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An Ideal Teacher One of the noblest professions in the world is that of a teacher’s. In ancient civilization, those with wisdom and an infinite amount of knowledge were teachers. Those that wanted to learn would go in search for teachers in order to get education, even though education was limited to a few back then. Over the passage of time, education became available for all regardless of class, background, and place of birth. Because of this democratization, there was an increase in the number of schools, and respectively, the number of teachers.

In this present age, there are teachers for all age groups ranging from pre-elementary to university level. Not all teachers can be ideal; however, many are in a league of their own. In most people’s lives, a teacher plays an important role in which he provides people with great knowledge so as to have a successful career in one’s respective life. Not only do teachers inform students about a knowledge-related subject, but also guide them on the correct path which leads to success. A teacher can be considered to be a compass that activates the magnet of information, interest and wisdom in those that seek them.

An ideal teacher is capable of turning a good student into a superior one and a poor student into a great one. This is because such a teacher holds important attributes including high expectations from their students and being capable of thinking in a creative-manner. Being versatile and sensitive are also important qualities to being a great teacher. In addition to this, being interested, inventive, and fun also helps in terms of connecting with students. Nowadays, several teachers always try to find flaws in their students rather than changing their own attitudes.

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Because of this, societies crumble when teachers are weak and corrupt since they play an important role in shaping the next generation. Some students tend to think that whatever path they’ve been left with is due to the amount of guidance and hard work that the teacher was able to deliver. In order to be an ideal teacher, one must always be in pursuit of education. Being punctual and attending regularly are key characteristics to setting a great example for students. In spite of one’s extra-ordinary academic achievements, an ideal teacher should always isplay extreme simplicity. Their life should be mainly dedicated towards education and ensure that each and every student is disciplined and are capable of passing with the best grades possible. Nikos Kazantzakis, a Greek writer and philosopher, once said, “Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own”. As an ideal teacher, all students are considered to be alike and never discriminates one from the other.

Furthermore, an ideal teacher would remain fair and not favour a student over another on the basis of his social status. Several countries around the world award ideal teachers on a state level as well as an international level. Each year, teachers are nominated based on their level of contribution towards the cause of society by means of providing the society with the best education as well as guiding students into building their nation after making them realize their own abilities and expectations.

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