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A Comparison between John Green’s Book and Josh Boone’s Movie The Fault in Our Stars

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“The Fault in Our Stars” is a novel written by John Green, published in 2013, and Copyrighted in 2012. The film adaptation of “The Fault in Our Stars“ Was directed by Josh Boone, and the lead cast was as follows; Shailene Woodley as “Hazel Grace”, and Ansel Elgort as “Augustus Waters”. Hazel Grace was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer, and her parents force her to go to a group session for others like her. She hates it at first, but eventually, she meets a boy named Augustus Waters, and they go through adventures together. The movie and the film were very similar but also had many differences. Some of the similar things between the book and the movie were as follows. For starters, Isaac plays a major role in both the book and the movie.

He was important enough to keep due to him giving incredible moral support to both Augustus and Hazel Grace, and even in his final scenes, he never stops supporting them. Another similarity is when before Hazel and Augustus leave for their trip, Isaac, Hazel and Augustus egg Isaac’s Ex» GirIfriend’s house and can. This is very important because it shows that even though Isaac is blind in both of his eyes he is still incredibly mad at Monica, who broke up with Isaac because she did not want to date a blind person. Some differences between the book and the movie were as follows.

In the book, Augustus has a girlfriend who dies of cancer in the beginning of the book, and he and Hazel Grace have to get through her death of her and keep going. Another difference is before Hazel and Augustus leave on their trip, Instead of a limo, Hazel drives to Augustus’ House to pick him up. She overhears an extreme argument between Augustus and his mom, and this is when the readers first learn about Augustus’ cancer return, unlike how we learned about it in the movie. Most of what I imagined in the book stayed true to what it showed in the movie, all though a few scenes were much different than I imagined.

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The actors and actress‘ all did an amazing job of performing as their characters and i do not think there was anyone better for the jobs. They all stayed quirky and how they were supposed to throughout the book Citations» “The Fault in Our Stars” (Chapter 10) John Green.  In conclusion, although “The Fault in Our Stars” has many differences, they are both very similar and also very different from each other, although they are both very good books and films.

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