First Day of Classes

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A9927139 ??? English Writing March 13, 2013 First Day of Classes (draft 1) Throughout the first twenty years in most of our life, we have attended the first day of classes several times. This time, why not abandon the ancient way and be only one of its kinds. Early in the morning, students come to school half an hour before the bell rings. Step in to the school gate with a little part of our shirt out, so the prefect can catch us for not tucking the shirts in. The school petrol will definitely have a tremendous impression on us on the first day.

Then, once students enter their classrooms, look around the existing mammal in the class, gaze at new classmates appearance and judge a book by its cover to decide whom we want to become friend with. Obviously we do not want to have a new amiga who is pretty but dumb, but at least it is better than without covering and being stupid. During the class, remember not to show off your talent and ability too early, and wait until the last minute. If no one else in the class can answer the question, then go for it.

This is how our image of intelligent is formed; hopefully the rest of the class will praise you as Athena. Comes the break time, this is the perfect timing for us to acquaint new friends. We can see herds of pupils gather around and start giggling and gossiping. Try to start a conversation with peers we desire to be friends with and stick to them for the first few days. Friend’s accompany gives a sense of safety. After repeating the last two steps, there comes the end of the day. Farewell to our new friends and wish us a bright tomorrow.

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