The Ideal Person

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Nietzsche’s Ubermensch concept of the “ideal person” was able to achieve self-actualization, and has developed himself holistically. What Nietzsche meant by achieving self-actualization was to achieve one’s full potential through creativity, independence, spontaneity, and a grasp on the real world. I see an ideal person as someone who surrounds themselves with happiness and love even with no money or fame. Most people consider the ideal person beautiful and rich. But as many people may say, money doesn’t always bring happiness or love, it could lead to loneliness and emptiness, even with all of the material things.

An ideal person, as lived their life without regrets. I do agree with an ideal person is someone who can achieve their full potential through everything they do. They put all their hard work and effort into what they need to accomplish and with the best of their ability. I believe this is the most important similarity with our ideal person as well as Nietzsche’s. A difference between our theories would be that we may see an ideal person as someone who is less fortunate but doing the best of their potential to provide for themselves and their family.

And we would see that as with the resources they have and can afford then they are achieving a self-actualization. Nietzsche may be that as not a real ideal person, because someone might not look up to that certain person because they are not so called living the glam life, and having everything around them. He may think that he is not achieving his full self-actualization because of that, when really is he by being happy in life and grasping everything around him that he can and not taking it for granted. Nietzsche believes that the ideal person is high, rare, and far between and mainly mentions them as a “he”.

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In my belief the ideal person can be of any gender, by achieving greatness, and many people are ideal and not as rare as he mentions. With the main differences in mind I think that his Ubermensch is not plausible. He see’s the ideal person as a higher power and rare and far between, like the so called superman that is seen in comic books, that was created after his theory. His person is like a fantasy that people wish they were instead of being normal people around us that achieve their potentials and that are plausible.

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