An Ideal Holiday.

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After a long period of working, person decides to have an ideal holiday, which needs little arrangement. About myself I have different ways to decide how to spend my holiday. First of all, I will try to travel with my family abroad to any country. A country that we haven’t traveled to before. Another thing I should put in mind is to look for a country that has a nice cold weather. And most important, I will be looking for a country which is safe and secure to me and my family.

Second, I will try to spend my holiday inside the other cities in my country. I will try to choose different places in the UAE, such as Al-Ain, Khorfakan, Hatta, Fujairah, Sharjah and Ras Al-Khaimah. I will try to spend three to four days in each place, where I can visit the most attractive parks, beaches, museums, mountains and restaurants. Thirdly, if I couldn’t travel abroad or I couldn’t spend it in other places outside my city I will plan to spend my holiday in the same city I am living in.

This is by looking in the news papers, internet or Television about the different activities and events held in the different places in my city to be able to reach them easily. Finally, I believe if everyone tried to think in this way to choose his/her holiday, they will be successful in choosing the ideal holiday and therefore it will be the most interesting moments in life. This is because you will be spending your holiday in something that is arranged and at the same time interesting.

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