Global Ocean Pollution Crisis: 9.2 Million kg of Garbage Dumped in 24 Hours

Last Updated: 31 Mar 2023
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Oceans around the world are turning into dustbins and all this waste is leaving a serious impact on the marine life conditions. The International Coastal Cleanup Initiative has detected how much waste is being dumped in the oceans around the world in just 24 hours and the answer is surprising.

Investigation has revealed that 9 crore 20 lakh kg of garbage is collected from oceans and rivers around the world in just 24 hours. Not only this, towels can be made up to 28 kilometers long with ropes, threads thrown on the beaches. Every year around 8 million metric tons of plastic is going into the oceans.

Rich countries with good recycling units accuse Southeast Asian countries for dumping of waste in the oceans. But upon investigation, it is found that the accusers themselves are shedding a lot of garbage.

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Long and Short Essay on Ocean Dumping in English

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Ocean Dumping Essay – 1 (200 words)

We get many economic benefits from the sea, for example, fish, tourism, minerals, medicines, new energy, trade and traffic. According to estimates, the value of all products derived from the sea is $ 2.5 trillion. If the steps are not taken now, our oceans will be the biggest victims of garbage dumping.

Climate change has become the biggest challenge in the world at this time. The condition of the ocean is also deteriorating very quickly. The United Nations Conference to Save the Oceans was held in 2017 the UN Head Quarters, New York, United States. In this, various countries, institutions and trade groups vowed to save the sea.

Today, the biggest danger of pollution is not only for the Earth but also for the oceans. Due to this, the marine flora and fauna present in the bottom of oceans is rapidly disappearing. Every year more than one million birds and one lakh marine creatures are dying due to plastic pollution in the sea.

According to scientists, we get ten percent of the oxygen we use for breathing, from the oceans. The micro-bacteria present in the ocean emit oxygen, which is very important for life on earth.

Scientists have found in the study that these bacteria are not able to flourish due to plastic pollution in the sea. Due to this, the amount of oxygen in the sea is also continuously decreasing and there is a great danger to humans, including animals and birds.

Ocean Dumping Essay – 2 (300 words)

The first United Nations Conference to save the Oceans was held in 2017 at UN Head Quarter at New York, United States. In this conference, several countries, institutions and trade groups vowed to save the sea. This is the first time that 193 member countries of the United Nations along with educational, scientific, civil society activists and business executives were present. Everyone took the initiative to suggest ways to keep the ocean healthy and vibrant along with trading of money in the sea. The importance of the conference has increased further in the wake of the USA announcing the exit from the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

In the last two centuries 525 billion tons of waste have gone into the oceans. If there were no seas, the Earth’s average temperature would have risen further. Garbage, carbon dioxide and waste have been polluting the sea for decades.

This conference was held at the time when all kinds of waste generated on land are going into the oceans. The Global Integrated Marine Assessment released at this conference says that the ability to absorb pollution in the oceans is complete.

But unfortunately, we know very little about the oceans spread around us. The Indian Ocean has been studied very rarely. One reason behind this may be that the countries whose borders the Indian Ocean is connected with are very poor and cannot spend a lot of money on research. So far, two international expeditions have been sent to study the ocean. A campaign was sent in 2015. But the purpose of this expedition is mainly limited to the discovery of new grounds for fishing. By the end of the five-day conference, representatives of various countries who attended the conference took voluntary resolutions to keep the oceans clean and safe.

Ocean Dumping Essay – 3 (400 words)


Ocean dumping refers to the mixing of chemicals, waste, polluted water and debris into the oceans, which is very harmful for marine biodiversity. This is the reason why ocean dumping is known as the main factor of marine pollution because already used pesticides and fertilizers etc. are also disposed off in the sea. So the threat to marine life is not only from toxic waste but also there are also many other pollutants.

Causes of Ocean Dumping

Ocean pollution has become a significant problem today. For this we all need to work together because the cleanliness of the oceans is affected by many human activities. The main causes of ocean pollution are as follows:

  • Toxic waste disposal
  • Origin of excessive amount of waste on land
  • Oil spill
  • Marine mining
  • Domestic sewage

Effects of Ocean Dumping

The oil spills in the oceans by many tankers and marine vessels blocks the respiratory system of marine organisms so that their organs do not get the oxygen present in the water. In addition, it also affects their food and reproductive process activities and reduces their body temperature.

As these pollutants and materials degrade, they begin to absorb oxygen present in the ocean atmosphere. Due to which the level of oxygen present in sea water starts to decrease and it causes many problems for marine biodiversity.

When these toxic pollutants are mixed in the ocean water and are ingested by the organisms as food, it also affects humans as they consume these marine organisms as their food. This causes many harmful diseases, among which hepatitis, cancer and central nervous system problems are prominent.

Ocean Dumping Act

The Marine Conservation Research and Sanctuary Act, enacted by the US Congress in 1972, emphasize two main points:

  • No waste should be disposed of intentionally in the sea.
  • Also, no such work should be permitted.


There has been a decrease in marine pollution in the recent past, but if we do not work together to eliminate pollution from our land, then the results can be quite devastating. In today’s time, global warming has become the biggest problem for us and if we do not take measures to control it, our future generations will also have to bear the burden. Therefore, we have to stop this garbage disposal in the sea and many important steps have to be taken to stop it, so that this problem like Ocean dumping can be overcome.

Ocean Dumping Essay – 4 (500 words)


Man has been throwing litter and other harmful materials into all the oceans since the beginning of history. Putting debris in the sea is a serious problem affecting the human race as well as marine life around the world. There are many different materials that are released into the sea. This litter thrown in seas and oceans by human kind is seriously harmful to the marine life as well as the mankind.

Effect of Plastic Dumping

Needless to say that plastic is a blessing to humanity. It is light, durable, cheap to produce and can be used in many ways. Unfortunately, it has been proven that the things which make life easier are also deadly for flora and fauna. The increasing level of plastic dumped in the oceans is causing harm to aquatic life as well as to external life by causing problems such as suffocation. Plastic items become a minefield for wildlife and since they are not biodegradable, they can float in water for years.

Mixing of Contaminated Water

Wastewater is dumped into the ocean along with waste. Sewage comes from the town and cities that drains the rivers and eventually the ocean. Waste water is primarily made up of organic waste from food, animals and humans. But lot of toxic materials released by industries is mixed in the water and released through drains, reaches the oceans via rivers.

Some of these impurities are soaps and detergents and dangerous germs and chemicals that can be toxic. The discharge of wastewater has given rise to areas where there is excess accumulation of microbes which consume excess dissolved oxygen in the water and impede the prosperity of other life forms.

Lead and Other Toxic Materials

Another major problem facing the world’s oceans and flora and fauna is the introduction of highly toxic substances into the sea. These substances can be incredibly harmful to plants and animals.

It is already negative that any type of living organism is damaged by humans who carelessly dump their waste into the ocean, but when there is some poison in the lower levels of the food chain, there is a high probability that it will have bad and indirectly affect the human life as well. One particularly harmful substance in the seas and oceans is lead. Lead can cause severe damage to the brain, kidneys and reproductive system of animals and causes congenital malformations in humans.

Effects on Human Life

There is no doubt that dumping debris into the ocean can be harmful to the ecosystem of our planet, but some people may not realize the damage they themselves do. In many parts of the world the economy depends on the fishing industry, but this industry may be in danger if the fish population is at risk.

Many fishermen believe that marine life around the world is disappearing by throwing debris into the sea and, as the rest of the population is affected, consumption of seafood can be harmful to humans. Swimmers may also suffer the consequences. Medical waste thrown into the sea can expose swimmers to serious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis.


Ocean dumping is not only harmful for the humans and animals but also for all the lives on earth. Toxic waste materials getting dumped into the ocean causing risk to the life in ocean as well as life outside the ocean because it is polluting the wide range of water body which is not good for life on earth in future.

Ocean Dumping Essay – 5 (600 words)


Decades ago, plastic was invented for the convenience of the people, but gradually it has now become a cancer for the environment. Due to plastic and polyethylene, earth and water as well as air are being polluted. In recent times, aquatic organisms present in both sweet and salty water bodies have started showing side-effects due to plastic garbage thrown into them. Despite this, there has been no decrease in sales of plastic and polyethylene. In such a situation, there is a need to discuss on its production and disposal seriously.

Plastic Pollution in Oceans

Mostly, there is no organic corrosion of plastics. This is the reason why currently produced plastic waste will remain in the environment for hundreds of thousands of years to come. The discarded plastic slowly decomposes and its chemicals begin to dissolve in the surrounding environment. It breaks down over time into smaller components and enters our food chain.

It is very important to clarify here that plastic bottles are not only a problem, but also some small forms of plastic, which are called microbids. These are very dangerous elements. They are often used in beauty products. They enter into the body of sea-birds and aquatic creatures with their food.

Efforts are being Made to Solve this Problem

Realizing the seriousness of the problem of disposal of plastic waste, awareness is being spread globally, as well as new option is being invented for its solution. Recently, an enzyme has been created by Japanese scientists that can break down plastic bottles on their own.

According to environmental experts, this will prove to be a revolutionary discovery in the field of environmental pollution. It is possible that it can help to solve the problem of plastic pollution. During the laboratory tests, this enzyme was successful in chemical conversion of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) into its basic component.

Disadvantage of Ocean Pollution

With the storage of vast water spread over the vast area of ​​the earth, the oceans give shelter to many small and delicate ecosystems in and around them, which gives rise to different kinds of flora and fauna in those places. Increasing pollution in the oceans is becoming a matter of concern. Billions of tons of plastic waste are dumped into the ocean every year. The amount of heavy metals and saline pollution reaching into the ocean alone amounts to millions of tons per year.

Effect on Marine Ecosystem

Marine biodiversity is affected by the daily exposure of toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals also have a bad effect on the growth of marine vegetation. The coral reef area in the oceans is an example of one such ecosystem that symbolizes immense biodiversity is in danger nowadays. It also affected the life of birds and other creatures living in oceans.

Efforts to Make the Oceans Pollution Free

The usefulness of the ocean in the ecosystems that sustain life on Earth is necessary for the maintenance of the balance of the ocean’s ecosystem so that our future will be secure. Oceans are extremely useful due to their social, cultural and economic importance. Every year 8 June is celebrated as World Ocean Day for the purpose of awareness of oceans.

Conservation of the oceans and their sustainable use has also been included in the goals of sustainable development under the aegis of the United Nations.


The problem of pollution is increasing day by day across the world. Plastic waste is a problem which is most worrisome because it is a substance which takes a long time to be destroyed. Dr. Marcus Erickson, who researches the ocean, says that we have to think seriously about plastic recycling and also have to discharge our responsibilities individually; only then this earth can be safe. Obviously we need to work more seriously in this direction.

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What are the causes of Ocean Dumping?
Ocean dumping is the intentional disposal of waste into the ocean. The main causes of ocean dumping are the lack of proper waste management systems, inadequate infrastructure, and the lack of public awareness about the environmental impacts of ocean dumping. Additionally, some industries may choose to dump their waste into the ocean as a cheaper alternative to proper disposal.
What are the effects of Ocean Dumping?
Ocean dumping has a variety of negative effects on the environment. It can cause water pollution, which can lead to the death of marine life, destruction of coral reefs, and the spread of disease. It can also lead to the accumulation of toxic chemicals in the food chain, which can have long-term health effects on humans and other animals.
What is ocean dumping short note?
Ocean dumping is the disposal of waste materials into the ocean. It is a form of pollution that can have serious environmental and health consequences, including the destruction of marine habitats, the spread of disease, and the contamination of seafood.
Why is ocean dumping a problem?
Ocean dumping is a problem because it can pollute the water, harm marine life, and disrupt the balance of the ocean's ecosystem. It can also lead to the spread of disease and the contamination of drinking water sources.

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