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An Individuals Control Over Perceptions

Human beings have control over their perceptions because there are no “requirements” as to what we can think of something; the boundaries to life are created by ourselves. We can perceive something as positive, or as negative, but just the fact that we have the …

ExperienceFree WillPerception
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Fate and Free Will in the Aeneid

In reading the Aeneid a question I had about the role Fate and the gods was if Fate is the highest power that rules over all the gods including Jupiter or if instead, Jupiter is an all-powerful being and that rules over Fate? Is the …

CultureFree WillReligion
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Three Centers of My Future Life

I have found three centers of my future life: philosophy, China’s politics, and literature. (I will elaborate on the first two centers in this essay.) A career might be teaching and researching at a university while writing and participating in Chinese politics. For philosophy, as …

CultureEthicsFree Will
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Human Life Is a Constant Choice

Choices are made every day in our lives, even not making a choice is still choosing. People are more times than not driven off of their own free will, they decide their actions and the courses they will take. Whether a person’s choice is driven …

Allegory Of The CaveFree WillSocrates
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The Extent to Which People Can Exercise Their Free Will in the Context of Society

Freewill the strength to behave without the limitation of moral necessity or destiny; the ability to reason at the discretion of one. Many people think they are free to think and decide for themselves, but it is very hard to determine what ‘free will ‘really …

EthicsFree WillSocrates
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The Philosophy of Calvinism

Calvinism states that humans are born into an immense amount of sin. They are hopeless, there’s nothing they could ever do to change it. The only thing that can save them is an almighty God. However, God has already chosen who he is going to …

ChristianityFree WillTheology
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Indeterminism From the Point of View of Free Will

Before looking at the problem that indeterminism presents when looking at the idea of free will, one must take the time to define and explain determinism as well as indeterminism. Determinism is the idea that everything in life is determined to where if you perform …

DeterminismFree WillPsychology
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Free Will Through the Eyes of Nietzsche

In her essay “Nietzsche’s Existentialist Freedom,” Ariela Tubert explains and articulates why she agrees with Robert Solomon about how Nietzsche’s ideas about what freedom truly is categorizes him as an existentialist thinker. In addition, Tubert also constructs an argument on how Nietzsche specifies a specific …

DeterminismExistentialismFree Will
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The Question of Free Will Is One That Has Lingered Over Us for Decades Now

Though it may seem as if one may choose their actions throughout each day and lead a life they presume they are choosing, what if that wasn’t the case? While studdying free will we often see two extremes. We can call them team free-will and …

CultureFree WillPhilosophy
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Free Will Is the Will of Doing Whatever You Like Without the Control of God

In today’s lecture we talked about different kind of views. The one that was very arguable for me was Divine Command Theory. Based on this argument god determines what’s good or bad. What this argument says is, actions are morally obligatory because God commands them …

EthicsFree WillPhilosophy
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Views of Augustine and Pelagius on Free Will

Augustine of Hippo and Pelagius were both people who helped influence Christianity and what it is today. Both men had large followings, yet had vastly different views on sin, grace, and free will. They were threatened by each other’s’ viewpoints, but were determined to preserve …

Free WillMoralityReligion
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