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Since the company is looking for delighted customers, importance is given to the percentage of ‘excellent’ in each characteristic and the findings are mainly synchronized based on these factors. Customers expect a ‘very good service from a company like HPCL and the intention of the company by imparting training was to delight the customers by delivering what they did not expect, instead, the expected ‘very good' mark.

  1. Majority of the respondents (30 out of 70) have a strong relationship with the company for more than three years. Some of them just started to build a relation with the company.
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  3. The respondents of the company have a general feeling the frontline employees like the security staffs are very much friendly with the customers. But some of them feel there is some scope for improvement. 50 % of the customers had a feeling that the appearance of the security staff was very professional but 3% feel that it is only fair not very excellent. In the case of duty consciousness, only 9% of the customers think that the security employees are excellent in duty consciousness. 91% of them think that the duty consciousness of the staff is not excellent rather it is only good and very good. In the case of the politeness only 4% of the customers agree that they are treated excellently by the security. The majority feel the politeness of the security as very good but not excellent. Some of them feel that there is a lot of scope for improvement Majority of the customers think that the security staff is very good in courteousness and 13% say that they are excellent. And there need some improvement from the part of the company in the case of courteousness of the security staff.
  4. The customers of the company have a different opinions in the case of knowledge about the organizational set up. Majority of them feel that it is good but not very good or excellent. The security staffs do not have a good understanding of the organizational set up. The customers think that the security staff is very pleasant and active. But the enthusiasm is not up to the excellent mark. All the respondents feel that they are recognized as a valued customer of the company
  5. In the case of the receptionist, about 9 % of the customers feel that their call was handled excellently without waiting them on hold. 41% of them think the ability of the receptionist to handle the call is very good. Another 41 % feel it as good and need improvement. Half of the customer surveyed feel that the handling of the problem by the receptionist when called was very good but it do not touch the excellent mark. It is found that the56% of the customers very satisfied in getting connected with the right person.
  6. 14% of them are very satisfied with the ability of the of the employees of the company to get the right person for the customers 68% of them are only satisfied and there need some improvement. 85% of the customers feel that the attitude of the person to whom they approached is satisfactory. In the case of the subject knowledge of the employees of the company, 65% are satisfied, 17% are very satisfied and 4% of them are dissatisfied with the subject knowledge of the employees 68% of the customers feel that they are satisfied but not very satisfied with the ability of the employees to understand and guide.
  7. The findings about the customer service representative are as follows. 11% of the respondents strongly agree that the customers’ service representatives are well trained and 66% of them only agree and 6% of them disagree. But 14% of the customers strongly agree that the CSR are wells supervised and 65 %agree that they are supervised but 1% strongly disagree It is interesting to see that the 16% strongly agree and 70% agree that the CSRs are professionally standard. And 14% of them are neutral in opinion. Majority of the customers feel that the CSR acted in the best interest of them.
  8. Majority of the customers feels the value of the service very good but in the case of promptness of the service only 6%feel it as excellent. On the other hand 57%of them feel it as very good It is found only 10 % of the customers think that the courtesy of the staff is excellent. 64% rate it as very good and remaining customers are neutral in opinion 17 % of the respondents are with an opinion that the availability of the employees to help and assist the customers is excellent , and 69% of them think it as very good
  9. In the case of the overall customer experience with the company, it is found that only 11% of the customers agree that the overall customer experience with the company is excellent and 29% feel it as very good.
  10. Majority that is 54% think that that it is only good not very good or excellent. 6% feel that it is fair and need improvement.


The training was given to the employees to make the customers delighted. Most people think that “just turning up the effort” a bit is all that it takes to truly delight a customer. They believe that customer satisfaction is a linear relationship, the more effort, the more you put into it the happier the customer. That just isn’t the case. There really is a couple of ways we can differentiate this. The differentiator:

  • Something the customer expects
  • Something the customer never expected, but values once he has it. Looking at something that a customer “expects. ”
  • If he isn’t getting what he expects he’s unhappy. When he finally gets it, he’s contented, satisfied.

When a customer EXPECTS something you can only go from unsatisfied to satisfied, no higher. An example of that is when a customer expects something to work.

  • If it doesn’t work he’s VERY unhappy.
  • If it works but just not quite like he expected he may not be as unhappy.
  • When it finally works to his expectation he is content.

He isn’t delighted, a long way from it. Satisfied, or contented, can be defined as almost a non-event, unsatisfied a negative event. So, there is only one way to go down, discontent. Looking at an unexpected result for a customer.

  • If a customer isn’t expecting something he is content because he doesn’t miss it. It is a non-event.
  • Once you start delivering something unexpected, and valued, that becomes a VERY positive event, a delighted customer. In the case of HPCL, the training was to make the satisfied customer to the delighted customer.

From the findings, it can be seen that the percentage of the customer who remarked the services as excellent are very less but on the other hand they remarked it as either very good or good. Since the intention of the company is to have delighted customers, it is obvious to say that the company needs to work on such a strategy that can create the change. The training given to the employees was effective to a certain extent but it was not enough to delight the customers. So in order to have the improved the customer service and thereby delighted customers, some efforts are to be taken from the part of the company.

  1. Since the frontline service representative is often the single point of contact between a client and organization, his/ her contribution to the business success and customer satisfaction can be enhanced manifold, if he /her is armed with tools like ownership and accountability. A complete responsibility to resolve the customer’s problem can work wonders to increase customer satisfaction level.
  2. Discover the benefits of empowering the frontline employees to settle a customer’s problem without calling the supervisors or others. Also, employees are given authority and necessary training to take on-the-spot decisions necessary to solve customer problems and put a smile back on their faces. They will make mistakes, but each time they will learn – with the help of the company.
  3. Conduct customer service training to enable all employees to handle general questions. Particularly all front-line staff should have the knowledge or access to general campus information to assist callers or walk-ins. Rather than having callers transferred to various departments, the front-line staff should be able to direct them to the appropriate person.
  4. Conduct cross-training for staff. To facilitate and expedite information, front-line staff should be able to solve problems and if they can’t they must be able to direct them to the person who can.
  5. Permit and empower staff to make decisions. All too often staff does not want to take the responsibility of assisting individuals for fear of reprisal. Staff should feel comfortable and empowered to assist customers.
  6. Conduct phone etiquette seminars. Phone skills play a critical role in facilitating responses to our consumers. First impressions are lasting impressions and the better staff are trained the better our services.
  7. All new and existing training should incorporate civility among employees.
  8. Establish an incentive or award program. Also, a system should be developed that recognizes and rewards excellent customer service.
  9. Regularly inform all the employees about what's going on in your company. Employees need to know what's happening. What new products are you offering? When will they be available? What kind of advertising will take place in the next month? Will any physical changes be happening in your offices? The more they know, the better they can serve your customers.
  10. Continually do the unexpected. Have the reputation for doing the unexpected, and customers will always expect something different and exciting from your company. Do something different. These are the things that customers talk about.
  11. Training can be done with a focus of attitudinal change of the front line employees, understand and recognize people who have a service attitude. Some people simply enjoy serving others, their organizations, and even their communities. The spirit of service dominates their personality. This attitude of service has nothing to do with money or background, and people who have this attitude are not necessarily the most outgoing or smart
  12. Also the customer service team should be motivated.

5 secrets to motivate your customer service team to give exceptional customer service to your customers

Provide Ongoing Learning

It’s important that you not only provide training on organizational policies and technology, but also how to handle customers. Create an ongoing system for training and feedback. Request continuous feedback and have the “courage to listen” to your customer service team’s responses. Your customer service team members, because they are on the frontline, can provide you with excellent information on how to service your customer. Market conditions are changing all the time and the one piece of information your customer service team can share with you can make the difference between success and failure. After receiving the information from your customer service rep, if necessary, provide the training to your customer service team so that they can provide outstanding customer service.

Adjust the Attitude

Constantly work on attitude to provide outstanding customer service. Work with your customer service team members to create a positive attitude in the following ways:

  • Look at every customer service experience as a learning experience that is preparing them for future opportunities.
  • Put your team in the customer’s shoes to understand the customer’s “pain” and create empathy for outstanding customer service solutions
  • Have your customer service team take on the persona of a positive individual they admire to help them through a difficult customer service situation
  • Create “positive triggers” to remind your customer service team why it is important to give outstanding service.

Give Incentives

Motivate your customer service team by giving incentives based on meeting your organization’s mission, goals, and values. Be timely, fair, and public with your incentives. Also, when putting together an incentive program, ask your customer service team what they would like as incentives.

Show Appreciation

Appreciate motivating your customer service team or the frontline employees as much as possible. Many times they are facing very challenging customer service situations every day. Keep them motivated by sharing your appreciation in a timely, sincere, fair, and encouraging way.

Support Outstanding Customer Service

Support and motivate your customer service team in a number of ways. You can support and motivate your customer service team by making sure the technology supports them and the customers. Support and motivate your customer service team by keeping standards high for customer service.

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