contraptions. The entire C footmark of the evacuated tubings would ensue from the industry procedure and the transit and installing merely, and extra trips for wood fuel proviso could be avoided.

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