Essays on The Glass Castle

Essays on The Glass Castle

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Maureen is often forgotten throughout the entire story of The Glass Castle written by Jeannette Walls. We are very tragically reminded of Maureen’s presence when she stabs her own mother while living in New York. Reflecting back to the beginning of the story, we can …

CastleThe Glass Castle
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Glass Castle

ESL 400Koffi Dibi 02/26/2013 Learning how to value life. The glass castle is a memoir of Jeannette Walls (author and narrator). In this memoir, she is relating the neglectful way that her and siblings (Maureen, Brian and Lori) have been raised by their parents Rex …

ChildhoodFamilyThe Glass Castle
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What is the message of the glass castle?
This memoir is centered on forgiveness. The author repeatedly demonstrates how she doesn't feel any resentment towards her parents or the horrific childhood she experienced as a result of their neglect.
What is a good thesis statement for the glass castle?
What is the author's purpose in the glass castle?
The author's intention is to reveal her struggles throughout her life, in order to help others learn the lessons she learned. Her tone is casual and easygoing for her readers.
What is the conclusion of the glass castle?
The Walls family is reunited at Thanksgiving. It's always a wonderful time. Jeannette is told by her step-daughter that Jeannette laughs the same as her mom (5.1). Jeannette is adamant that no matter her distance or how much she changes, Jeannette will always be a little more like her mom.

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