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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: An Initiative for Pollution/Garbage Free Diwali this Year

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Diwali is considered as a festival of cleanliness and light, but due to fireworks the meaning of this festival is changing. Poisonous gases emanating from firecrackers are not only harming the environment but also there is a danger of fire and damage to the body. By saying no to firecrackers this Diwali, we can celebrate this festival pollution free.

Fire-crackers cause noise and air pollution, due to which the entire environment is contaminated. It also causes great harm to animals and birds. We do not understand this loss and celebrate the festival as per our will and capacity. Fireworks also spread dirt and a lot of litter is seen on the post day that is injurious for the health of the flora and fauna. Therefore we should celebrate this festival without harming the environment.

The Verdict of the Supreme Court to Ban Fire-Crackers in NCR and Delhi

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The Supreme Court of India has banned on sale of firecrackers in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), due to alarming deterioration in air quality index.

A three-judge bench of the Supreme Court of India, which was headed by Justice A.K. Sikri, has upheld its own order of 11 November 2016, according to which it suspended all licenses which “permit sale of fireworks wholesale and retail within territory of NCR.”

But it is not only the matter of concern for Delhi and NCR only but near about all the places are affected. Civil society groups are coming together all over the country to campaign for a green Diwali and how to celebrate Diwali that is pollution free.

The Message

The Diwali ban must not prove to be a dampener. It could be the harbinger of a movement against the noise pollution and air contamination unleashed by ear shattering fire-crackers and fire-works. Diwali, in the traditional sense, has little to do with myriad fireworks.

The Mythological Point of View regarding Diwali

  • This festival is celebrated to mark the return of Sri Rama to Ayodhya after victory over Ravana. It is said that the people of Ayodhya had lit earthen lamps to welcome Lord Rama on his return with Sita and Lakshaman.
  • The another spiritual point is that on Diwali people worship lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi to get their blessing in their life.
  • In Bengal it is believed that the importance of lighting on Diwali is to show the path of heaven to the forefathers, who left us earlier, and came on the earth in the auspicious month of Pitri-Paksha every year.

There is not an evidence found in any mythological books that fire-work or fire-crackers were used on Diwali. The cleanliness and distribution of sweets is mentioned in these books to show the happiness and joy.

Consequences of Fire-Works and Fire-Crackers

  1. Harmful pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and gun powder present in fire- crackers lead to respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis.
  2. Although the sparklers look good in the hands of children, but do you know that it contains dangerous toxic substances like barium, strontium, copper, iron, which are very harmful for children’s body.
  3. The noise emanating from the firecrackers exacerbates noise pollution and is also harmful to health. The most commonly used big noisy crackers in Deepawali produces more than 100 decibels sound and the loud sound level of 50 decibels is considered harmful to human ears. Perhaps a person can become deaf by hearing a very loud noise suddenly and this increases the chances of heart attack to heart patients.
  1. Doctors say that the noise and pollution of firecrackers are harmful for everyone. Firecrackers are made of very toxic chemicals that make humans prone to cancer. High intensity Crackers can hurt the body from the outside. Every year there are many such accidents across the country occur due to which many people lose their eyes, many people get burnt and some people even die.
  2. The poisonous waste of fire-crackers when mixed in soil depletes its fertility. The smoke pollutes the atmosphere and when it is mixed into water of the rivers and ponds contaminate them too.

But by adopting certain parameters, we can avoid these harmful pollutants and can enjoy the happiness by celebrating eco-friendly Diwali this Year.

How to Celebrate a Pollution/Garbage Free Diwali This Year

Keeping in view of cleanliness and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and as a responsible citizen, our efforts should make this Diwali pollution and garbage free. For this we have to take initiatives and resolute that our any activity should not hamper the environment and the ease of the people.

Below are given some suggestions to celebrate a noiseless, pollution free and joyful Diwali. That will make this Diwali prosperous for all as well as the environment.

  • Say a big ‘NO’ to crackers.
  • Use earthen-lamps. There’s nothing more charming than the good-old oil earthen lamps. These lamps not only kill the unwanted pests grown in Rainy season but also purify the environment.
  • Replace the electric lights with traditional earthen lamps. It will not only prove beneficial in saving electricity but also support local artisans’ up to an extent.
  • Make Rangoli with organic colours and natural flowers and leaves, in spite of making it with chemical colours.
  • Donate all your old stuff to the needy people.
  • Register with an NGO in your area and volunteer for a day to brighten the festival for those who cannot afford anything.
  • Ditch plastic for packaging gifts or food.
  • Opt for handmade decorated paper while wrapping gifts and packaging food items during the festivities.
  • Discard waste responsibly.
  • Take the effort to clean up your locality after the celebrations are over.
  • Try preparing sweets at home. It will give a fun and engagement of everyone at home.
  • Try and take your own containers at sweet shops and refrain from using plastic packing materials.
  • Go through the technological way. Just tweet, message on Facebook or SMS your wishes or Whats App them.
  • Create awareness about the environment; organize nature walks and talks on the topic. This will engage your time on Diwali holidays.


If we wish, we can celebrate the festival of Deepawali without any firecrackers. All it requires is determination and right thinking. This will also achieve the objective of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and we can save the environment from further damage. There are many other ways to bring joy and zeal during Diwali but avoid other evil practices that break the social norms such as gambling. Co-operating each other and helping the underprivileged, you can get the blessings of Gods because it is rightly said that service of poor is similar to worshipping the God.

Let us think, can’t we all celebrate a clean healthy Diwali together with our friends and family members? Hope your Diwali this time is full of joy without firecrackers!

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