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My ideal vacation would have to star with the weather being nice and warm. The place I would like my ideal vacation to be on a sandy beach with no parents to be annoying and boss me around. I would take a couple of my really good friends that I hang out with all the time. It wouldn’t have to plan anything on this trip or have to book anything it would all be ready to go. The food and everything we need would not cost a penny. The hotel we would be staying at would be a five star resort and the best around. We would have the best room in the whole hotel and it was be amazing.

In our room would be an indoor pool to begin with. The hotel room would be the size of a house and it would have flat screen televisions, cable, laptops, and high-speed internet and a hot tub in every bathroom. There would be a huge kitchen so we could cook and it would be stocked with all the great food we like. Next, to our huge room would be a spa that is open to us all day and night. That day we could go to it whenever we wanted. The spa people would treat us like royalty and they would wait on my friends and I hand and foot. We would go to the beach and tan and relax because it only allows my friends and I.

The beach also would have a huge snack bar and board walk. The second floor of our hotel would have a huge mall with lots of cool stores that we like. We would be able to get any shoes, clothes, and anything else we wanted for free. We would stay as long as we want and do whatever we want and have no rule. That is what my ideal vacation would be and yes it will never happen. My ideal vacation was to explore, and see Alaska’s greatness, for the first time. The glaciers are real floating pieces of ice, the mountains are majestic, and the ocean is ice deep dark blue.

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There are waterfalls, and don’t miss the much talked about Northern Lights. There is also a lot of preserved undomesticated land with wild horses and habitat. Nothing could be further from the truth when you think of all the things people say about it coming true. Everything is wondrous; the air is very fresh. You can’t help but absorb the mountain fresh air through your body. Stepping into Alaska is like stepping into an internal spa unit. All great vibes surround you. Now that’s a worthy vacation to me, one where you feel the difference inside and out.

What makes these things so great is that they are a permanent fixture of this earth. There is beauty enough to last through one’s life. The glaciers and mountains will last longer than any brick building or house. When I was in the eighth grade, I remember walking to school during the winter, and it was so cold I developed icicles on my eyelashes. It was not cold enough for the schools to close. And snowshoes were not needed because I walked on a path, but having actual icicles on my eyelashes was more fun than having a snowball fight, and cool.

The impact of that great vast land of preservation on my life is permanent. Once you see it, you will always remember how big that bear or moose was you saw, or how blue that ice was the glacier was made out of. Sometimes when I’m in the city I still confuse the tall buildings with what I thought was a mountain. And when you compare city life to terrain life, it’s very similar. The obstacles are the survivals of mother earth, instead of products of mankind. One of my favorite family traditions is summer vacation. Every summer without fail we go on vacation.

For the past ten years we have been going to Disney World with our family friends the Battaglia's, so it has turned into a tradition up until last summer when we broke our florida adventure to go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We have been going on vacation with the Battaglia's for so long for a very good reason. It is because everyone gets along. My mom, Mr. Battaglia and Mrs. Battaglia are very good friends. Ronnie Battaglia, who is 19, is my best friend and we get along great. My sister Katie, 16, and Beth Battaglia, 18, also get along very well.

This works out great because we are all old enough to go out and do our own thing without getting the parents too much involved. Since most of the fun things to do are located right near the hotels we stay at we rarely need to ask them for a ride anywhere, so everyone gets there way and it turns into a great vacation for all of us. We have been going to Disney World together for as long as I can remember. We know the place inside and out. Where all the best rides are, which park is the best, it even got so bad that we knew what time the lines for each ride was shortest.

Disney World always comes out with some kind of new ride or show each year so that is what mostly kept us continuing to come back year after year. On day though while we were planning our next trip we decided it was time for a change of pace. We thought that Myrtle Beach, South Carolina would be a nice place to visit. My mom had already ventured down there with a friend and new that everyone would enjoy it. So we went down there last summer and it was a big transition for all of us. it was more of an adult vacation which was good because we were getting a little too old for Disney World.

At first no one was too fond of it, but then after visiting many places such as the boardwalk, golf, and clubs we all began to enjoy it a little more. In conclusion, I found that traditions don't always have to stay the same. We changed things up a bit and it might be for the better. Who knows, Myrtle Beach could be a new vacation spot for us and a new tradition in the making. How I Spent My Summer Vacation My boyfriend, Greg and I felt it would be a great opportunity to spend some quality time with our friends. We were going on a three day camping trip with long time friends, another couple, Chris and Heather.

Chris is the go-with-the-flow type of guy but only if Heather allows him to do so. Heather is a very kind person who looks out for others. She just crosses that line of being concerned to being motherlike. See we spend a lot of time with them, but it's like other people's children, you can go home and leave them, this time we couldn't. You maybe asking yourself why would we decide to go camping with such people . . . I just don't know. This question would overwhelm Greg and me for the next two weeks while planning this getaway.

Greg looked more pessimistically at the trip then I did. I thought if you go looking for a bad time, the only outcome will be a bad time. Realizing that we could be each other's only sanity from Heather's overpowering behavior and Chris's childlike mind, we made up little cues to give each other if we needed to getaway. We stocked up on interesting reading material to get lost in and relaxing alcoholic beverages to take off the edge. We packed up the trucks and we were off. Chris's friend from work recommended the campsite so we decided to follow him since he had the directions.

We traveled up interstate 84 east bound over the Newburgh Beacon Bridge and made our way to the State Taconic Parkway. Now, this is where Greg and I looked at each other in agreement that the trip was going to go only down hill from there, the parkway that we had gotten ourselves onto by following Chris was for passenger cars only. We both had commercial trucks. About fifteen minutes on the highway we passed a State Trooper, thank God he didn't budge from where he was sitting. Through that hour on the parkway we must have passed four Troopers, none of whom pulled us over.

Finally, and I mean finally, we arrived two and a half hours later at our campsite. All four of us got out of the trucks to observe where we were going to spend the next three days with each other, Greg and I actually found some humor with our surroundings. We were roughly twenty steps from the bathrooms and ten steps from our neighbors. We knew it couldn't possibly get any worse until we heard the BANG of the bathroom door. I guess the camp people wanted to make sure the door would close properly to it's full closer, a spring used to shut the volt door at a bank was used to shut this simple hollow wooden door.

With the startling noise of the door our neighbor let out several YEE-HAWS to his full capacity. With our minds made up that we were doomed, we applied our bug spray and set up camp. Chris was predetermined to create the largest campfire at the grounds. Greg said it is because he's a pyro. So with the evening closing in, Chris sparks up a fire with a flare no less. Maybe he was just biding his time but I've gotten a larger fire on my grill at home. Either way he was happy, Heather allowed him to play before he had to go to bed. Shortly after Chris got his pyro like tendencies out our neighbor decides to do the same.

Tex, as we all agreed on calling him because of his big white cowboy hat, threw a fourteen-foot log and a couple bushes in a pile and to create his masterpiece. Watching him light it with gasoline Chris's manlyhood was on the line, Tex's fire was blazing. I'm sure you figured it right, Chris added more wood doing nothing but smothering it. On that note we decided to head to our tents and go to sleep. Did I say sleep? We wanted to sleep but Tex seemed to have a snoring problem. Chris and Heather slept right through it, Greg and I on the other hand didn't. We actually found it funny.

We couldn't believe how Mrs. Tex slept with that but I guess she was used to it. We finally made it to sleep around three or so to be woken up by the crashing of the door and Yee-haws by our loud friend Tex. We got up and had our necessary dosage of coffee. It surprisingly was a relaxing day of no required energy. I found the greatest chuckle in Greg's experience of taking a shower. He told me in the most serious voice how he has never felt so violated. The showers were small, very dirty and overly populated. That second and last night I think is the most vivid to me of the entire time.

Earlier a middle-aged woman, by herself, set up camp, well her chair at the site next to us behind Tex. We didn't pay much attention to her all day. Night drew in and cries played with his fir, Greg sat back and laughed and Heather and I cleaned up from our chicken dinner. From our lights at the campsite we could see the lonely lady sitting by herself in the dark. Chris, being told by Heather, went over to offer the woman a lantern and interrupted her. She was crying hysterically. Little did we know from that moment on she would not leave us alone until midmorning.

We all found out a lot more about this stranger then I think we knew about each other. Her name was Kim. She was crying because she just experienced a serious heartbreak after five years. We became very aware of her stalking potential by the way she explained how her heart got broken. A cup, which she brought to our site, was soon to be believed as full of alcohol. She was sloshed, repeating everything. I lost count of the times she told us of her breakup, her children, her job, her breakup and her job. She also seemed to take to Greg very well; you could tell she liked him.

I thought it was quite humorous since she could have been his mother. So since you have a basic understanding of what I did this summer I'll close on this, gather more information on where you will be staying if you choose to go away with friends, find the humor in the people like Tex he could be better company then middle-aged drunken women named Kim. MY BEST VACATION. Today, I would like to tell you about my best vacation. A few summers ago, my sister, her colleagues and me took a vacation to Nha Trang for 5 days. As you know, vacation was special days!

We visitted many well-known places such as: Vinpeal Land, Hon Tam Island, Diamond Bay, Thap Ba Pagoda,... and so on. On the way riding in the cable car to go to Vinpeal Land, we saw several jelly fish in the very blue water. It is the first time I have ever seen an extremely beautiful view like that, so I felt very interested and relaxed. We stayed there all day to play games, visit the aquarium, take photographs; we spent another day diving into the sea to view the colorful coral. At the moment I felt anxious because I couldn't swim, but when I saw the coral, its beauty made me forgot all things.

In the next day, I took a boat for somewhere that I don't know to eat seafood such as: fish, cattle fish, shrimp... The food was so fresh and delicious. At night, we rent bicycle to ride along the seacoast. It was so romantic journey. After we utterly exhausted, we dropped in shift shop where we ate lobster, grilled meat roll and drank sugar-cane juice... The last day before came back home, we went to the market to buy specialties and souvenirs for our family and friends. Although I got sick after the vacation but I felt so happy from my heart. I love my vacation so much.

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