My First Day in School

Last Updated: 23 Mar 2023
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Today also when I recall my old memories of school I become delighted and happy. First day of my school when I admitted in class I. When first time I entered in my school numerous felling were aroused in my mind and i was felling nervous and bit tensed. Although I was not a brilliant student not knowing even alphabets my teachers helped me in learning the alphabets

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That was the time when my first class began Manisha Ma’am entered in the class room every student stood up and greeted good morning Ma’am in return Ma’am replied very good morning sit down I also followed them Ma’am teaches us alphabets and how to use those alphabets in formulating the sentences and words then bell rang Ma’am went outside. Again next teacher entered in the class room and we stood up and greeted good morning Ma’am. Ma’am did not recognised my face as she had never seen me before in the class she immediately asked me the question very politely "Is this your first class? I replied yes Ma’am then she asked my name I answered "Rashda Khanam" she said ok Rashda sit down her name was Priyanka very soft, polite and beautiful too. Again the bell rang this time nobody entered in the class room and every student went away along with their lunch box. My mother also gave me the lunch box filled with alu paratha and tomatao chutney. I opened the box and started eating, suddenly my one of my classmate again entered in the class room and said me very politely "why are you seating alone? come outside I went outside with her along with my lunch box and water bottle hanging in my neck, we all shared our lunch and I became friendly with everybody in the first day of my school, bell rang recess over every body were settled down at their respective places and waiting for the next teacher to come, within 5 mins miss Angilee entered in the class room and asked for the assignment she assigned previous day I found the teacher trict I was seating silently, miss wrote some arithmetics on the blackboard 45 mins passed bell rang every body came out from the class waited for their guardian at the door to come and took them. I saw my father was standing outside with chocolate ice-cream my favourite and then happily I reached my home and shared my first day experience with my parents. So this was my first day school and I am very pleased in recalling that day.

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