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Essays on Metaphysics

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Primary and Secondary Reflection Examples

1. This lecture is started by Marcel after discussing about truth as a value, the setting of any kind of thought but there is this distinctive character of philosophical thought that is reflection. It is about not just the meaning of something at first glance …

AwarenessEssay ExamplesExperienceMetaphysics
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Pages 11
What Is a Human Person?

“What Is Human Person? ” Essay What is a person? A seemingly easy question, however, once looked into, the ideas and presumptions that people have are filled with contradictions and controversies. Many people, religions, organisations, and governments have a differing opinion on what qualities an …

EpistemologyHuman PersonMetaphysics
Words 1313
Pages 5
B. F. Skinner and Albert Bandura

B. F Skinner came up with Skinner’s theory of personality. According to the theory, differences in individual behavior are as a result of different kinds of learning experience different people encounter. Some of the behavior pattern may be learned through direct experience (direct reinforcement) while …

Albert BanduraMetaphysics
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Content and Process Theories of Motivation

Concepts Definition             The content and process theories of motivation provide human resource managers with the basic understanding of personal needs deficiencies, and how these needs can be transformed into motivated behavior. Content theories of motivation (also referred to as needs theories) focus on the …

Words 113
Pages 1
Personal Insight Paper

Through the StrengthsQuest progam Gallup has identified 34 themes that are the key to gaining direction in one’s life, building self confidence and finding success. This program helps to identify a person’s top five themes, which allows them to utilize their personal profile to benefit …

Words 1845
Pages 7
The Uniqueness of Human Beings and the Importance of Relationships and Love

As we all know that we are all human beings with uniqueness. Each one of us has different and unique traits, personalities, features and is in total different from an animal or any creatures on the earth. This means to say that we as a …

Being HumanMetaphysicsMorality
Words 1077
Pages 4
Why Do I Exist

Name: Jay Nelson Peters year & sec. : IBIS-B “Why do I exist”…. ‘What is the purpose of my lifer…. ‘Why does God created me? ” There are probably millions of people ask these question every day. In fact, all of us tend to forget …

EpistemologyEssay ExamplesGodMetaphysicsReligion
Words 839
Pages 4
Kant Philosophy of Self

For Kant, the self can be conscious of its own existence, but it cannot know itself as on object. To understand it, you have to understand the distinction between the phenomenal, noumenal, and Kant’s understanding of sensuous intuition, and you have to apply these understandings …

Words 2427
Pages 9
The Picture of Dorian Gray Moral Lesson

Oscar Wilde is one of the greatest literary showmen of the English nineteenth century. Of all his works, his only novel “…” is considered his masterpiece. In this novel, a moral lesson can be implied: Corruption will lead to destruction, obsession and torture. A moral …

MetaphysicsMoralityMoralsThe Picture of Dorian Gray
Words 452
Pages 2
Liberal Humanism

Theory: The English word ‘theory’ is derived from a technical term of philosophy in ancient Greek. It comes from the word ‘theria’ which means ‘a looking art, viewing or beholding’. In more technical context, it comes to refer to speculative understandings of natural things. Pythagoras …

Words 3995
Pages 15
Sentence Completion Tests

SENTENCE COMPLETION TEST: INTRODUCTION: Herman Von Ebbinghaus is generally credited with developing the first sentence completion test in 1897 . Sentence completion tests are a class of semi-structured projective techniques. A sentence completion test form may be relatively short, such as those used to assess …

Essay ExamplesMetaphysics
Words 693
Pages 3
Bicentennial Man

Bicentennial Man is a film that depicts philosophical musings in a science fiction story. It relays the story of a robot named Andrew Martin and his unique sense of self-awareness as he discovers the remarkable qualities of humanity, and how such exposure seizes him to …

AutonomyEssay ExamplesMetaphysics
Words 113
Pages 1
Critical Analysis of Sir Philip Sidney’s Defense of Poesy

The Defence of Poesy by Philip Sidney published in 1595 is “ a long essay that comes as an answer to Stephan Gosson’s work “The School of Abuse”, where he, in his puritan and strict way of thinking, attacks the poet and his poetry” (Wharton …

Words 734
Pages 3
Early Adulthood Cognitive Development

Cognition pertains to the acquisition, processing, transformation, storage, and retrieval of any information concerning the world (Louw, Van Ede, and Louw, 1998). This process affects every aspect of our personality. Cognitive processes such as perceiving, conceptualizing, reasoning, remembering, and contemplating are all necessary for us …

AdolescenceAdulthoodCognitive DevelopmentMetaphysics
Words 2003
Pages 8
Without Freedom it is Impossible to Make Moral Choice Discuss

Kant, a soft determinist, said that in order to make a moral decision we must have freedom. Kant believed that the ability to make moral decisions lay within the existence of freedom; stating that if we are not free to make our own decisions those …

Words 110
Pages 1
Compare and Contrast Gibson’s and Gregory’s theories of perception

Gibson’s and Gregory’s theories of perception both suggest that eye-retina is important for perception. The both believe that without eye-retina, a person will not be able to see. This is a common view of both of the theories of perception. The idea is supported by …

Words 94
Pages 1
Being Truly Human

WHAT MAKES MAN TRULY HUMAN? “What makes man truly human? ” This question alone is very difficult to answer. Although I am a human being, being thrown a question like this makes me think otherwise if I am truly human. After given such question, sets …

Essay ExamplesMetaphysics
Words 503
Pages 2
In the Name of Identity Summary

In Amin Maalouf’s book “In the Name of Identity” Maalouf emphasizes that we should not judge people on one singular identity. He argues that, “Identity can’t be compartmentalized. You can’t divide it up into halves or thirds or any other separate segments. I haven’t got …

Words 756
Pages 3
Reflections on Socrates Quote

Reflection “A philosopher knows that in reality he knows very little”.. ”One thing only I know, and that is that i know nothing” – Socrates There above quote is a pre-cursor to the wisdom the great philosopher Socrates has. The above quote is true in …

Words 589
Pages 3
Brain vs. Computer

Human Brain vs. Computer Outline Thesis Statement: Some say computers are more smarter than the human brain but in reality a humans brain is what created it. Introduction Memory A. Human Brain 1. Memory not measurable 2. Would not overload from memory B. Computer 1. …

Words 726
Pages 3
The Law of Attraction

The study on the Law of Attraction surrounds the issue concerning the concept that humans have the ability to draw wanted and unwanted objects into their lives through what is created by one’s thoughts and energy. To change a way of life, one must change …

Words 1061
Pages 4
Normative and Descriptive Approaches

Decision making can be very difficult when both choices are very appealing. We are faced with many decisions daily and have to make sure we choose the right one. Ethics play a major role in decision making. It allows moral philosophy to play its part. …

Words 875
Pages 4
What Is Normal in Our Society?

For you, what is normal? After browsing lousily in the blog topics given and after three garbage drafts of different topics, at last, I found the one topic I really get to put my mind on. Actually, it interested me to write about this topic …

Words 511
Pages 2
Philosophy: “Explain the Differences Between Plato and Aristotle’s View of Reality”.

Plato imagined that there existed an ideal or perfect world beyond our own physical earth. Our earthly world is full of unevenness, imperfections, and impurities which have been copied from the true ideal world which is beyond us. Plato further believed that our physical world …

Words 825
Pages 3
Critical Evaluate Maslow’s Theory of Hierarchy of Needs

Critically evaluate Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as way of understanding employee motivation in contemporary Chinese business Nowadays, people resources have been considered as an important task. To focus on that employees’ emotional motivator have always been considered as a standard to predict company’s future tendency …

Words 1237
Pages 5
Myra Levine Theory Critique

Introduction Myra Levine proposed a grand theory of energy conservation. Using the Chinn and Kramer Model for critique, this paper will describe the theory reviewing purpose, concepts, definitions, relationships, structure, assumptions, and rationale for selection. Then, the theory will be critically examined for clarity, simplicity, …

Words 71
Pages 1
Human Behaviour Psychology

According to Sigmund Freud, (1856-1939), human beings are just mechanical creatures, whom he views as prisoners of primitive instincts and powers, which we can barely control. He states that our purpose is to control these instincts and powers. Freud explained these concepts by comparing the …

Words 77
Pages 1
What Does It Mean to Own Something

In the article, the prompt given, states that ownership and sense of self both have different meanings. The main question is “What does it mean to own something? ‘ Many argue that ownership is not much of a great thing, it can be of different …

Words 268
Pages 1
Comparison Between Rousseau and Plato

I think Rousseau”s most effective criticism of Plato”s is on the importance of family. Both philosophers have opposing views on this issue; however I tend to agree with Rousseau”s view on family mostly because it is more reasonable than Plato”s. Rousseau also seemed more concerned …

Words 840
Pages 4
When Should We Trust Our Senses to Give Us Truth

Our senses help us interact with the world. Smell, hearing, sight, taste, touch, and external stimulus play a major role in shaping our perceptions of the surroundings and the world. To trust our senses means that we have justified belief of what we perceive is …

Words 780
Pages 3
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Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that studies the fundamental nature of reality, the first principles of being, identity and change, space and time, causality, necessity, and possibility.


Topics of metaphysical investigation include existence, objects and their properties, space and time, cause and effect, and possibility. Metaphysics is considered one of the four main branches of philosophy, along with epistemology, logic, and ethics.


Metaphysical realism is the thesis that the objects, properties and relations the world contains, collectively: the structure of the world [Sider 2011], exists independently of our thoughts about it or our perceptions of it.

Metaphysics books

  • Metaphysics
  • Introduction to Metaphysics
  • Being and Time
  • Critique of Pure Reason
  • Meditations on First Philosophy

Frequently asked questions

What is metaphysical essay?
A metaphysical essay is a type of essay that explores the nature of reality, existence, and experience. Metaphysical essays are often characterized by their focus on abstract concepts and ideas. This type of essay often relies heavily on philosophical reasoning and argumentation to make its case.
How do you explain metaphysics?
In metaphysics, we try to understand the nature of reality. This includes asking questions about what exists, what it means for something to exist, and how we can know about reality. We also ask questions about the nature of time, space, and causation.
Why is metaphysics important in our life?
Metaphysics is important in our life because it helps us to understand the nature of reality. It also helps us to understand the relationship between mind and matter, and between our thoughts and the world around us.
What is metaphysics and its importance?
Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that studies the nature of reality, including the nature of the mind, matter, and the universe as a whole. It is important because it helps us to understand the world around us and our place in it.

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