The First Day In Australia

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Would like to talk about my first day in Australia in this essay. I arrived in Sydney on the 3rd of April 201 3 and it was raining heavily. However, everything looked interesting to me. Was planning to visit Commonwealth Bank at Martin Place as soon as I stepped out of the airplane. When got there, was surprised because the architectural style of the building was luxurious and antique, and it felt very Western. Then I met a teller who greeted me kindly. He made jokes to me. They were funny jokes, but at that time, I did not answer.

I was regretful I could not say anything to him in English. After that, I left for a backpacker hostel that is known as a popular place for foreigners. Unfortunately, there were a lot Of people waiting to Stay in there. Thus, I had to move another one. Finally I found a different backpacker hostel. As I opened the door of my room, its melancholic atmosphere overwhelmed me. Eventually, I decided to stay only 3 days because of the uncomfortable, unfamiliar air and because the accommodation fee was unfair.

In the first night, I was not able to sleep deeply. Lying in the bed, really worried about my life in Australia. Being unsure about my future made me afraid. Time has slipped along. Compared with the past, many things have changed recently. Nowadays I am trying to improve my life in Australia constantly in order to step forward by studying English and making friends. If I have an opportunity, I would like to settle in Australia.

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