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The Fault in Our Stars Characters Analysis

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Sometimes in life, it may not go the way you planned. Therefore, it is significant to be thankful what you already have. The Fault in our Stars by John Green effectively explores life to death through its physical, emotional, and psychological circumstances. The main characters, Hazel Grace Lancaster, and Augustus Waters know from the start that if they are in a relationship, it will not last forever. Regardless of this known fact, they both grow closer together fighting through cancer. Green explores the meaning of love, life, death, philosophy, aspiration, friendship and support. Despite Hazel may not have all the infinity she wants with Augustus, they live their own infinity together and create a lot of memories along the way. They do this while exploring complexity, love, life, death, friendship, and support.

Death is the most obvious in the physical decline of the body. In spite of the fact the Hazel and Augustus are typical teenagers, they begin to discover the adult world in all of its complexity. A cancer patient is unable to control the pain they feel. Because Hazel is still yet a teenager, it is harder for her to deal with her cancer. It brings maturity and complexity to her briskly than
normal typical teenagers. Hazel describes her pain as if “I [am] left on the shore, with the waves

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washing over me, unable to drown” (105). It is hard for Hazel to control any type of pain by herself. This is a sign of complexity in Hazel’s life. Hazel and Augustus are normal teenagers however, they have cancer and people often use that to isolate them. Hazel describes her worst part of cancer as “I could feel everybody [is] watching us, wondering what [is] wrong with us . . . The physical evidence of disease separates [me] from other people” (144). As a young teenager, Hazel and Augustus have to go through things many others do not. Fortunately, this brought Hazel and Gus closer together. This helps to reduce the isolation they are feeling. Through all the complexity that Hazel and Augustus are experiencing, it is favored that they find each other and starts to the acquaintance with love and support.

Hazel experiences love and support through Augustus and friends. Instead of suffering
individually from complexity in the world, Hazel and Gus got together and faces the consequences of death. Gus is able to tell Hazel that “ . . . there is no glory dying in illness. There is no meaning to it. There is [honor] in [it]” (217). Gus yearned to be a hero in some way before he dies. However being a cancer patient makes it more difficult. On the other hand, Hazel is always on Gus’s side through understanding. This is a sign of love. Hazel has always struggle to love Gus. No one wants to fall in love with someone who is going to die. But for Hazel, she can’t help who she loves. When Gus says “You realize that trying to keep your distance of me will not lessen my affection for you” (122) to Hazel, Gus knows that they are going to suffer from potential heartbreak. However, he is still willing to risk for love. Significance does not measure how many lives one touches but measures how deeply they are touched. Hazel and Augustus are able to go through many emotional manifestations together and they make them feel love and support.

The experiences can bring in the best in people through self-sacrifice, support, and love. Augustus is not able to give Hazel an infinity but is able to give Hazel there own infinity together. Overall, the physical suffering Hazel and Gus go through brings them together. They are able to support each other and understanding how exactly what the other one felt. Death is inescapable, and nothing lasts forever.

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