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I would like to acknowledge all the persons who have helped me to complete this assignment. These persons are my mother and my social studies teacher.

Introduction This school based assessment is based on garbage pollution. The area chosen for survey on garbage pollution is the community of august town. You will learn about the causes that contribute to garbage pollution and the effects of it. The person’s views of garbage pollution will also be taken into consideration.

All refuse other than industrial waste and effluents. It consists largely of easily decomposable and putrefying organic (animal and vegetable) waste from preparation, handling, storage, and sale of serving of food.

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Statement of Problem Why is garbage pollution one of the major issues of my community? What are the effects of it and how it can be solved? Reason for Investigation The reason for this investigation is due to inconsistency of appearances of the garbage collectors assigned to the august town community. And when the garbage is not collected it causes garbage pollution which attracts rodents and insects which can be dangerous to the human health due to the diseases that they carry. Another reason is to research and know different means by which the community cleanliness and beauty can improve.

Method of Investigation The researcher has chosen the questionnaire as a use for the investigation in attaining data. It is a simple way of collecting data and does no requires too much time. Procedures for Data Collection The research was conducted on September 1, 2012, on garbage pollution in the community of august town. The researcher walked around the community and distributed 30 questionnaires, randomly to persons that were seen, including friends and family. The questionnaires were given to persons between the ages of 12 to 18 years old.

Out of the total respondents 15 were females and 15 were males. Getting the information that was necessary for the questionnaire on the spot made it much easier and it also saved allot of time. But I ensured that each respondent spend enough time completing it so it wasn’t being done in much haste.

Questionnaire for Community Members

  1. Sex Male ( )Female ( )
  2. Age 12-15yrs ( )16-18yrs ( )
  3. Where in August Town do you live? Central August Town ( ) Brycill ( ) Hermitage ( ) Goldsmith Villa ( ) Bedward Garden ( ) Vietnam ( ) Jungle 12 ( ) Barrette Drive ( ) Bedward Crescent ( ) July rd. )
  4. How long have you live in the community? 1-4yrs ( ) 5-7yrs ( ) 8-10yrs ( ) others ( )
  5. Are you an environmental friendly person? Yes ( ) No ( )
  6. Do you have a problem with garbage pollution? Yes ( ) No ( )
  7. Do you recognise how dangerous is garbage pollution to our environment? Yes ( ) No ( )
  8. How does garbage pollution affect you negatively? Causes flies to be around ( ) Attracts Rodents ( ) Emits foul scent ( )
  9. Do you think that politics has to deal with how good you get service for garbage collection? Yes ( ) No ( ) Not Sure ( )
  10. How often do the garbage collectors collect your garbage? Every day ( ) Weekly ( ) Monthly ( )
  11. What do you think can make the garbage collectors come on time? More money for their jobs ( ) More discipline ( ) Fired if continuously unpunctual ( ) If they are treated with more respect from community members ( )
  12. Do you litter? Yes ( ) No ( ) Sometimes ( )
  13. Would you support recycling? Yes ( ) No ( ) Maybe ( )
  14. Have you ever called the garbage company about the corrosion of garbage? Yes ( ) No ( ) Thought about it ( )
  15. Has the rodents and insects attracted to the garbage pollution ever affected you with any sickness or diseases? Yes ( ) No ( )
  16. Do you treat the rubbish collectors with respect? Yes ( ) No ( ) Sometimes ( )
  17. What is the longest time the garbage collector has ever taken to collect your garbage? 1 Week ( ) 1 Month ( )2 Month ( ) 3 Month ( ) other ( )
  18. Have you ever witnessed someone in the community littering and you tell them to pick it up? Yes ( ) No ( ) Afraid ( ) No because I do the same ( )
  19. Who should be blamed for garbage pollution the most?Me ( ) Persons who litter on the street ( ) the government systems the garbage collectors ( )
  20. Who should be blamed if the garbage pollution attracts insects and rodents which give leptospirosis, malaria, yellow fever and other diseases to children? Me ( ) persons who litter on the street ( ) the government system ( ) the garbage collectors ( )

Presentation of data

These are the views of the august town residents showing how often the garbage collectors collect their garbage.

3. 3% of them say that garbage is collected daily, 10% say that it is collected weekly, and 86. % of them say it is collected monthly.

Suggested options from residents to make garbage collectors be more punctual These are the opinions of residents on what they think would make the garbage collectors be more punctual.

40% of the residents think that if they received more money for their jobs they would be more punctual. 30% of them believe that if they are treated with more respect from community members they would be more punctual.

16. 7% say that if they have more discipline they would come on time, and 13. 3% say that they should be fired if ontinuously unpunctual. This is a diagram showing the ratio of persons in percentages who litter, which also contributes to garbage pollution. Though 50% of the respondents litter sometimes, and 17% per cent of them do litter, I congratulate the 33% of the persons who do not litter. These persons are environmental friendly and contribute to the cleanliness of the environment. This is a representation of the longest period that garbage has been ever been collected.

3. 3% say that the longest garbage has ever been collected is a period of one week. 3% say that the longest time for collection is one month, 20% say two month, and 13. 3% say three months. And the other 30% say others which mean it extends the period of three months. This is a diagram which shows the persons being blamed for pollution by residents. 63% of the persons litter on the streets and are blamed for the pollution because they contribute to it the most. 13. 3% blame the government, 13. 3% blame the garbage collectors, and 10% says “me” which means they blame themselves for the pollution. Analysis of interpretation of data

Garbage pollution is a problem in the community that must be solved especially because of its negative effects such as; causing flies to be around, attracts rodents, and emits foul scent. During taking the views of the residents into consideration, I realised that most persons were affected negatively by the rodents.

Pests such as rats were seen the most as rodents, and can be very dangerous especially due to the fact that they can give diseases which are dangerous to humans. Most persons garbage is collected monthly which also contributes to pollution because it gives more time for the garbage to become in excessive amount.

This causes more of the person’s garbage not being collected at a punctual time which makes the residents angry, frustrated, and wondering why does collection takes so long. One of the main problems is that the garbage collectors don’t come on time, which causes the garbage collection, but most persons believe that if they were being paid more money they would be more punctual. Some of the same persons who have a problem with the garbage pollution are some of the same ones who are contributing to it, especially the persons who litter on the street.

There are also persons who do not litter but still has to face some of the effects of garbage pollution especially the amount of rodents. Another negative effect is the long length of time that the garbage collectors take to collect the garbage, because the longer it takes for the garbage to be collected is the worse the pollution will be and the effects of it. During the various conversations with the residents I was informed that the longest garbage had not been collected for, is about three to six months.

I think the government should implement garbage collection systems to ensure that these long periods of garbage collection be improved and do not take place again. Persons who are blamed the most for garbage pollution are the persons who litter on the street, especially because they make it difficult for the environment to be cleanly. Statement of finding * The persons who litter on the streets are seen as one of the main factors for garbage pollution.

The longer the garbage is taken to be collected are the worse the garbage pollution gets and the negative effects of it. If garbage collectors are being paid more money their interest would be increased, so they would more likely collect the garbage’s on time. Recommendation As said before I the researcher believe that the government should implement garbage collection systems to ensure that these long periods of garbage collection be improved and do not take place again. The residents should also give the garbage collectors more respect, and make the environment better by not littering either.


  1. Social Studies CSEC Module By; Rampersad Ramsawak and Ralph R. Umraw

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